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BS: That's Different... part 1

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language, which may be considered offensive by some readers.

These posts are generally apart of a series that will be carried out at my convenience throughout my blogging life. They are generally written for me to learn something, so please feel free to give me advice, or tell me what I’ve done wrong.
They have not been edited more than a quick read-through from me, but as I get some meat into them, I plan on getting them edited and create a full book of them all (which will be free, in hopefully all ebook forms)

I wrote this one, simply... ‘cause I wanted to learn, and what better way than to have the character do it with you. So, please, remember when you’re reading that I’m still learning.
Please tell me if I fuck up on any account, I’d really like that.
Also, I’m trying to write myself out of the fucking block I’ve landed in.

Oh, this is a blog story BDSM ménage romance
about a young man leaning the leather ropes from a couple and finding a little bit more.

                                PART ONE
That’s Different…

“Back again, little man?” a deep voice spoke as he sat down on the stool on one side of his round table in the crowded cub.
The throb of the base as it rumbled the floor wasn’t anything Todd had thought would be in a place like this, but it made it a shit load easier to deal with the sounds of sex that threaded lightly over the top of it.
Todd had only just felt the cooling wash of his blush leaving his face. He thought he’d been ready for this. He’d watched the porn until two men fucking wasn’t a big deal—he’d even made himself watch it on his tablet in the lounge room with his family until he could without blushing.
He was more than sure he was ready, especially after a month of walking past the place, standing at the door. Being watched by the bouncer who wore nothing more than leather pants and a chest harness.
It had taken a little just to get to a point where he could look in the man’s face, and actually remember what the fuck he looked like when he walked away. He was big, bold with a short beard covering his lower jaw. His shoulder had a tattoo that, in the darkness of the doorway, looked like he’d dipped his whole arms into a bucket of dark paint. It wasn’t until he stood with the man in the short hallway that lead into the cub that he realised there was an intricate detailing to the design that had Todd wanting to run his fingers over the thick muscles in florescent lighting so he could study it.
He hadn’t made it into the place that night either, when the big man cleared his throat, Todd had turned scarlet, looked in the direction of the club—the direction the big man was pointing at with his head, and rabbited out of the place.
It had taken him three weeks to get up the courage to return, and it had seemed like he had to go through it all again.
The second time he came back was when he learnt to bouncer’s name, Jem—Jeremy, when the night wore on and Todd had gotten up the courage to ask him.  It wasn’t that Todd had been all that shy, but he defiantly didn’t like being spotlighted, and the big man had seemed like his eyes were touchers, reaching deep into the darkness of his soul and flicked it on.
The next night Jem had been there, waiting at the door for him, same leather pants, only this time the knees had been scuffed up, a layer of dust, like he’d been shuffling on his knees for a long time. Todd couldn’t seem to stop looking at them. Luckily for him, Jem was use to Todd not looking up into his face all that much.
When he’d first step through the ‘curtain’ into the main room of the club had stunned Todd into stillness. It hadn’t been anything like he’d thought it would be. Saying this, Todd knew it wouldn’t have been, since the only visual thoughts on what he was looking forward to was from porn, and they were all set up in warehouse like environments.
Yeah, he kinda got off on the heavy steel equipment, though he wasn’t sure he’d ever want to know what it felt like to be on the end of one of those machines. But, god, had the thought of them being used on him, had him clenching hard around his fingers.
It did, however, have that thick leather smell that seemed to saturate him. The interior seemed to consist of nothing but plush padded black leather with red trim. There half stage along both side of the main area, one side held a cross, and thick linked chain handing from the rafters, which even standing under them, Todd couldn’t see the wood. Like the whole roof had a smoke effect, only not.
The bar stood at the other end of the room, it was long, with two men behind it. One Emo looking guy with piercing that made Todd cringe in sympathy every time the guy flicked at one, or played with another. He wore a leather vest that was open, showing a ripped stomach and more piercings. Everything about the guy screamed pain—he’s love of it.
The other guy was thin and tall, his vest closed, a bowtie wrapped around his neck, though it was clearly a clip-on that seemed attached to a collar.
Todd had understood that on some level. His neck shifted a little when he noticed it, but he still wasn’t truly sure what it meant. Why it was necessary?
“Hey, kid?” the guy next to him repeated. He had a voice that had to come from a big guy, maybe not in a the physical sense, though sitting next to him for this long Todd knew he probably was, but in that commanding way—an alpha way, Todd thought it was labelled.
“Leave him along, Cass,” Jem said from the other chair at the table. He slid a pint of beer in front of him—yeah, this place had fucking pint glasses, super cool.
“Thanks,” Todd muttered as he flicked his eyes up at Jem’s face before finally looking at the other man.
He couldn’t hold back the gasp. There wasn’t a better explanation of what the other man,—Cass looked like than utterly beautiful. And yet, be probably would resent you for calling him that. Cut from a cloth that litter magazine covers; Cass was a gay teen’s dream underwear model.
Chiselled jaw, his lips were male: thin, the bottom holding a little plumpness. Cocked up slight on one side as Todd stared, a dimple cut into his cheek with it, getting Todd’s heart stumbling over a few beats. His eyes were almond, a plan blue that held a spark that made them something more. Hell, everything about Cass was something more. An attitude that lingered over him that made Todd unable to look away.
Jem’s chuckle slapped at Todd making his face heat up from collarbones to hairline. Which, of course, got a full blown smile from Cass, that had Todd’s knees go weak—or was that his head loosing every bit of blood and more.
