Saturday 6 August 2016

Read Last Week

I’ve finished my re-read of Charlie Richards, which consisted of 10 more books, which were the ones I’ve read in the last couple of months, that isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy the reading. Honestly I’ve enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to, especially since I’m managed to spend a month reading nothing BUT these series. I also Read the newer one The Gargoyles Running Back, which was oddly sweet. I’m not sure why I thought it was sweet, maybe because I’ve done the full re-read of the series before heading into this one and the last couple were a little harder, heavier. This was sweet, romantic and very simple + a buy and read with Learning A Dingo’s Quirks, not as sweet and the last one I new read, but still, simple, clean and enjoyable

Along with that I beta read a sweet book by Deja Black & both April Kelley’s, Demon Elite 6 & Saint Lakes 3, its okay you can be jealous.  

Blowing Smoke, Three More Wishes by Sean Michael
In Another Life & Eight Days by Cardeno C
Unconventional in Kansas City, Anthology
Blood of the City by Adrik Kemp
Broken Neon by Tyler Robbins
Cowboy Outcasts by Stacey Espino
Dark (Stronghold) by Erin M Leaf
Golden Shears by Pelaam
Mate Call (Dragon Men) by Amber Kell
Caged Angel (Life without Parole) by Jeff Erno
Goldilocks (Frozen) by Scarlet Blackwell
Lorcan’s Desire by SJD Peterson
The Terms of Release by BA Tortuga
By the Creek by Geoff Laughton
Rise Out of the Flame by Jackie Necht

TJ & Finn by Cardeno C
Where I’ll Be Waiting by Monika De Giorgi

This is kinda self-explanatory; these are the next books I want to read. This isn’t saying I will but the hope is for it.

If you would like my thoughts on any of the above, tell me and I’ll tell you.

* What I bought this week and read

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