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Happy Birthday to Me ǀ Day 14

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Excerpt from Tentative Steps Forward
Ben and Shad from Ben’s Wolf Surprise

Please understand this is still in first draft, so there had been no significant editing

Womp womp womp womp.
Holy shit.
Womp womp womp womp.
Ben held his breath, then realised it probably wasn’t a good idea since he had a baby inside him. Living, growing. Heartbeat. A heartbeat.
Ben’s chest hurt, heaved as he looked at the machine where the sound was coming from.
Womp womp womp.
Muffled but in turn. Ben wanted to believe the sound wasn’t coming from inside him, but at this point there wasn’t any denying it.
Was he still denying this pregnancy thing? Probably, it wasn’t like he’d ever thought he’d be pregnant. But shit man, there was a heartbeat coming out of his belly.
A heartbeat.
Holy shit.
Shad took in a deep breath next to him, sighing it out in a soft wistful breeze.
Ben lower lips wobbled, his eyes became pools.
God he was a sappy bastard.
Huh. He was pregnant. With a baby. His and Shad’s baby.
Heavy shit.
The lady took the microphone off his stomach and Shad ran his hand against the pale skin, slowly. So slowly, it felt like awe as he leant down and gave Ben a soft kiss on the lips.
“Can you believe it?”
“No.” Ben laughed against a sob.
“So everything seems fine. You and your baby are healthy.”
Ben took in a huge breath as he sat himself up. He nodded as got up, because he didn’t know what to say. Not sure what he was meant to say.
“Good.” Shad did that sigh again, his hand ran up and down Ben’s back. He was comforting, made him not want to curl up in the other man’s lap and just stay there until all of this was over. But not, plenty more to do today, this week, the months to come.
The lady with the machines messed around then, fixing everything up so she could trot back towards her side of the lot, back towards the Cameron Pack house, leaving them alone in the shell they were going to call home.