They both laughed a little louder, clearly entertained by him, and weirdly enough seemed to smooth Todd’s nerves, lessening them around the god and his fucking bodyguard. ‘Cause as much as Cass had the looks that would have any man drool, Jem was no poor man. Aside from the obvious thickness of his shoulders, and biceps, thighs, he’s face had a more ruggedly handsome quality that didn’t equally weird things to Todd’s insides.
If Todd wasn’t so out of his depths by being in this club, he’d have been in heaven to be seating between these two men.
“Fuck ya both,” Todd muttered with a smile before he took a sip of his beer, trying not to laugh himself for no other reason than the happiness of the two men were infectious. 
They sat as in the dying embers of the laughter sipping at their beers. Todd unable to stop his eyes from flicking across the room. Landing briefly on everything—furniture, people, the bar, the men.
“So, how’d ya learn about all this,” Jem said as he waved his hand around the room. They had talked about a lot of things, him and Jem, in front of the club, but mostly it was about regular shit, the stuff you would say to make people forget where they really were, rather than turning their attention to it.
Todd understood this. He’d been grateful for it as he stood there trembling, but he figured that was over. Him sitting inside the club probably helped that idea.
“Porn,” Cass said helpfully taking a large swallow of his drink, it was almost absentminded, if for the intent look in his eye.
Todd shook his head, “like, yeah, I’ve seen it, and all that, but I learnt about bondage through books.”
He licked his lips, moistening them from the sudden dryness, “um, yeah, um, ya see, my sister has a kink.”
“For fetish?
“Ah, yeah.”
“So, what you read one of her books, and then, what? Looked up gay leather?”
Todd shook his head; he felt his face heat up, “she’s into gay BDSM.”
Cass nodded, though it looked pensive.
“It’s a good way to learn ‘bout it.”
“How so?”
“Think about it,” Jem said to Cass, and Todd had a weird feeling that he was almost alone at the table now, like the conversation held only them. Which was stupid, since they were talking about him, right? “The books would have been romances, and that’s all about the love. So he’s learnt about bondage in the way of both parties being lovers.”
“It’s better than him coming into one of these places thinking it’s okay for him to be treated like fucking shit. ‘Cause, let’s face it, we know some fuckers who wouldn’t give a sub any respect unless he earned it.”
The two men went on for a little while longer as Todd felt himself be pushed further and further away from them. It was an odd feeling; that sudden understanding that what’s in front of you was so much more than what it looked like. Because Todd wouldn’t have thought for a minute that they were a couple—clearly the books weren’t giving him that great a grasp on anything.
As he watched them, the softness of their eyes as they looked at each other, the slight touch that had been going unnoticed by Todd, fingers playing with fingers on top of the table. It was screaming at him, but he was so uncomfortable to begin with everything else took a moment or two longer to register. It made him wonder what else he was missing out on.
Looked away from the men, feeling a hollowness forming just under his ribs at the understanding that since they were a couple, neither Jem nor Cass would be helping him any more than a person to sit with him on his first real outing into a leather club.
There were a lot more people in the area than he first thought. Todd wasn’t sure if they had always been there or if they had come in the time he’d sat there drinking his beer.
It all seemed quite normal to him. No men kneeling at other men’s feet, and yet, there was clearly an edge to everyone, like they were just biding their time, waiting for something that Todd couldn’t being to understand.
Most of them did, however, have some form of leather on. Wither it was just their pants; it did seem that the fashion of this place was black on black with a touch of silver.
Tattoo’s and piercings were defiantly one of the things that seemed to link them all more than anything, and yet, that wasn’t any different from anywhere else he’d been.
Did that say something about him? That where he was wasn’t different than what he’d known before heading here? Mind, he’d only been 18 for a couple of months now, and his only mate, who happened to be older than him, was dating a bikie, so maybe that’s why here looked... safe.
“Do you like to dance?” Cass words startled Todd into remembering that he wasn’t alone at the table. Not that he’d truly forgotten, but it was easier than thinking he was out casted by the two men without a single glance back.
“Todd?” Jem asked his dark brow high as Todd looked at him.
“Oh, me? Um…” he gulped down a ball of spit caught in his throat, “yeah, I can dance.”
Cass nodded his head, “Good, Jem here as to left feet.”
“Thanks fuck for small miracles,” Jem muttered with a smile as he looked behind himself.
Before he could truly understand what was going on around him, Todd was pulled out of his seat by Cass’ large hand under his armpit. His feet hit the soft ground and he became truly aware that Jem wasn’t the only giant. Cass clearly didn’t look as big as Jem, but Todd was sure he’d meet the other man in height, at least 6 foot; he was beauty in every sense, and being that Todd only just hit 5 foot 9 he was feeling a slight bit intimidated. But then that wasn’t new, not for a while now.
What Todd didn’t expect was the tingle that ran up and down his legs, making him want to sit down as his mind was pushing energy into him so fast it was almost like he was high. His cock, still hard, behind his fly paused hard at being man handled, and because of that, his mind had already longed off and his body had taken charge.
A few steps around some tables, and Todd finally realised the place was much bigger than he thought. One of the sides that he’d originally thought was a stage was in fact a black metal rail that over looked a warehouse type bottom. down below—which was where they were going—was like a sea of moving men, all rubbing together in a near orgy mass of flesh.
The stairs down were a bit awkward since Cass wouldn’t let go of Todd’s arm. Todd had struggled a little with him until the other man seemed to realise something was up, rather than him just wanting to escape. Cass ran his hand down Todd’s arm and linked their fingers together.
After that, Todd followed along, his feet walking, his mind on the only things that seemed to matter. Cass’ fingers as they linked between his. Thick, long, with a rough touch of hair that Todd was sure he knew from feeling alone—he sure hadn’t noticed it before this moment.
The heat between them, slicked up their hands a little, it wasn’t in the gross way he thought he’s hand would be in this situation. No, his were dry; it was always like that when he got in this mood. He wouldn’t feel the heat cover his body until the anxious started to wear off.
