Tuesday 2 August 2016

quick and easy

This fortnight (as I had internet problems, yep, the story of my life is swell, lol) I managed to not write anything more in the story I was meant to write, which was Flipped: In This Life & Beyond, mostly this is due, well there was two parts.

1) Being that April Kelley came up with this awesome idea for a quick series she’s going to write, which trigger my over active brain. Saying this there isn’t a whole lot that will be similar, you probably won’t even know, you know, if I hadn’t just said it, and will probably repeat as the months go on.

Anyway, my brain decided that it was a really cool idea, and hey wouldn’t this work out great! So I started a quick, and I mean quick as they will be max 6K each, no plot erotica. Ok, so paranormal erotica.

I’m calling the series Matching Mates and it’ll hold 6 books, in the first “chapter” and then we’ll see what follows. I finished the first book already, however I won’t be publishing it until all six books are done.

However if you want to read the rough and dirty first book I’m putting it up in my facebook group a part at a time – find it here

2) we have pushed the submission, and by that I mean it doesn’t have to be with our beta readers for another 2 weeks. Though I really do need to spend this week writing.

So that means, this week I’m spending writing. And making pre-made cover art, because I need some money so have to promote that side of things. I’m actually doing a promo thing if you are interested in looking at me for cover art.

I’m also going to be working through at least 1 beta read because she’s about to send me another one and I’m so looking forward to it and I have to have the first finished before I start the second. Honestly, my brain won’t let me, well without feeling bad.

And that’s me done, what are your plans for the week??

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