Saturday, 30 July 2011

Ending July

Hey everyone, hows your week been?
Mine? Stella, honestly we have been having the nicest weather here at the moment, temps up at like 13˚C sun out and hot, very little if any wind. it’s been beautiful actually.
Okay so this was a big one, and only because I really wanted to squeeze them all in before the end of the month, since I’m banning myself from everything—the book I really want to read, or maybe it’s two of them. This page, facebook, anything really to do with the internet. Others blogs that I’m still telling myself to subscribe to’s all money, too big an issue with me at the moment, I hate it. but what I hate most is the fact that I haven’t finished my f-ing book, and I’m upset with myself, disappointed to the max and now I need to be punished. hence no internet for anything but paying bills until I finish the first draft of my book, 100 pages, honestly with all that’s in my head I could probably do it in a week, since I have the end back to a way that I originally wanted it. since somewhere in the writing I got this dilusion that I might make the book a trilogy, but that’s not the point of this story, it’s really not and I’m under the belief that I haven’t written because I didn’t like where I was heading and I needed myself to finish the book the way it was always meant to be finished. And that was as one frigin book. One! So I’m grounding myself the only way I can (and since I was never grounded as a teen, I have no real understanding of it) and that’s to take away what I procrastinate with the most. The internet. It’s also going to piss my partner off ‘cause I’ll be hoggin the computer again, but he’ll live and there are time he can use it. maybe.
     But still I’m really angry with myself and I’m going to finish this draft of the book.

Anywho, I posted a short story for you all, it’s the story of July, and yeah, I know, cutting it close but hay I wasn’t really planning on doing one, but thought... why not. So there it is, and crap as well. Honestly none will be all that good anyway, there like ten pages or so and they are written in like one maybe two goes depending on whether I had originally started the story.  

Thanks for your time. Till sometime next month. Laters

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