Saturday, 30 July 2011

# 1 short story

A Chained Vampire

By Bronwyn Heeley
Paranormal romance, short story
YA [older readers]

There’s nothing worse the waking up in a place that’s not your own, it means trouble. Worse though, is waking up next to a chained vampire.

[Side Note: this was written for this blog and has not been edited, had any one check it for grammar mistakes or even read threw by me more than once]

Waking up next to someone she don’t remember wasn’t that unusual for Rebecca, it’s has happened a lot in her adult life. It was required for her to get laid; she had to get so drunk that she could be that interment with another without getting there hole life history and then everything they thought about her, everything that wasn’t meant for your lover to hear. Like really. But if she gets out of her mind drunk, well, then, her fingers can have a rest and she can let someone else push her over. It didn’t happen often.
   That and the man that are around her age, her preference, are ass whips who only want a one night stand or a bitch to wait on them hand and foot. And being that Rebecca was not a woman that would let a male do that to her.
   But this morning, night, whenever the hell it was. Her head was pumping and since she hadn’t drunk anything in a month there shouldn’t be a reason for it to pound the way it was. And still that wasn’t the worse. No, the body – the totally male body – that she lay cuddle up against. The body that she ran a hand from side to side, across his stomach and then up his chest. God it was spectacular, so firm and toned that she didn’t want to wake up fully because of it, her mind and fingers wanted to bask.
   But she did, with a start.
   A start that found her sitting up and staring around a room that was cold looking, solid, lit with only a dim lamp that spilled its glow only on the bed, the interment glow that just the knowledge and the remembered feel of his skin under her hand, had her face heated just slightly. she wasn’t sure whether it was from embarrassment or arousal, for she wasn’t one to get embarrassed easily but she didn’t wish to acknowledge that it was arousal, so embarrassment was the way things went, for now.
   It’s what got her off the bed so quickly she wasn’t aware that she moved until she stood beside the orgy size bed looking at one hot male.
   Asleep? Passed out? She wasn’t sure and being that she had touched him she should have been able to tell that. So why didn’t she? She hadn’t even seemed to have gotten anything off the bed either. And that’s what happened. A play on what she had done the night before. Or what the owner had done. Bodies on top of bodies rolling all over the sheets that were never change. Body fluids were the key to a lot of her magic. The drawback to all the other stuff she was able to do.
   His arms were handcuffed to chains that attached to the post of the canopy bed. His legs were the same, both handcuffed to thick ringed chains. He wore only a pair of tight fitting black jeans that sat nicely low on his hips, the band of his jocks hung out the top. A purple belt with black buckle threaded through the hopes. His chest was bare and so toned that she had to swallow twice before as she made herself look up and into a face of a male that... that was...
   He was beautiful, but so male her insides ached, her eyes whimpered at the most perfect thing they had ever seen. Lines that seemed to have been carved into the planes of his face, everything was strait and yet there was a soft curve to it all that made him look both adult and youthful. And with that venerable edge sleep gave to a face, made you want to hold on and never let go.
   Along with that air of sex all around him, even in his sleep. It hovered around him, swirling around him with all the other sinful thoughts that sprang into her mind, such vivid, sweating images.
   And Rebecca didn’t like the fact that she wished that she had chained him for her own pleasure. Wait! What? No... She wasn’t meant to think of these things, was meant to care about where the hell she was.
   Yes, so we’re was she?
   It was defiantly the question that should be screaming in her head, but it wasn’t. She was looking down at a man that she was pulled to, that she wanted to get back in bed with, run her tongue over.
   Was someone messing with her?
   Were they? Quickly she strengthened her minds walls, even before she checked if there was, it wasn’t important. What was was the fact that she was thinking things that, yeah she probably would have no matter what, but self preservation should come in, should come first no matter what. But with him chained to a bed, and no one else around she didn’t seem to mind one bit that’s where she was. She didn’t think it would have bothered her all that much if she had been the one chained and have him take his way with her. It wasn’t a good sign.
   So where was she? Walking around the room she found nothing, absolutely nothing. No side table, no chest of draws, two doors. One she was more than sure was the bathroom. Being that the door opened, but she couldn’t find a light, and it was so black in there that she couldn’t see anything. But the smell, the cold air that flowed out, told her it was a bathroom. The other was locked, but the same type of door. This one, she was sure, was the door to leave. But other than that and the bed, there was nothing.
   Walking around because it was either that or go and look at the too good for any woman man lying on the overly large bed that was made for fun, and she wasn’t sure she would be able to look away once she did. Already she could feel a need that was half her own and half someone else’s will, pushing at her to go back to him. And if Rebecca knew one thing it was magic that rides off a want that is already burning in your brain, is a want that can be driven to the point of need. And she really didn’t want to rape the man on the bed.
