Monday, 20 June 2016

Happy Birthday to Me ǀ Day 14

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Excerpt from Tentative Steps Forward
Ben and Shad from Ben’s Wolf Surprise

Please understand this is still in first draft, so there had been no significant editing

Womp womp womp womp.
Holy shit.
Womp womp womp womp.
Ben held his breath, then realised it probably wasn’t a good idea since he had a baby inside him. Living, growing. Heartbeat. A heartbeat.
Ben’s chest hurt, heaved as he looked at the machine where the sound was coming from.
Womp womp womp.
Muffled but in turn. Ben wanted to believe the sound wasn’t coming from inside him, but at this point there wasn’t any denying it.
Was he still denying this pregnancy thing? Probably, it wasn’t like he’d ever thought he’d be pregnant. But shit man, there was a heartbeat coming out of his belly.
A heartbeat.
Holy shit.
Shad took in a deep breath next to him, sighing it out in a soft wistful breeze.
Ben lower lips wobbled, his eyes became pools.
God he was a sappy bastard.
Huh. He was pregnant. With a baby. His and Shad’s baby.
Heavy shit.
The lady took the microphone off his stomach and Shad ran his hand against the pale skin, slowly. So slowly, it felt like awe as he leant down and gave Ben a soft kiss on the lips.
“Can you believe it?”
“No.” Ben laughed against a sob.
“So everything seems fine. You and your baby are healthy.”
Ben took in a huge breath as he sat himself up. He nodded as got up, because he didn’t know what to say. Not sure what he was meant to say.
“Good.” Shad did that sigh again, his hand ran up and down Ben’s back. He was comforting, made him not want to curl up in the other man’s lap and just stay there until all of this was over. But not, plenty more to do today, this week, the months to come.
The lady with the machines messed around then, fixing everything up so she could trot back towards her side of the lot, back towards the Cameron Pack house, leaving them alone in the shell they were going to call home.