Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Writing A Book: The Fears

The book: Flipped 1: In This Life & Beyond
Subject: Paranormal Romance
Info: BonyDee Challenge with April Kelley
Word Count: 20K

Formal enough for you?

 I’m at the point in my story where it’s coming to the end, I’m struggling to write the max word count, though it’s not helping that I know I have a minimum of 4K that needs to be writing in the middle and start of the book. So I’m sitting at 12K but really that would be 16K if I’d managed to write those sections first.

The fears I’m having, is what I always have at this point. Does my story have a story? Is the plot working? Does the love interest work?

So for me that last one is where my fear sits much more, I am a romance writer. I am writing a romance. And for me that’s actually hard, mostly because I’m a plot writer and therefore my characters are just defaults, which means I know my plot works, it’s going exactly where I thought it would be, but I’m not sure I’ve got the chemistry and love between the two MC’s down.

This book it seems harder than most, mostly because this is telling a story when the lovers are already together, and happily together and this is the step forward from that. So my fear? Have I displayed that? Have I put that into the story enough?

 So now I’ve got to keep another 2K so that I can have some leeway to add backstory. Add relationship littered into the story. Right now I’ve written the bones, I’ve written the plot. And when its gone through beta – and maybe a second as I think I’m going to need someone with a different approach them my normal one, because I’m worried. I need to know, and yet that one won’t happen until I have at least gotten it ready for editing, and by then I’ll have add a relationship I believe I’m missing. Litter it in good.

I want this book to work, and knowing that now, now that I’m nearly done and yet so far from the end it’s not funny. I think though, it’s great to have the fear especially when you have a word count deadline. It’s better than having to cut things as I need to add them.

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