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Happy Birthday to Me ǀ Release Day

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Oh and another fun fact it’s release day!!

Dem: what are we meant to be saying?
Jeffery: I’m not sure, something to sell our story I believe
Dem: humph
Jeffery: *chuckles* that works.
Dem: *eyes narrowed* how so?
Jeffery: Well it’s basically how you were though the whole story, always grumbly and resistant.
Dem: And that’s bad?
Jeffery: never said it was *kissed Dem hairy cheek* just that it’s what the story is about
Dem: no it isn’t. It’s about…. Ah…. Us finding each other
Jeffery: there is that *he winked*
Dem: *shaking his head, a smile on his lips* so tell the people what they need to know then
Jeffery: ok, so I’m a vampire and Dem here is a werewolf. Nothing all that exciting, except that Dem’s Alpha is a bit…controlling.
Dem: It’s not just mine, they’re all controlling. They kinda need to be
Jeffery: *waved Dem’s words away with his hand* I don’t really care. I care about you and that’s all, which was made difficult with your alphas stupid rules.
Also, Dem here likes a little pain and submission with his sex, another of those stupid rules and therefore he fought the mate pull and that was…
Dem: *interrupting* fun
Jeffery: *laughs, evil and sexual* yes it was *he learnt over, fingers around Dem’s neck, pulling him closer, devouring his mouth*

Think we lost them. Oh well, here’s an excerpt maybe it’ll help you decide *wink*