   It was a pained groan that finally pulled her back to the bed, she stood at the end looking over the bed at him struggling to wake up, as if he really didn’t want to but now he must. It wasn’t until he pulled at his hands to find them bound that his eyes snapped opened. First to look at his arm, then the other before he started looking around the room, lifting his head he found her, and he didn’t seem that happy to see her.
   “Who the hell are you?” he asked, his voice thick southern American drawl, and trying to be pissed, assertive, but his eyes looked tired, as if this was one too many times that he had woken like this. “And why am I changed to your bed?”
   “Not my bed,” Rebecca said in a voice that wavered slightly. Her own mind had not had time to grow use to the fact that just the sound of his pissed, tired voice made her knees a little weak.
   “Whose then?” he asked again in that tone, though more of the tiredness came through as he dropped his head back down on the pillow.
   “No idea. I found myself waking up next to you in this place. No idea how I got here, when it happened. I don’t even know what time it is.” She took a deep breath and stepped closer to the bed, so close that she had to lean her hands on it so that she didn’t fall over. “I can take the chains off if you’d tell me why someone would chain you and not me.”
   The guy sighed, and it was heavy, full of more meaning then any sigh should have with such a simple question. “It’s most likely because I’m a vampire. But I’ve no idea why they’d put me in these.” He pulled at his arms, making the chains clank.
   “Well can you get out of them?” she asked.
   She watched as he, a fucking vampire, right, like her life couldn’t get any more weird, but here it was in a beautiful night walker. But as he pulled at the chains it was clear that he couldn’t get out of them. So what kind of chain were they using? Being that it wasn’t burning—no wait, silver doesn’t hurt a vampire, that’s only a myth, right? Right!
   He pulled at the chains so hard and fast, but nothing happened except the cracking of the wood.      
   “Stop,” Rebecca said but he didn’t listen, he just kept pulling at the chains, making the whole bed swing, groan and tremble at the movements, “stop!”
   He listened, “What—why?”
   “’Cause what if we’re stuck here for awhile, wouldn’t you still like a bed to sleep in?” she didn’t let him answer, “and I can get you out of them, without all this stress.”
   He gave her a special look, “sure you can,” the sarcasm was nearly edible. “What makes you think you can do it, little girl?”
   She shook her head slowly, giving him a smile that spoke of the annoyance and arrogance that were more suited to her rather than him. “’cause I can do this,” she said leaning over the bed and touching the cuff on this ankle. It fell away. She smiled up at him, there wasn’t a metal on Earth that she couldn’t break through, it kind of made her dangerous, like really, what could she do to a volt.
   “Shit,” he breathed as he watched her touch the other cuff and how it fell away. “Incredible.”
   “Yeah, but if people knew what I could do...” she let the words trail off as she walked around and touched his left hand, and let the cuff fall free. He twisted his arm around as she climbed up onto the bed and leant over him to do the other.
   “What are your limits?” he asked, seeming completely curious about her.
   She looked at him, so close that she could make out all the lashes around his eyes, so thick they were. But she shook her head and pointed to her temple, hoping that he would get the picture.
   His eyes widened slightly as knowledge brightened his eyes. “Can they see or just hear?” he asked.
   “Well shouldn’t you be able to sense them?”
   “Should, but I can’t feel anyone but you,” he said as he sat up, with only his stomach muscles, mmm yum, and rubbed at his wrists.
   Rebecca sighed, “Then they are only listening, or trying to, through my mind, unless... no, ‘cause I can’t get to yours, I doubt they can.”
   “Can’t get—what are you talking about?” he asked as he looked at her with a weird look, it was almost funny, but she couldn’t laugh, there was just something about him, and when he spoke his breath blew across her face and she was stunned by it.
   “Most gifts of the mind can’t penetrate vampires. There’s just something that you guys have that’s on a level that human’s, no matter how much magic they wield, will never be able to get a hold of.”
   “Huh, I actually knew that.” He said with a smile as he looked around the room. “If it’s any consideration, I can’t get into yours, it’s like you’re in a safe that can only be opened from the inside.”
   She shrugged, “I know, but I have to concentrate to make it like this, you don’t. And it took me years.”
   Cray shrugged again as he looked back at her, she was amazing, the air around her shimmered in a way that seemed to dance as if there was music playing and they were swaying to its tone. Her face was that of a witch, one of those to beautiful to look at and yet she wasn’t that pretty, something like a mortal pretty, one that’s only noticed when you really look. Cray had always liked that look in a woman, a female that doesn’t stand out like they’re constantly got a spot light on them, hell no, and it wasn’t just the jealousy he always felt of woman, the possessiveness that burnt threw him whenever he had a lover that made him like just average beautiful woman. There was just something about them, something about the whole demeanour that they held.
