Wednesday 1 October 2014

Newsletter #2

*looks both ways quickly* it’s the month of fear, of scary things coming out and playing with your mind, your heart. It’s the time for one country in the world, to go apeshit with glee, and the rest of us, looking on, not really understanding what’s truly that interesting about one night. Yeah, we get it, but, well, we also don’t at least not here in Australia, it’s only just recently become something that happens, even as we have done the ritual at least for my whole life.

And yeah, if you haven’t guessed, it’s the month of Halloween.

WIP / New Release like Facts
Since it’s only really been a couple of weeks nothing really changed all that much, still…

This month I’m concentrating on two things only. My horror short, which is still 2K from being finished, I’m dragging my arse on this one. However, I’ve gotten to the point that I’ll be sitting down this week and finishing it, even if it turns out shit. I want this out in October, and if I can’t finish it then there’s no way that even a possibility.

As it is, I’ve probably got a small chance that it will come out before November.

The second is my Christmas story because, well, I don’t want to be like this again, and also I have a rough plan for December, one that I’d really like to get done, but I’m not sure if it will or not.

In The News
Last week (or this week), I believe was/is bisexual week. I wasn’t going to say anything about this because even though I am bisexual I’ve never come up with a problem about it. I’m not sure if its because I basically got dumped by all my friends when I was 20 or the fact that I just don’t give a shit about what people think of me. And I haven’t since I was 18.

The funny thing about what people say, and what it’s like to be. Or what other people say, other people say, is that I like to think that most people are actually bisexual and that the number of true heterosexuals is the same as true homosexuals.

I have this thought, and I’ll keep it, even as people try and tell me I’m wrong. But we have grown up in a society that says we are straight and we have to fight a lot just to be gay, we have to fight what the world has taught us just to be something different from what they say. And so if you are bi that swings more towards the opposite sex, well, wouldn’t you only see yourself as straight?!

My point to this is the facts of ‘experimenting’. I don’t give a shit who you are, or what age, if you’re able to get it up and fuck a person of the same sex, and enjoy it, then you are to some degree bi.

I have known men, and women, who are truly straight, and they are the ones that are comfortable with themselves and those around them. And I have found that they are that way at a much younger age then the rest of us.

But its my own opinion and probably one that didn’t need to be spoken. But it’s what this piece is for, it’s why it’s labelled, you get to understand me better by my opinion on the world around me.

Up Coming Gossip
In November I’m planning on starting on my first novel, a thriller. I’m so excited about this book, though it will be written in the way of a trilogy though until I actually start writing it I can’t tell you if those will actually work.

I have started to write reviews out myself, or at least on GR give stars. It’s my sister’s follow-on thought to the fact that I wrote a review of a fellow author because she asked. My sister said it would be a good idea for me to get my head around critically thinking of others books once I finished with them. That way my head should have that same effect for my own stories.

But, this isn’t really what this part is about, more a thought on why I thought to add this portion.

I actually think, even as some reviews are depression to me, which I’ve done very well when it comes to people reviewing my work, even in the star department. Now, I may not be getting solid 5 stars, or even 100 reviews, but think the amount that I’ve gotten for one story in a month is pretty impressive as a newbie author.

Gotta Start Somewhere

Fav review: “A real shame that this story is only a few pages long, Bear characters are one of my favorites. I really like the 2 characters and I wish it was longer.” – Miss V

I loved the story, not the typical kind of plot you read everyday!” – Novella Girl

New Linky’s
I’ve been on these two for a while now, but finally actually logged myself in and got myself the apps, so if you’re interested in joining me here are my profiles

LinkedIn: ok, so I’ve no idea what my profile URL is, or how to get it, but I’m on this one too.

Ello: I’d love to join this, but I need an invite, anyone willing?


September Winner: I decided to give the only two people who commented *smiled*

This Month: comment by telling me what your favourite Halloween memory is, and win an e-copy from my Moonlit Wolves series, or if you've got them, an early addition of my next book I release

Current or WIP Excerpt
**unedited first draft excerpt

Hey everyone I’m Adam, we wanted to help apologies for our story taking so long to come out, we seem to be having a massive problem in communicating

Justin: humph

Adam: *smiles as he looks at Justin* see! Anyway, it’s coming, I’m getting antsy, we’re getting to the climax and I really wanna come!!

Protecting His Werewolf
(Moonlit Wolves #7)

“Fuck,” Jex spat out his hand came up, a dark handgun shined in the moonlight as he pointed it at Justin.

Justin put up a hand, there was no way he was dropping his rifle, but he didn’t want to look threatening.

“Wow, mate, hold up.”

Jex’s eyes narrowed, hatred spilled across the land at Justin, but then it wasn’t as if he was expecting anything different.