The moon tingled down Dem’s spine and the hair on his arms and legs thickened, covering Dem in a layer of downy fur so heavy he wanted to strip off his human skin to cool himself down.
Dem had been around the block enough times to rein that bullshit in. It wouldn’t do him any good to shift on the street. He’d get picked up by the pound and his alpha would have to come and rescue him, which wasn’t a good way to start a moon phase.
Licks of anger already flickered across his mind, making him feel stronger. They pointed shit out, ideas that weren’t even real, turning them into threats.
If he was caught his alpha would straighten him out. He’d end the night being used as the alpha’s plaything. A task Dem shuddered at the thought of preforming.
The alpha had rules and punished a wolf for slipping up. He’d be ten times more lethal if he knew Dem knowingly acted against the rules.
Dem sighed. He’d broken one of them tonight by submitting to another. It wasn’t unreasonable for the alpha to demand that no were submit to anyone but him. If it weren’t for his fucked up brain, his need, it wouldn’t have been an issue.
He was already in deep shit with the alpha, as soon as the bastard got a whiff of him. Blood loss was the worst. The fucker had bled him, which was where the punishment was going to come from. Bottoming wasn’t submitting, but allowing blood to spill? Unforgivable.
His hackles rose and heat laced through his mind. That fucker had gone too far by tasting him, and Dem wasn’t going to be punished for it. Not without taking his own chunk of flesh out of the vampire first.
He needed to prove he hadn’t taken it lying down.
He needed to make sure the wanker knew he was top dog, that he hadn’t wanted it.
His ears tingled as they shifted slightly, allowing a whole heap of sounds in that he hadn’t heard a moment before. His teeth elongated and his mouth became more sensitive, as did his nose.
He wasn’t going to be forced into the ring without a taste of flesh, vampire flesh.
Dem stopped were the fucker had parked and the scent shifted to include the sharp smell that came from a smooth car. The toxic vapours of petrol filled Dem’s lungs and he followed it as he hurried along, his nose leading the way.
He needed to bare his teeth at the vampire. He needed to take out chunks of flesh, rip them from bone. That’s what he craved. What his wolf side demanded as the moon hung low in the sky, singing a lullaby of violence and mayhem. She may fool most people, but the moon was one scary bitch. She had no problem using her allure to give people a sense of security before breaking into their homes and ripping out their hearts. Just as he was going to do.
Panting and sweating, Dem stopped on the sidewalk in front of the most notorious club in town. The place was a hole in the wall. The humans who craved slaveitude drooled over it, spending hours in line. The cops wanted nothing more than to shut it down. The public saw Raven’s Chance as a sex club. To werewolves and vampires it was a bloodhouse. The place to go and gorge oneself on everything it offered. Nothing that happened inside the walls was the vampire’s fault. The rules stated that you were willing to feed upon admission, even though everyone knew no one actually read the fine print. Vampires weren’t stupid. They’d learnt to legalise their feedings years ago.
Dem’s fists clenched, claws biting into flesh, as his anger pulsed with the throbbing of his cock. He didn’t know why he was here, didn’t understand the pull.
Okay, he was being a jackass. He knew he wanted more. With the moon riding him hard he wasn’t the most rational person around.
There was a reason werewolves answered to the alpha, had to listen to him, heed his words. They were little more than teenage boys while the moon shone bright: running, uncontrollable, causing chaos. Most didn’t even realise the difference in their behaviour when the moon turned them wild.
Honestly, the saying “the full moon brings out the crazies” isn’t a lie. They were out in droves, filling the streets and clubs with men and woman who needed to fight, to fuck. It was the only thing on their minds, what drove their souls, and Dem was in a wild mood tonight.
Anger built a fire behind his ribcage that worked its way out, feeding itself on every temptation that caught Dem’s eye. The little wankers lining up in their leathers, waiting for their turn in the fun house. The bouncer scenting the line, turning away the ones too high to be useful. Fucking tweekers— wanting to add the high of blood draining on top of everything else.
This wasn’t the best time for him to be out with humans, but it wasn’t as if his night was going to get any better if he went home. No, he was already tainted with the smell of vampire and would be punished for that. Punished hard. The same moon swayed the alpha, he’d want blood and broken bones.
Panting up a storm, Dem marched to the club’s door, his mind overflowing with visions of chaos. Dem snarled at the bouncer as he tried to rein in the madness, but it was too late. Anger, greed and desire had more hair growing across his body. His vision turned red, bloodlust the only sight he saw. Dem needed to get his hands on the vampire who’d caused all his problems. The bouncer eyed him but stepped aside.
A slight buzz rang in the air around them. Dem couldn’t hear what was being said and didn’t care. All he heard was his need to get to the vampire, to string the arsehole up and teach him a lesson.
The interior of the club was everything you’d imagine it to be. Dark and warm, it reeked of blood and sex. The smell drifted up from the floor, like steam rises from the earth when the air is too cold. It enticed, trying to distract Dem from his pursuit, but it couldn’t, he needed….
A body ran into him and Dem’s went nuts. Claws rapidly growing out of the tops of his fingers as his arm muscles popped and shifted, turning him into the half beast werewolves were famous for.
Screams circled him, feeding his anger. His arm came up, swiping at the human who’d gotten in his way. It never made contact, stilling inches from the face Dem wanted to bloody up so very badly.
Dem bit into the air as his other arm lifted to help. Blood, he needed blood, needed to roll in its warmth, to feed it on flesh and bone.
Humans were stupid, standing up against something far superior to them. He would win this short-lived battle and the human would lose because of his foolishness.
Something stopped his other arm as well. Dem snarled, tried to use his whole body to get to the man. His arms and legs grew stronger, fighting against whatever was pulling him back. His clothing ripped but didn’t come apart. Transformed, he wasn’t much bigger than his already hefty size. He was gaining ground until a vampire, the one he was here to see, appeared out of nowhere. A thick fist filled his vision seconds before all the lights in the world turned off.

Taking A Stand by Bronwyn Heeley
(An Alphas World #1)
Published 21st of June 2016 with BonyDee Press
9,570 words ǀ heat 5
Paranormal Erotic BDSM Romance

One Werewolf. One Vampire. One night.

Dem lives in a world ruled by two things: the moon and his alpha. Something inside of him has always yearned for more, and a chance encounter with a vampire helps Dem realise what he craves. Now that Dem knows what he wants, is he strong enough to reach out and take it?



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