   Her body was something else inertly and fit in with her aura better then with her looks. She was young, though there was just something about her presents that told him she wasn’t jail bait. Her ebony black hair hung around her shoulders, her chest, ending around her hips. The black and purple dress she wore was a thin material, with lots of room to move, and cut in a fashion that you would put old gipsies in. Her nail weren’t painted, nor were there any signs of makeup on her face.
   But just looking at her made him hot, though her presents in this room had been doing it a lot longer than when he looked at her, he could still feel her hot body laying up the side of his.
   He cleared, his face heating up a little, when he realised she was watching him study her.
   “So you never told me...” he said in a tone that seemed weaker than his normal. She rose one thin eyebrow at him, waiting. “Who are you?”
   “I’m Rebecca,” she said with a smile, her eyes were a little bright. It was as if she never thought he would ask, as if she wasn’t good enough to be acknowledged by him. “And you are?” again her eyes were a bit more interested then he thought they should be. Maybe it was the fact that now she got to know him. Did she wish to study the vampire? He knew some groups of witches that did that kind of shit.
   “Cray,” he managed to croak out, no matter what thoughts ran threw his head, his insides turned into something hot and achy with the look she was giving him. Cray wonder if she wished to study him, if he would be able to say no. Because at the moment all he wanted to do was study her, all of her, right down to how tight and wet she was.
   They sat in silent’s for a long while, though Cray didn’t notice it, didn’t really know that he had been silent as a fantasy played threw his head, the star Rebecca.
   Rebecca cleared her throat trying to get the pictures, the ache in her fingers, hands, hell her body, to not touch him. He wasn’t even that close to her, sitting on the other side of the bed but she could feel him, hot and hard all the way over there, inviting her to come over and have a feel.
   “So,” she breathed out, making some noise, breaking the tension in her body. Cray looked over at her, “what are we going to do know?”
   Cray looked around, blinking and then back at her, “well we could leave, with the way you unlocked the chains I’m sure you could open the door. Or we can wait and see what they want before we leave.”
   Rebecca took in a huge breath, swallowed, “what do you think we should do?”
   “Honestly,” he rubbed his hands over his face, “I think we should get the hell out of here.”
   “Okay, so then let’s try.”
   They both got off the bed, waiting around the foot of it and looking at the blank wall that held the door that Rebecca thought must lead outside.
   “That’s the one, that door,” she told Cray as they both looked at it, “the other is a bathroom, I think. I couldn’t find a light to tell for sure.”
   Cray looked at the door then at her. He walked over to the other door and found that she was right it was a bathroom, the slightly damp air hit him as the door opened and then he took a look inside, and he could see, mostly because of the light on in the main room. He looked at the wall and found the light.
   “Found it,” he said as he flicked the light on and had to close his eyes. Bright, brighter than any bathroom light should be, blinded him and he stumbled back, trying to get out of the light. God his eyes hurt.
   “Cray,” Rebecca’s voice came to him a moment before she was holding onto his arm and swinging him so that he was now back on the bed. “are you okay?” she said as she brushed aside some hair off his face, her fingers were soft, tender and made his breath catch in her throat, made the rest of his body jealous that her fingers weren’t touching it.
   “Fine,” he managed to get out of his tight throat, what was with this girl, he hadn’t felt this type of lust in, how many year? Cray wasn’t sure, and thinking on it he didn’t think he had ever been this hard up for a girl he had just meet, he was more a personality man. Preferring to talk to a chick, to know her before he bedded her, and he never got this hard for the smell of a women, even if she did smelt like lavender roses.
   Rebecca huffed at him, not believing for a minute that he was fine. The light in that room was so bright that it hurt her eyes looking at it from across the room. She couldn’t begin to imagine what it was like to him.
   She walked back across the room and into the bathroom, so grateful that it had a light and that she could now go to the toilet, and being that she was nearly to the point of crossing her legs to keep from wetting herself, well the bathroom was something she desperately needed.
   When she finished with the bathroom she felt heaps better, not that she was any cleaner, but she washed her face, and emptied her bladder, and felt so much better.
   “What are you doing?” Rebecca asked when she looked at Cray. He was back on the bed, his feet and one wrist chained back to the bed.
   “Come here, and do the last one, then lay down and pretend you’re passed out again. Someone’s coming and I think it would be best for them to think were still out.”
   Someone was coming? Now? Bitch. Without asking again she quickly went back to the side of the bed that she had been on, she grabbed his wrist and locked it back into the cuff and then sort of fell back onto the bed, knowing that at least that way her hair would be messed.
   Cray chuckled slightly as that, or did her hair tickle him? She wasn’t sure, and she would have looked up only she heard someone playing with the lock in the door. Dropping her mind’s barriers slightly, so that they would think her completely asleep she pulled herself closer into Cray’s side, flicked her leg over his and her arm landed on his hip bone, to afraid to put it where it actually was. But even when knocked out you move, right?