“Jex?” Matt asked, looking from his lover to Justin and back again.

“I’m not going back,” Jex stated.

“Back?” Matt blinked as he turned his head back to Justin, and it seemed to him that things clicked. “Kill him then.”

Justin smiled, he couldn’t help it, the boys were definitely heading for greatness if they realised what they were saying.

Then Justin had seen the clearing where it looked as if an animal had slaughtered all the man who had been trying to ransom off Jex to his father. He’d seen the cabin both Jex and his lover had clearly stayed the night in, and he’d seen—hell, he’d helped clean up the mess the two boys made as they took what they wanted.


Justin knew both of them were clearly willing to do everything they could to stay away from Jex’s father. From the life he’s old man wanted him to become a part of, and unfortunately they only way to win against fire was the learn how to light the fuckers yourself.

“No!” a voice screamed out of the blue. A soft voice that was almost missed, but didn’t, he knew the sound came from his twink, he wasn’t sure why, but he couldn’t take his attention from the need to survive coming from Jex and Matt. Because unlike him, at least now, they were only doing what they needed to do, and not because they liked it.

Hell, maybe Jex didn’t really see much different between a dead man and an alive one, maybe he thought that killing was the only way to play, but Matt surely grew up in a place of jails and cops, there was no way he’d be up for killing if he could see another way out.

“He needs to die!” Jex yelled back, breaking down in a way Justin hadn’t thought he was capable of. “I won’t do back! I won’t!”

“No one said you had to,” Justin surprised himself by saying.

“What?” Matt this time, he seemed to be a little more composed, but then he really didn’t understand the significance of Justin being there, not like Jex had.

“No!” Jex said, his head shook slightly, and Justin knew right then he was a dead man, living on extra time. But then he’d been living like that since he was thirteen [B1] and ended up being safe by Jex’s father himself and brought into the life he lived now.

It was strange the things one thought of when it was clear death was on the menu. Huh.

“No!” Jex yelled again, a tremble ran across that one word, spoke of tears and remorse and guilt and a shit load of need. He needed to live. He needed Justin dead. He needed not to be taken back to that world he clearly understood he’d lose everything he was in.

Jex was not his father, no matter how easy he was able to pull a trigger, Justin had known this for a while now. He’d lose himself in a way he never wanted to.

He clearly wanted to be here. Loved.


The gun fired, a loud scream in Justin’s ears, but it wasn’t until he realised he hadn’t taken a bullet that the scream hadn’t come from the gun but from his twink.

Pain spiked into his chest, high up. And without thinking Justin dropped his rifle and went to the little guy.

He felt fiercely for the first time in his life.

His chest scrapped against cloth, as he seemed to be sobbing. Nothing came out his eyes or mouth, he was better than that, even if he didn’t understand why it felt as if he was about to lose a long-time lover, rather than a man he didn’t even know the name of.

His twink had rolled onto his back, he seemed to twick as blood darkened his shirt, in the same spot Justin hurt…

“Fucking hell, Adam,” Matt was nearly screaming over the top of Jex’s shoulder, he was holding that man in a tight embrace.


Adam’s plump lips parted, a little blood on the corner of his mouth, he smiled, more a grimace of pain, but clearly, trying to smile.

“I know you,” and then his glassy eyes fluttered closed.
End Note
I’m thinking of doing a character interview or a character take over in the upcoming week, you have a suggestions on who you’d like to hear from


  1. Hi Bronwyn, hmm, a bit tricky as Halloween is not really something we celebrate as well as American's do. But I did once go with a friend, we were about fifteen at the time, to find out what was happening near a local church, as we had heard rumours of Wiccans who were celebrating the ancient festival of Samhain (Halloween). We got to the church graveyard, it was dark, and we could see a fire and flamed torches held by cloaked figures in the distance. I was really spooked out by it all and then suddenly found myself being lifted into the air by a skeleton, well one of my older brothers dressed as skeleton on his way to a party I assumed. My friend started screaming and I began to laugh as I could recognise him even in his costume and he said to me 'best go home little sister Mum and Dad are wondering where you are'. We all thought that was best and my friend went back to her house I went back to mine, before we left we noticed the graveyard was now in darkness they must have finished and then doused the fire. Strangely enough though, when I got home my brothers were all there and dressed to go out to various parties, but none them were dressed as a skeleton, even the brother I was sure it had been who had found me! For years I wondered who it was, had it been an ancestor crossing over making sure I got home safely or had my brother played a practical joke on me and sneaked back and changed quickly...who knows?

    I would love to hear from Paul & Matt (Love Without Knowing It)...even though their story has not been published yet, just to know how they are getting on.. :)

    1. That is a really cool story to have in your memory bank :) and a great one for the day it was, and i mean in wiccan sense