Thursday, 25 August 2016

Wishy Washy

“How are you today?” you ask
“Not the best. You?” I reply

This is me, how I’ve been feeling. However it wasn’t until one of my mates was talking to me about someone else that I realised that’s exactly how the last 4 months have been like for me, maybe the whole year.

Wishy washy.

I have excuses. Excuses I’ve been telling others, but more so excuses I’ve been telling myself. Money has been the main problem, it’s spun me in a hard loop, and most probably what I’ve been dealing with is a heavy dose of depression, one I’ve managed to have for so long I’ve worked myself into a state that I’m able to live a semi-normal life, though I’m feeling very little. I’m doing very little. I want to do less.