   Cray lay still, not that he would have been able to move even if he wished, and god did he wish he could roll over onto his side and hold the woman that was now draped over him, as if she were his lover and they had just finished the best sex for they lives, or was that wishful thinking on his part. He felt her mind turn and open as the door cracked open, felt her crate a lovely dark room, in which she was dreaming of things that she wasn’t even sure he could make up, but they were lovely and scary all at the same time, colourful and dull.
   “Crap there still out,” a deep male voice echoed through the room. His mind was closed to Cray but in a way that Rebecca’s was. He was human, and he was powerful.
   “Shouldn’t the blood sucker be up by now?” a female voice came next. It was closer to him, right by the bed.
   “Nah, she’ll come first, we put enough poison in his system that if he were human he would be dead, so he’s got to re-create himself. Her on the other hand...” and the male’s voice sounded as if he was on the other side of the bed, as if he were leaning in towards Rebecca. Red pulsed in his heart as he wanted to snarl at the male, wanted to tell him that he wasn’t to touch her.
   No one was to touch her except him.
   Ha what a joke, she wasn’t his, was probably never going to be his, but he couldn’t stand the thought of the man touching her, of any man touching her.
   “Leave her alone, Dav. She’s here for us to test. Now let’s get him unhooked like were meant ta.” The woman said as she rattled some keys and pulled roughly at his arms. The male wasn’t any nicer, with his wrist or his ankles.
   “Now let’s see if she’s as good as Wayne thinks she is,” the male said as he let go of Cray’s ankle and seemed to head back to the door.
   “Let’s hope she’s not,” the woman’s voice echoed through Cray’s head, even though she had whispered the words. Did they want Rebecca to kill him as soon as she woke to find herself in a strange bed, with a strange male?
   “Cray,” Rebecca said as her body stiffened beside him. Though she didn’t move, her breath still fanned his stomach, his chest, her hand and leg still warmed his own as they rested upon his.
   “Yes?” he said then noticed that he was rubbing her back with his hand, when did that happen? He pulled his hand off her back, thinking it was the reason she was asking him, whatever it was she was asking.
   “Please don’t stop,” Rebecca said slowly, softly, as Cray took his hand off her back. She had been a little distracted by it but didn’t want him to stop. Such comfort came from those simple strokes. Such heat sunk into her skin, burning her to a point where she wanted to roll up on top of him, taking those pants off him and... “Please, can you hold me for a little while?”
   “Sure sweet,” Cray said trying to put in attitude, try to make it as if his blood wasn’t singing with the go ahead to touch her, to pull her in closer to his body, to let her sink further into him, to wish more was happening, but he didn’t think there ever would be enough with a woman like her. No she was something to run from.
   Cray scooting down the bed more, going to her as he got them more comfortable, she shifted with him as if they knew what the other was doing, were they were going. It was so much like were lovers that it pulled a shiver down Rebecca’s spine, but as it was all she wanted was to be hugged. How could they... why did they...
   “They wanted me to kill you,” Rebecca spat out; a little sharp as if she just remembered and spat it out. They had just gotten settled. They had been quiet for a while, not long enough that it was awkward, actually he thought it was nice, holding her, having her up against him. And he thought she liked it to, maybe not.
   “Seemed that way,” he whispered, as he shifted, getting his head closer to hers.
   “But why?” she asked looking up and found that she was within a whisper of his face. Hot, smooth, male breath fanned her face, smelling like him, like something that she had never tasted but yet her mouth watered, her body heated.
   Breathing hard Cray tried not to react to what she wanted, what they both wanted. He smelt that she was so hot for him. It was like she was on heat, for him, just for him. And he was ready to be that mate, his body was tight; throbbing with pain, all he wanted to do was kiss her. But he knew it wouldn’t be enough. Cray didn’t like the thought, but there was something about this female that had gotten up under him without her even knowing his name. Something about the two seconds it took for him to smell her, to feel her warmth and she was his. It was an end of story scenario that would not end. At least not on this bed, not with him underfed... fed!
   “I know why you’ll kill me,” Cray says, his lips hovering above hers. He can feel the heat from her breath, the smell only she can have. It was perfect to, complemented with the lavenders rose smell. Cray licked at his fangs, they were down much further than he understood. He was defiantly hungry.         
   “Why?” Rebecca breathed not really understanding what he was talking about even though she heard all the words. All she could think about was his lips, how close they were to hers, how when mouth opened slightly the sight of his fangs dropped down into his mouth didn’t seem to bother her as much as she always thought they would. In fact they seemed to inviting, she wondered what it would be like to have that added sting into play.
