Friday 18 July 2014

Team Taste the Rainbow Hop –We Are At The End

Here’s the end, sorta, I think truly, because I’m on a slightly faster calendar the end is tomorrow, but for all you out there, as soon as the rafflecopter ends I’ll put up the winner, so good luck everyone!

And for a final time, thanks to Draven St James for organising this event and a shot out to Loose ld, congratulating them on 10 years in business.

Love Is Love, that was the point to all this

So this week I did my version or my understanding of love, because that’s where it’s got to start, at the idea that love needs to be seen and understood even when you’ve been feeling it for years. You can find that here

Then I did my coming into m/m because, well, that’s kinda what they were asking, or what other were saying, very shortly, I think I’m the only one that put this, and ran with this for a week, but then I have an active blog, and the days posted were really just the days I blog on. This just made it a little easier for me as I actually had something to blog about. Which you can find here

The third post was about the community. How I’ve been welcomed, by everyone I’ve met. That these first 6 months of my author hood have been awesome, anyway you can find that here

Sorry this isn’t very interesting, but I did this late at night, and not feeling great. I know excuse excuse but we’ll all have to deal with it, and move on.

Anyway, there’s still a few hours left on the giveaway so you should really try it out. Maybe even have a look at what I have written through the week, and as soon as the raffle stops I’ll put up the winner.

Thanks for joining in, I’ve had a blast and I hope it’s going to be an annual thing, in which case I’ll be here again, talking and giving things away.
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  1. Hi Brownyn, I was like you I was afraid to use Facebook and even Twitter as I am pretty shy person. But I eventually caved in and found a wonderful, kind, supportive and open community of people, authors and readers, in the LGBT and MM writers/readers and never looked back. I have not got that many followers on Twitter yet and it always surprises me when an author I respect and read their work, suddenly friend requests me on Facebook or on Twitter. I love reading romance in all its various forms, but I especially love a book or series that eventually end up as HEA. I loved seeing your comments around Facebook and hope to chat again :D

    1. Hi, im the same when authors i like friend me, and even comment on my posts, its awesome. :)

    2. Wow, thanks for Twittering me :) and I just friend requested you on Facebook - very brave of me as it took ages for me to start doing that and I am gradually doing a few a day :)

  2. It took me a long time to join Facebook and Twitter. I do enjoy both of them now though.