Monday, 14 July 2014

Team Taste the Rainbow Hop – Its Still in Full Swing

This week is that of a blog hop, and I understand that I could have just left it at that one day, but the event is a week and my giveaway as well, so why not take a week out to celebrate.

Again we thanks Draven St James for organising this event and a shot out to Loose ld, congratulating them on 10 years in business.

Falling in Love with MM romance

I started into the genre when I was organising my first adult series, this was when I had the illusion that I could in fact write a hetero series. I can’t.

You see book 4 was going to be about a man and a wolf, who would turn into another man. I had tossed and turned about putting a woman between them, but for me that story was about this man and this cursed wolf.
They meet in book 1 and because I knew at some point I’d be writing gay men I needed to read up on how that would work. I’d never read anything like that before, and I never watched anything like that. A virgin of gay sex.

I held off, mostly because I didn’t have any electronic ways of reading books, and in Australia at that time didn’t have many gay romance books for sale, at least not any I found interesting. So I had to wait, and wait.

I continued on with my series, and ended up with a mmf – with the males in a relationship, one gay and the female being forced into their relationship because of a bargain there parents made when they were children. This one was going to get hot, and I actually have written the pegging scene in it that had my mouth craving to get to it.

So that lead me into picking up Wolf Tales, the first book in my local that had anything to do with mm sex – it has lot of different kinds, mf, mm, and ff. And I was hooked. Not on the tale, that was… not my thing, and swung a way to close to bestiality that it turned my off majorly, but the sex between the men was hot, and I needed more.

I had to get more and I searched and searched until I got my hands on my first pure mm and I haven’t looked back since. I hardly read mf anymore.

I can’t honestly say why I love reading mm so much.
I’d love to point out the obvious, the fact that it’s about two men, and how fucking hot is that.
I’d love to say it was the things they have to deal with. the idea that it’s forbidden or any of the other things that run around it.
I’d like to say it was because they are all well rounded, and all that it’s ever about is love, but that’s true with mf, that true with anything to deal with romance.

If I’m honest I have no idea why I love reading mm, I don’t know why I love reading romance, but I love reading it all regardless of if I understand why I do or don’t. and I’ll continue without ever feeling the need to have a reason.
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Thanks for taking the time to read, please come along for more from me as I take the week out to celebrate love
Hope you’ll follow along and see what everyone else has to say


  1. I wouldn't have read romance in the first place if it weren't for m/m!


  2. I started reading MM erotica/romance about 6 months ago and purely by accident, I thought the book was a menage. I loved it and I'm so glad I made that mistake because it's become one of my favorite genres to read now.

    Shannon F