Friday, 8 July 2011

Book Reviewing

This post is all about telling you how I'm going to be reviewing my books, 'cause it's what you need to know, maybe, maybe not. but I'll tell you anyway. 

So.. it's a easy process really, I'll get a pic of the book, so you can see what it is (mostly the pic will show the cover of what I'm looking at in the flesh, if not than it will be the first cover the book was published in)
    then comes the important info. though I'll tell you know, if it's wring you will have to tell me, cause I'm going off the info I can find and what I think along with the book in hand, and since I'm Australian I get a few of the book like months later, especially if they aren't popular yet. but I try my best to get it all right, if not there will always be a '?' so that you will know it's my thoughts not the truth. 

Next is the summary/synopsis which is what's written on the back of the book, or if there isn't all that much infor and I now there is on the hardback then I will look up the long summary too for you. its clearly marked so you know they aren't what I'm reading, or where it's coming from. 

Then the review. 
   I review things off the heart, strait out of reading it the first time and I wont tell you what in the book, the page to page shit, the plot and twists, or any of that I actually hate that about some reviews, ecpecally if the summary had enough information in it to tell you what's actually going on. sometimes I find that it doesn't and in those part I will tell you, but again you will know why I'm telling. or if, say the book bored the crap out of me because of the plot or anything really, but it's written in a way that I hope you will understand.
    I will review everything I read even if I don't like it, but I will spin it in a way that isn't bagging the book, I hate people that do that, but more I will tell you why I didn't like the book, why I though that and who I believe will like the book I haven't, because I feel its important to know what everyones veiws before you decided if you want the book or not.
    I will also have been reviewing my books for awhile though no one but me has seen them, and so when I put on up that I read a while back it will be clearly labled that this is what it is. and that

Last is what else is in the series, the ones that is coming up next (the next to be published) and whats before this in the series and what's after. I will also - if it's important, or noteworthy - tell you what other series/books the author has out so that you can look them up. 

Anyway it's basic and I know that, there isn't anything in my reviews that isn't in others, since I took all my thoughts and ideas off there reviews to make mine better.

Also when I feel as if a book needs it I will have my favourite lines in it. this will most likely only happen with the romaances because... well, they have the best one liners in it. ones that squeeze your heart even if you haven't read the book. I give them to you because I think not only is the line a great one, but it also shows you guys what I like in a book, and so maybe if your the same the reviews will become something more...

so that's what my reviews will be like, it's not that hard if you have a look you've got the concept. but it's here are a look in my brain while I'm reviewing and maybe it will help with you enjoyment of reading them.