Ben’s eyes pricked up again as he swallowed hard around a lump.
“And that’s it boys, I’ll be back next month for the next scan.”
“Right,” Shad coughed. “So is there anything we need to know. Anything we should be doing to make sure Ben and the baby stay healthy?”
The lady chuckled lightly, Ben was sure it was because she thought this side of Shad cute as all hell. She was right, he was, but even though Ben couldn’t remember her name, he was sure Shad had grown up with her, or she’d been around while Shad grew.
“You are both doing fine. And whatever Ben’s needs he’s body will let you know. My guess is that he’ll want meat. Lots of it.”
Shad nodded. Just a bobbing head, a short sharp up and down as the lady chuckled again, swinging her bag over her shoulder and headed out the door.
“Here, I’ll walk you out.” Shad spoke as he got up and walking towards the door.
“Of course. And congrates Ben,” She said, her head popping back into the room.
“Ah, thanks.” I think.
All alone, Ben lifted back up his shirt. There wasn’t anyone there to see him.
He looked bloated. Okay that wasn’t quite true. His stomach was distorted, larger than if he’d eaten too much, smaller then what he’d expect a pregnant belly to look like. He could however, if no one knew him get away with him just not going to the gym, maybe, if people forgot to look at the rest of him and only focus on the belly.
It was….he wanted to say odd, but that wasn’t it. Unless he thought about it or saw his stomach he could basically go about his whole day pretending he wasn’t preggas.
Only he thought about it all day. Every fucking minute, because, well for one he’d only just found out about it a couple of hours ago—or was it a day? Time lapped and creased and fucked off without so much as a goodbye.
 Ben didn’t want this to be happening to him. His life was interesting enough, he didn’t need something so unexpected thrown in as well.
“You doing okay?” Shad asked from the doorway, he was leaning against the frame looking like run over shit.
Ben shrugged which was when he released he’d been running his hand against the bump.
“What are we going to name it?”
Shad shrugged.
“Well what do you like?”
“Honestly never thought about it before. Never thought I’d ever have a kid.”
Ben opened his mouth, he felt a bubble of heat pushed at the back of his throat. He wanted to snap at the arse but when he looked back up, and saw Shad’s eyes drop closed and realised the door frame was doing more than just keeping him company.
“Yeah....” He heaved himself up off the bed. “I need something to eat, and I’ve got heartburn. Fucking fun.”
Shad’s eyes popped large, he got off the wall and came closer. Hovered around him while trying his best not to. Ben saw it, that need to treat him like this was the first time he’d walked, ever.
Ben smiled, liking the feeling, it made him feel wanted, at least it did now. He’d like to think he wasn’t the type of person who wanted a helping hand at everything. Hell, he knew he wasn’t that type of person. But the pregnancy, and probably the fact that he’d just been reunited to a person he’d been missing for nearly three weeks. Added the fact that they didn’t really know each other. Well biblically they did, but that never really impressed anyone, now did it?
“You’ve been getting that a lot?”
“No, well I only when I drink too much too fast.”
Shad nodded, his hand spraying out over the small of his back, just fingertips resting hard against his backbone.
Sparks spread out from that point of contact. Ben shivered, his feet stopped walking forward and he all but fell back against the man. He wanted full body contact. He wanted Shad contact. Wanted to linger learn everything about the other man. Wanted to learn every nook and cranny of the other man. Wanted to linger against his skin, soak in his heat.
Shad chuckled that knowing chuckle that had Ben’s balls roll in there sack. His cock grow heavy, hot.
Ben shifted in Shad’s arms, tilted his head, allowing those talented lips better access to his neck.
He moaned, deep, pushing his arse back as Shad’s hips shifted forward.
“You need to eat,” Shad muttered against his neck, scrapping the skin with his teeth.
“And you need to sleep.” He rocked himself back, demanding.
“So we’ll make this quick then,” Shad said, a deep laugh evident in his voice, along with the same need which ran through Ben’s vein’s. They needed the connection.
Ben was turned in Shad’s arms so quickly his head tilted, but before he could get his bearings lips pressed against his own.
Ben moaned, opening his mouth, letting Shad have complete control.
Shad grabbed his up. Fingers digging into the flesh of his arse, lifting him up, moving them towards the bed.
It was something different, something he’d not really thought Shad would do. He’d was waiting to be pushed against the wall and taken fast. That is what Shad said this time was going to be. The caring and the loving was an unexpected welcome.
The softness engulfed Ben as he was settled against the twin size matrass.
Perfection lifted up above, a shadow against his flesh, a knee between his thighs.
“You are beautiful,” he said, a whisper against the rest of the world.
Ben smiled, he couldn’t help himself the look in Shad’s eyes, the awe in his tone. He melted.
“Oh god, fuck me!”
Shad smiled one with teeth and hunger that came with a hard cock heavy balls.
Ben’s heart beat double time. His body flushed, tightened, his clothes became tight, constrictive. His hips rolled, rubbing his cock against the zipped. His back arched as pleasure like he’d not felt before ran against his nerves.
He needed this so badly.
Rough fingers pulled at his pants, opening the button, unzipping the zipper. Then his thighs basked in the relief of coolness.
Ben’s only hands took over. His shirt went over his head, as his feet kicked, helping Shad take them off.
Finally Ben was naked, and he palmed himself stroking, giving himself some needed attention as watched Shad pull off his own clothes.
Gods above, he was hot. Mouth wateringly hot. A man out of Ben’s reach that was kneeling between his thighs.
Before the last part of Shad’s clothes could hit the floor they were on each other again. Ben wasn’t sure if it was him sitting up or Shad coming to him, but now all there was, was hands and mouths, tongues and fingers.
His body was rubbed on, loved as he did the said to Shad, touching everything they could get their hands on.
He was so hot, his body flushing with heat that the real world started to take up some of this thoughts. He was cold. Cold everywhere that wasn’t touching Shad.
Ben pulled Shad closer, wrapping his arms and legs around the other man. Making sure as much of him touch Shad as he possible could while his mouth attacked.
Shad tried to pull away, but Ben couldn’t allow that, he needed shad close. Closer. He needed Shad to stay where he was more than he needed anything else.
This was the closeness he craved, his as his balls begged for release.
Shad grunted, his hips pushing down on Ben, a hot cock rubbed up against his crouch.
“Not quite,” Shad panted, his hand pushing between their bodies. Fumbling for a few moments until he got both cocks snugly in his hand. Or at least enough to be consider that.
The he moved, closing all gabs that could possibly be without completely squishing him too much. Wanting everything and still aware.
They moved, both needing a little more than what the other could give. It felt good humping up against Shad’s cock, against his hairy abdomen.
Hot liquid helped them both, making them moan and move as they kissed in heated pants, connecting them together as intimately as if they’d been full penetration. Hell his was better. This is what they really needed. This was something different then what they’d shared before. This was loving. Was intimate, was something you did with a lover not a one-night-stand.
It was everything Ben’s mind craved.
He gasped as Shad moved, his thighs coming up under Ben’s legs, opening him up more, as a thick thigh pushed up against his balls.
Ben panted, only needing….
“Fuck yeah!” Shad’s teeth scrapped against his throat, before teeth plunged in.
Ben’s eyes went wide, light spilling against them, but he didn’t see anything as his body was flooded with pleasure. So much pleasure his mind rolled over and he went night night.

 (Second Pack of Cameron #1)
Published 1st September 2015 via eXtasy books
13,169 words ǀ heat 4
Paranormal M-Preg Romance

There’s something unsettling in having to tell a one-night stand that you’re pregnant with his child. When you yourself are a man, it gets…let’s call it complicated.


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Tentative Steps Forward ©2015 by Bronwyn Heeley

TAKING A STAND by Bronwyn Heeley
A Paranormal Erotic BDSM Romance HFN, release date 21st of June 2016

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