   “Because I’m hungry. I think they will want you to kill me when I go to kill you.” he whispered, his lips brushed at hers so lightly that it was as if they actually hadn’t. And maybe they hadn’t, they could have been phantom since she wanted to kiss him so much it was as if she would die if she didn’t.
   “Oh,” she sighed, her head lifting up towards his. There wasn’t all that much room, both had been inching so close that it was a surprise that hadn’t been talking into each other’s mouths. They had also been whispering, hardly saying the words that left their mouths. They were in some other time and place, wrapped up in a kiss that had so much anticipation around it that the room was sparking with its energy’s.
   “You aren’t listening to me,” Cray said his voice soft breathy, his mouth hungry for hers. There isn’t anything he wanted but to feel her lips under his, to taste the sweetness of her mouth. Everything else was forgotten. The fact that he hunger, vanished. The room with nothing in it but this bed, gone. The need to leave, never a second thought.
   “I am,” she mumbled her lips pulled up into a smile that Cray felt rather than saw. “Just not you words.” And with that she closed the gap.
   There lips collided in a heated fumble that took them nowhere. It was like second nature to kiss her, to open his lips and let her in, taste her, to fight for the right to own her with his tongue. He had never kissed a woman who was so secure in what she wanted. He’s normal were ones that needed to be controlled. That was what he liked, what he dealt with. But Rebecca was one that demanded him give her a reason to lay herself aside and let him take the lead. He knew also that she wouldn’t let him stay there. She was an equal type of woman, he felt it deep inside him and for once he was excited about the thought of more with her. Of what all of her would be like.
   Rebecca couldn’t believe how good he tasted. That was it, the only thought going on inside her head was a mumbled moan at the most breathtaking kiss she had ever had. At the fact that she could run her fingers across his skin and not know exactly what he was thinking about it, what she was doing wrong, the wishes of what they wish would come from it, there placing her in categories she had never stepped foot it. She loved that there was nothing just her. 
   But that wasn’t even a second to what he tasted like, sin in a blanket. All Rebecca wanted to do was rolling him over and own him for herself for as long as she could hold him for. His tongue was like magic against hers, both rolling in time and challenging her for more, which she gave without hesitation.
    she was enjoying to so much that she hadn’t realised how much she had been touching me, how much her body and his had tangled up his, how nice it felt. How perfectly they fit like two piece of the same puzzle.
   “We have to stop,” Cray breaths, his lips moving hungrily over her mouth, taking all she would give him. Needing it as much as he had ever needed blood. “Must stop.”
   “Than stop,” Rebecca laughed taking her mouth from him, moving it far enough that it allowed clean air to flow between them. Letting Cray’s brain get the air it needed to clear it enough for him to think again, not that his body was happy about that, it was quite happy for him to stay in the bliss of Rebecca. The pains of his body threatened to take him over again when he looked at her and saw her tongue come out, tasting what was left of him on her lips.
   “Mmmm,” she groaned, her eyes were still glossy. And then something seemed to snap in the air, her eyes turn sharp, her mind sharper, that steal bolt again, and with it a pang in Clay’s chest that didn’t seem to like that closer about her. He wanted her like she was before, not so worried about letting things in, or allowing others to see her. 
   “We have to go!” Rebecca said rolling off the bed; it was so smooth that he must have moved for her. She wasn’t sure if she liked that fact or not. Would it have been that bad for him to want her to stay with him, a quick protest or something rather an absolute release?
   He cleared his throat. “Yes,” he replied in a tone like hers, she could even hear pain in his tone as he cleared it, making it like each throat clear was a shake of his head. But that head seemed to be a little slow at wanting to recover.
   “You said something about being hungry, didn’t you?”
   He nodded, his eyes flashed to her, the pain and suffering was clear in them so much that she felt them in phantom on herself. But she didn’t know what to do, did she?
   Yeah, she did, but was it the way she was willing to go. For a vampire? A blood drinker that couldn’t be satisfied with a sip, they needed all or nothing. That was it, or so her coven had drilled into her head. They would steal her, would use her for her power. Take it in with her blood. But was that even true? And more so, did it really matter?
   She believed this decision was easy, her hearts and bodies answered simply. But her mind churned, she had meet him to minutes ago, or so. She had woken up in this strange bed, maybe by him, if not by someone else that wanted her be drunk from, or to kill? She wasn’t sure what the hell was going on, but she couldn’t let her mind go, not like the rest of her wanted it to. She just couldn’t give him something that could ruin her, drain her. More so she—
   “Stop thinking,” he panted, “just open that door. If you get us out I’ll feed then, we can’t afford for you to be lacking any blood right not.”