This was more heat against heat. A spark that tumbled all through Todd’s body, waking up his blood and shutting up his mind. It wasn’t that he wasn’t there, that he didn’t understand that he was stepping into the thong of people, that rubbed up against him, grapping his arse, and hand, trying to pull him away from the man he wanted to dance with.
He was this part of him that he’d always been with lovers he’d tried in the past, he needed to please the other man, but he wasn’t sure what he was meant to do. Only Todd was pretty sure that Cass would show him, if only he wasn’t completely in love with Jem.
Thick arms pulled him into the heated cavern of a chest. A solid wall of muscle and he went into it hard, nearly bouncing back off, and he would have if Cass hadn’t trapped him there. His body seemed to curl around Todd, hot breath licked at the side of his face, his neck.
“Never get to do this with Jem,” he muttered in Todd’s ear before his hips started moving, and with them Todd’s.
He wasn’t really sure what was happening around him. Wasn’t really sure what type of show he was putting on for whoever was watching. His hips rocked and before he knew it he had been turned around in Cass’ arms, that large body a bracket at his back, a hard lump behind a fly teased his arse, making him craved, lust.
His body swear, running in rivers of need down his back, making him hate the clothes he was wearing. The man behind him made him want so much more, but as the moments went on, and the suggestion of the dance—of those hands, went further into the sex side of anything, Todd realised he was a part in a show.
His eyes opened and his breath caught in his throat at the look of absolute devotion on Jem’s face. Standing in the darken outside edge of the dance floor, the light brightening him up in flashes as the blinked around the concrete walls.
Heat and want and need pinned them there on the floor as Cass played and rolled and rocked, Todd’s body, using it for his own foreplay with the other man.
A nip of hot lips on his ear made Todd’s mind take another dip into that soothing place he seemed to always go to when sex was involved. His past lovers had broken up with him for that reason, only they’d called him a log, he just didn’t move during sex, which wasn’t true, though it wasn’t wrong either, he had just needed an added fantasy that kinda made moving impossible.
He started moving the way he had before, the way Cass had wanted him to, and his mind drifted yet again into an area that made him the wanted party of those eyes.
Todd wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted. He defiantly didn’t know what he needed. But as the dancing went on, and his eyes feasted on Jem as Jem watched back, calm in every way except that needy look in his eyes that spoke of hard cocks and nothing else.
The hard ridge of Cass’ cock rubbed along his arse crack, the material long since lost awareness, and all he felt was wicked heat that just wasn’t getting closer. Wasn’t giving him anything he really needed.
His legs’ moved, his arms swung. Something going up to lock behind Cass’ neck as the man’s hot breath bathed his skin, or teeth nipped at the flesh, making Todd’s blood heat up and up until he thought he might explode. His body wanted everything that was given to him. it wanted the big man behind him as much as he wanted the bigger in front of him.
It wasn’t until hot plump lips meet his that Todd realised Cass had moved them off the floor and into the shadows. Sweat lingered on his body, heating and breezing cold as he swayed where he stood. His hips still rocking along with Cass’ behind him.
A tongue nudged at his lips, asking for permission, and Todd opened up without a thought—it’d been long since he’d heard anything from that part of him. After one sweep of inside Todd’s mouth, Jem seemed to lose all that held him back and finally put all his weight behind that kiss. Crushing goodness met his open mouth as a tongue plundered him stealing more than just his spit, but also everything that made Todd him.
He understood that it wasn’t true. That he hadn’t a clue what he really wanted, and for that reason he had no right to ask for anything. He also knew that the men around him, the ones that seemed to cradle him as Jem took his due, weren’t looking for anything but some fun. Jem probably only kiss him ‘cause Cass had revved him up with the way they were dancing. It was all probably some sort of foreplay for them both, that he was lucky enough to have been included in.
He understood that if it wasn’t for his patheticness he wouldn’t have even been on the men’s radar but as Jem’s kiss seemed to sink all the way inside him, and yank his balls hard. He realised that he would do absolutely anything for a chance to stay just where he was; squished up nice and close, almost forgotten between the bigger man’s chest, his heart screaming at him, letting him know that he was safe, and accepted for everything that he was.
Rip as that probably was, he couldn’t seem to find it in himself to think anything else, not while the kiss was happening.
Then, without a word, Jem broke the kiss, his big hand holding Todd’s face up. Twisting it slightly to the side so that Cass could have his turn. It was slightly awkward as these things generally were, but even as Cass took over everything inside him with his one kiss. Todd didn’t feel at all disadvantaged by it. He liked the fact that he had a hard, leather bound cock digging into his arse, as another slowly circled itself on his lower belly.
It felt like forever that they all stood there exchanging spit. Todd didn’t even feel put out when they took their mouths off his and went at each other. if anything, seeing them like that made him so hot he was close to coming in his pants, which would be a nightmare in shame.
The next thing he truly remembered was walking, making own way down the road at the end of the night. It wasn’t that he’d been kicked out of the club or the other man’s arm—hell, he was sure if he asked they would have gladly taken him in for the night. But he had promised himself, and told Jem that he wasn’t ready for that, and so, in good grace the bigger man made sure he left on time.
He nearly skipped the few steps down the road where he saw his sister’s car waiting after her shift. They had a similar bargain, one that was more, ‘you meet me here at this time or I’m leaving you there’, it wasn’t harsh—okay, sister harsh, but it was there out on both ends; a way for him to leave if he needed, and a way that she would know he didn’t.
Smiling brightly as he greeting his sister and hoped into the car, Todd couldn’t stop thinking about what the boys were going to do with him next. they’d said something about him needing to learn, and them being his teachers—god, he couldn’t fucking wait.

