Tuesday, 26 July 2011

please I need some help!

Hay there people who are, or are not reading this, how are you all?
Me? tired, I’m so tired that I spent like an hour writing a huge scene in my book—though it was mostly about the first view of the place—and got to the end, started to re-read it and remember that it wasn’t what the place looked like, I f**ked up big time, and then had to spend the time doing the right one, though it wasn’t all that bad being that bad because I could actually see it again, rather than writing from...where ever the hell I go to write places. The bad about seeing the view rather than just remember what I wanted it to look like? I end up going into too much detail, spend to much time there and have to delete a lot of text. Though I do feel that I had to rush writing it the second time so I feel I haven’t done that bad a job. Anyway, so now I’m up to the people coming to take them underground, yeah, the part I have been looking forward to since I finished writing the fairy part.
  and....none of you really care about my ramblings, if you even care for this.
  anywho, so its night, 9˚C outside my house, and it feels it, even though today was quite nice for its crappy cold temp. So with the fire on the house got quite hot.
  And now to my point of this post

I NEED HELP! I’ve been writing my adult’s novel on top of my YA one (‘cause that’s what I do, not finishing one) and it’s come to my attention—and not for the first time, but it’s come to a point that I have to do something about it.
  I’m not good with fashion and I need to know something about it, styles, labels, all that crap so that my female characters can actually have some sort of fashion sense, and this should have taken me a little to find out, but no, the female in the second book, and one in this first book, needs to have some sort of fashion sense, and yeah...
  The sad thing is that I could read all the books and I still don’t think it would help any. But anyway... please someone help me!

So what I really need to know is labels, things that females and males would wear. Mostly the labels that you would even like me to use, I don’t care, but I need to be able to see what they’re wearing, so if you could just tell me a few labels and such so that I can than go look then up. Since when I write I describe what they look like more than labels, but when I’m in the person who knows than labels are going to have to get me somewhere.
  Need suits, for men and woman.
  Need plan cloths for ladies
  Need dresses and evening wear
  That sort of crap and I need it in dress for dummies style... yeah, I’m pathetic but I’ve never had any fashion sense even when I read all those girls mags as a teen, I just can’t wrap my head around it, can’t dress myself in anything but what I wear. And yeah... my characters can’t all dress like slobs.
  So please, anyone out there HELP ME!!!!!
                        Please, please, please, please, I will love you forever and ever and ever.

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