   She swallowed with a nod, Cray felt sorry for her, clearly she wasn’t willing to donate to him, but he was cool with that, at least he didn’t like the pain in her while she thought about it. About letting him sink fang in her. Nothing was that more painful than the thought of her being in trouble because he had taken too much due to hunger. Cray didn’t even think he could take blood from her unless she was bleeding in front of him. They needed her to get them out of here. He would be no use unless there was a human that wasn’t blocking and he doubted there would be since this was clearly a coven of some shit.
   All Cray needed was blood and he was willing to do anything for it, but take from her. He was more than happy to eat on the run if that’s the only way he could have it, and if it got him and Rebecca out of this shithole.
   “Okay Cray,” she whispered into his ear, she had appeared out of nowhere, which wasn’t a good sign. Her hands were under his armpits. “You’re clearly in need,” she said in his ear. “So I’m going to trust that you will only have enough to get you walking and that you’re not in it with who ever put us in here.”
    What?! Did she have that fear! “Not, and no, I’ll make it.” his words dried out at the end.
   She smiled, “clearly. But just in case, I’m not strong enough to carry you so—” she disappeared of a little. When she was back, it felt like a blink in Cray’s empty mind and she was back in front of him. Her hand held something cool, her fingers worked into his hair at the back of his head, massaging his neck slightly as she tilted it back.
   Cray’s body went hard as steal at her touch, nothing else matter but the heat of it, the smell, he wanted it all over him, never wanted it to leave. It was one of those smells you only smell once in your life and if you didn’t take it and hold it close you were going to regret it for the rest of your life. He’s eyes blinked, but he couldn’t see anything, couldn’t feel anything but her hand, and the fire of her body in between his legs. He wanted to touch her, was going to do anything he could to put his hands on her.
   Something smooth and creamy ran down Cray’s throat. It was sweeter than anything he had ever tasted before, something that was sweet as well as savoury, textured to his perfection. He was in love with whatever was running down his throat. And yeah, on some leave he understood what was happening, but at that moment, while his body was dry and his lust so high all he could think about was bedding the woman he could already feel her tight around him.
   “you okay now,” she asked, Rebecca asked, her voice sounding a little panicked, even she could hear it. But then there were a lot to worry about. She had unlocked the main door, all they needed to do know was open it and hope like hell nothing was on the outside. She wasn’t fool enough to think that there wouldn’t be anyone. That they would get out of here scratch free but she hoped like hell they would have a moment or two to prepare, maybe even have a bit of an advantage, but if there are lots behind the door, then there were screwed no matter how much blood she would have given to him.
   “Yes,” Cray said, his voice seeming to have a thickness to it that was never there before, something that was full, and rubbed across her body like a rough kiss from an overly sexed lover. He got up onto his feet so fast that he pushed Rebecca over, only to catch her.
   “Sorry,” he laughed picking her up and kissing her lips hard before placing her on the ground again. “Thank you,” he whispered into her ear. “Thank you so much.”
   Rebecca stood back, looking him over slightly. He had become bigger, not taller—though he was clearly that—but more so in the way that his chest was fuller, the muscles seemed to ripple under the skin, a gleam coated the smooth width from he’s body fixing itself when she fed him her blood. To be honest he looked good, and only from a mouthful or two. Rebecca had always thought they needed more than that.
   “How come you look so good,” she asked, the question popping out of her mouth without any thought about it. Had to be one of those questions that needed saying not matter what, or she would have thought it first, right? He hadn’t taken her ability to think before words came out. He didn’t have that great an effect on her? No not at all.
   Of course not, she was a rational being that was so horny she was like a twelve year old on her third attempt at porn, and he was so hot that her fingers wanted to touch and her mouth wanted to attack and she wanted nothing more than to pull him close and forget about everything else. If only for a while. She was allowed a vampire for awhile, right?
   What could it hurt? And even if it hurt a little, what could she really do about it, there was no way she would be able to leave him without at least one sample. She would die if she didn’t get to touch, lick all that body. See what he looked like as they enjoyed the easiest things a pair of humans could share.
   Cray didn’t know what to think, her question had his chest fill up more than he could already fill it filling. It was the thing about vampire’s and not having blood, they lose muscle mass, loss the moisture out of there veins. Everything seems to sage slightly even when they stayed the same. “It’s what happens.” He shrugged like it meant nothing to have her notice.
   “nothing,” she challenged, heat filling her eyes as she burnt him with a lush look down to his feet and back to his face, her eyes lingered on his hips, thinking of what lay under his waste line? Her stare stung as it lingered across his ribs, his pecks. The line of his shoulders. “You’re like...huge now.”
   She swallowed. Hard. The sound hurt so much that he smiled deep down. He bent and kissed her lightly on her lips. Loving the way she was looking at him. Burning from it, the only thing that could sooth it was her. Her touch, her...anything. Hell anything, he just needed her.
