Monday 1 August 2016

Read Last Week

I haven’t read anything new since we’ve last talk, however I’ve re-read the Charlie Richards’ Wolves of Stone Ridge, Kontra’s Menagerie (which I just finished), A Paranormal’s Love & A Loving Nip series. I am reading them in chronological order, I believe it is (when reading them in order of released) and have been able to read a lot more in a row than I ever have of Richards work.
What I have noticed this time round is that 90% of the books are interracial I’m not sure why I didn’t last time, though I’m sure it was there, I just never really noticed HOW much it was in there.
I’m enjoying them. I can’t remember how much I forgotten about the series, and yet when I start I remember what’s what, it’s just the OTHER stuff, the series stuff that I’d forgotten. Like how much Jared and Carson as little throughout it. And the connections of the people. I think the reason I really got into this re-read is because of the last FIRST read book, it held to much from the series I’ve that I had forgotten, but while I’ve gotten so involved in it, but then I’m busy as hell needing to write and stressing about RL.

Shaken Up by Nicole Forcine
Falling for Santa Clause by CJ Anthony
Out of Order by Casey Lawrence
Fish out of Water by Amy Lane
Open Road by MJ OShea
The Night Scream by Devon McCormack

Free /won
Puppy by R Phoenix

Amulet (the stonekeeper) by Kazu Kibuishi
Red’s Planet: book 1; A World Away from Home by Eddie Pittman
Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin
Demon Storm, Witchlock & Rogue Belador (Belador) by Dianna Love

This is kinda self-explanatory; these are the next books I want to read. This isn’t saying I will but the hope is for it.

If you would like my thoughts on any of the above, tell me and I’ll tell you.
* What I bought this week and read

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