Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Happy Birthday to Me ǀ Release Day

At the end you will find the information needed for the giveaway – hurry and make sure you have your comments all in, I’m going to be closing it up tonight and announcing the winner tomorrow

Oh and another fun fact it’s release day!!

Dem: what are we meant to be saying?
Jeffery: I’m not sure, something to sell our story I believe
Dem: humph
Jeffery: *chuckles* that works.
Dem: *eyes narrowed* how so?
Jeffery: Well it’s basically how you were though the whole story, always grumbly and resistant.
Dem: And that’s bad?
Jeffery: never said it was *kissed Dem hairy cheek* just that it’s what the story is about
Dem: no it isn’t. It’s about…. Ah…. Us finding each other
Jeffery: there is that *he winked*
Dem: *shaking his head, a smile on his lips* so tell the people what they need to know then
Jeffery: ok, so I’m a vampire and Dem here is a werewolf. Nothing all that exciting, except that Dem’s Alpha is a bit…controlling.
Dem: It’s not just mine, they’re all controlling. They kinda need to be
Jeffery: *waved Dem’s words away with his hand* I don’t really care. I care about you and that’s all, which was made difficult with your alphas stupid rules.
Also, Dem here likes a little pain and submission with his sex, another of those stupid rules and therefore he fought the mate pull and that was…
Dem: *interrupting* fun
Jeffery: *laughs, evil and sexual* yes it was *he learnt over, fingers around Dem’s neck, pulling him closer, devouring his mouth*

Think we lost them. Oh well, here’s an excerpt maybe it’ll help you decide *wink*