   “We have to go,” he whispered before his mind shut off.
   “I know,” she smiled up at him. “Hell, maybe when we leave this need to pounce will lessen.”
   “Hope not,” he muttered getting a soft laugh of her, on that seemed in his ear to hold a touch of relief, or was that wishful thinking. He cleared his throat. “So did you get the door open before you feed me or do we have to check?”
   “Nope, it’s open,” she looked at the door. “Or it was before, who knows now.”
   “I’d say; I’m sure nothing happened, that we would have heard it. But I’m not sure that’s true.”
   It got a chuckle from her, and it lightened his heart, just the sound. “Your right. I haven’t thought of nothing but you since I woke up.”
   Cray smiled a breathtaking smile that was cocky and sweet and....make her body tighten up so much and so fast she was sure if he hadn’t taken her shoulder to bend down and kiss her, that she would have been on the floor, as a mini orgasm weakened her knees and begged her for more, for something more, real, and hard, and solid, and heavy on top of her. For him.
   “Let’s go,” Cray whispered across her lip. “And I mean for real this time. Let’s get out of her and then out of our cloths.”
   Rebecca smiled. “Sounds like a plan to me.”
   The door didn’t make a sound as Cray and Rebecca opened it, so slowly that no one would know anything was happening until a head could be sticking out of the hole. It was also because, Cray said, that is someone was out there they would do something about it before it got to that point. That there must be something else they want, or they are so confident that nothing would get them out but themselves.
   They didn’t know much about Rebecca if they thought that. She was powerful, one of the most powerful witches there coven has had in centuries. Her powers were limitless, but what she was naturally built with was her ability to unlock that of which was locked, no matter the steal, the material or spell. The mind she learnt as all other witches learnt, with practice and hard work, only she was exceptionally good at it all.
   Outside the door was something of a typical witch holding, all concrete walls and thick metal doors lining the walls. Something that was most likely in the warehouse district of some...
   “Hey,” Rebecca whispered, “Were in Donohue’s witchery.”
   “Who’s that?” Cray asked into her ear, his big hands finding her hips and holding on as he waited for directions.
   “He wants to marry me,” she replied, and his fingers dug in tighter.
   “Do you wish it from him?” his tone was careful he wasn’t going to step on anyone’s toes, but he still couldn’t get his fingers to let go of her.
   “God no,” Rebecca said a shiver works up down her spin at just the thought of it. “He’s... yeah, no thanks. It’s most likely the reason I’m here. But you...”
   He shrugged behind her, his chest heavy a sigh of relief so strong it shocked him. This stuff really shouldn’t have bothered him. Though it did. And it would always. For a time she was his, he claimed her this and so it would be. But the sear amount of emotions that went into her answer was scary. 
   “I don’t know,” he whispered after a pause. “It could be that I was the only one they found. Maybe we were close together, who knows really. Which way do we have to go?” he puts in needing to leave this place, to claim her, he had to. Please let him be able to.
   “Um,” she looked around. “Feels like this way.”
   “That way it is—let’s go.”
   The hall was long, long than he felt comfortable with but that was more for the fact that the blood Rebecca gave him, though strong, wasn’t nearly enough for the fact that he had regenerated all his organs. He needed blood and the longer he went without it the more he would need and being so close to her and yet so open he wasn’t sure if he would be able to control himself if they meet up with anyone. The fear was that he didn’t want her to see him that way, didn’t want to scare her off without one last kiss.
   “Shit!” Rebecca bit out as he leaped back from the last open door they went through.
   “What?” Cray asked, shouts started off in the room. “How many?”
   She swallowed, “I don’t know, three?”
   He nods, “can you do anything to...slow them?” he’s known some witches that could. Had the spell used on him a number of times, not that he would be able to tell her what they said.
   “No, sorry,” she looked at him a little hopelessly, “sorry.”
   His face softened as he looked down at her, his hand coming up and wrapping around her jaw. “Don’t worry, sweets, just.... don’t fear me,” he whispered the last before ducking down to kiss her, just in case.
   She smiled. “Don’t worry, rip’em apart, and dance in there entrails, they deserve to suffer.” She smiled the whole line a joke and yet it was a reinsurance to him. She didn’t care about him drinking from others, hell he was a vampire of course he was going to drink blood it was the only way he can live. Who was she to judge him for what he needed to do to live. She just wasn’t sure about him drinking her. And even that decision had gone to letting him.
   Cray took a searching look at her, taking in every feature as if he were never going to see her again and that fact knotted up his chest. He was beginning to worry about it.
   “What have you done to me?” he asked without really wanting to. A question that needed answers.
   Her smile turned into something so sweet he felt it like a hug. “That same thing you did to me.”
   “That simple, aye?”