Being slightly taller had its benefits as Cass shifted to stand behind his partner of ten years. Wrapping his arms around the big man’s waist, he fitted his chin on Jem shoulder, nuzzling his neck slightly as he settled. It was routine move for him.
     “You could lead that boy ‘round on a cock leashed if you wished,” Cass muttered softly, not wanting to startle Jem with information he didn’t want to know, but had to if he still wished them down this road.
     “Really,” Jem sighed, it had a slight touch of sadness to it that ate at Cass’ gut, but he knew he couldn’t fix everything in life. It was one of the harder lessons he’s had to learn.
     “Yep, as soon as anything sexual happened he’s brain shut down and he became a drone for my personal use.”
     “If you still wish to have him it will take a lot more patients than you might be willing to except.”
     There wasn’t a moment of silence before Jem said, “Wonder why he’s like that.”
     Cass smiled, tightening his arms around his big teddy bear. He might look rough but he’s Jem fell with a full heart, and it had been awhile since he’d been open to the possibility of a third, which they both desperately needed.
     “There might not be anything. Might just be the way he is.” A pause. “I don’t want a slave, Jem.”
     That got him, showing that Jem hadn’t listened to a word he’d said.
     “What you mean?”
     “He’s got the disposition to become a slave if you were inclined. I’m not kidding; most of what he did on that dance floor was me. I made him. I controlled every little thing about him as soon as I held his hand. Only once did he seem to gain some willpower, but a slow roll of my hips and he was gone again.”
     “Shit. Do you think that’s what he wants to be?”
     Cass shrugged; he really hoped not, he liked that little man. Was starting to fall for him as much as Jem was, with only the short time they had spent together, he wasn’t sure how it would turn out.
     Cass sighed hoping he was wrong, but needing to say it for both there sakes, “Don’t think he knows. We’ll get him talking though, like I said, babe, you want him, you’ve got him.”

Stay tuned for Part 2: Spanking Bench

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