   “That simple, now go and feed, your beginning to look like crap,” she smiled at him, all lips. There was too much worry, even fear in her eyes for them to even begin to lift. He swallowed not knowing what to do with anything.
   “I’ll be right back.” and then he was gone.
   Cray didn’t really see the room as he went in. his senses were on full hunt, everything like a heat radar gun. The life blood of everyone in this room was all he could sense; the different smells from knives, guns, even the tingle of magic filled the room. But Cray wasn’t paying any attention to it. He had to eat and then get back to Rebecca, needed for her to be safe, and the only way she could was to have them all dead before he took her next breath.
   Rebecca snaked into the room, fear played in her gut, both for the damage that Cray would suffer and for the fact that she was very vulnerable out in the hallway all by herself.
   Her appearance helped a little, all the men, stoped but not Cray, he went at it as if his life was on the line and he wasn’t going to die. There were four of them, two already laying on the floor before she had even snaked her way around, the one he held now was having his neck crushed as his head banged on the wall they ran into because that’s what happens when a moving object, Cray, was on full attack mode.
   When the man hit the floor, Cray went at the other who had just gotten over his shock of seeing her and went to point at her with his gun, but he never got it past pointing at the floor. Cray had already gotten hold of the arm and broke it, making the gun clutter to the ground. Shocked as she was, she was able to think, and they could really do with one of them alive, for a minute.
   “Cray,” she said her voice nothing too loud and yet it was clear and yet the way he reacted with just that sound was as if she shouted it as if in a stadium.
   “Yes,” he asked quietly, though there was that evil, calculating way about it. But she knew that was just him in attack mode. There was no way to be full calm, not when your chest was still moving up and down and, in his case, fang were down past his lips. Blood dipped off his chin and onto his chest.  Rebecca thought he looked like a warrior as he was. Hot.
   “Bec?” he said clearly trying to get his attention.
   She cleared her throat, and Cray nearly wept. She seemed to want him even after all he had just done, though she hadn’t seen him fully feeding there was blood all down his front.
   “Right, um,” she shook her head and seemed to make herself look at the guy he was holding. “Right, we need directions out of this hell hole.”
   He smiled; she was smart to, even under all they had gone through. “So he stays alive a little longer.”
   “Yeah, but only a little, gotta be quick about this. So Jerry—it’s Jerry right?” she asked him, her face something of an evil interrogator and made him burn brighter for her. What he wouldn’t give to be inside of her right now.
   It didn’t get the man talking and Cray didn’t like that disrespect. He grabbed a hold of that arm he broke again, squeezing on the point just below, causing agonising pain to throb threw his arm. “The lady asked you a question, answer her.”
   “Yes! Yes, I’m Jerry.”
   “Good boy,” she said coolly as if they were just about to sit down for a cup of tea. “now no matter what you and I know your dead, there’s no way that he’s not going to be able to feed, seriously, you know the stories about vampires, right?” the guy nodded his eyes full on her there was no one else there, except Cray causing the pain. “And wouldn’t you like to die quickly? Yeah, it would be, so you tell us how we get out of here and he’ll drain you dry, if not we’ll impale you on something and leave you for dead.”
   He swallowed and told her in a tone so soft Rebecca missed most of it but Cray was nodding, so it obviously worked. How that for her scaring plan. She wasn’t sure if it wouldn’t have worked to begin with. She wouldn’t have caved from it, but then she wasn’t really sure who the hell he was but from the few ungraded thoughts and a pussy is always a puss even when your offering death.
   “Finish him Cray, take what you need to be strong enough,” she made her tone hold the sex that was totally granted when they were out of here.
   “With pleasure,” he replied as he went back at the man’s neck, his eyes never leaving hers, the heat wrapped around her making her see what she wanted rather than the ugly truth around her.
   When he was finished, Cray dropped the body forgetting it as if it wasn’t there, he took Rebecca’s hand, he wanted to kiss her but he wasn’t going to bloody her and didn’t really want to put her flavourers with this blood, when hers was so much sweeter. “Let’s get out of here.”
   The rest of the place was easily navigated, they were quick and were followed by the heavy feet steps but Cray was confident that they would make it before they got to them. So much that he picked her up and ran full ball. Losing everything behind the joy of running.
   Braking out into the midnight light Cray took a deep breath before putting Rebecca down to find something to barricade the door, making it harder for them to get out. At least that way they would have a little time to get away.
   “You know they won’t stop looking for us. And I mean us; we killed too many of them not to want vengeance.”
   He smiled down at her, looking like he couldn’t wait for it to begin. “Guess that means we should hold up somewhere together till the heat dies down.”
   Rebecca’s body turned to flames, “And I know just the place for that.”
   “Where ever you lead I shall follow.” And off they went into the night.

The story, characters & incidents mentioned in this publication are entirely fictional