Thursday, 7 July 2011

It all starts with ME

I want to be an author!

  Hi there, I'm Bronwyn Heeley, and I want to write books for all you out there to read. I want them to make your hate characters, love them, want to be them, thank your lucky stars you aren't.
  Books are great and as much as I love to read them I love writing them more.
  So I'm 25yrs old. Old in a way that I'm no longer young. Young in a way that lets me see the world in new eyes. But it's also where I a lot of my problems lie. As I see it, life is about experience. But then when you’re writing you experience things you couldn't even in the real world.
  But I have been lucky in life, only one death in my family, and I wasn't all that close. Two children—young that I wouldn't have... yeah, I have two children, wonders of my life and all that other bull parents are suppose to crap on about. But no matter what I love them, even when they drive me up the wall.
  I have people that love me, family that support me no matter what i wish to do.
  Friends I have loved but now hate, but then you know its love when you hate them with as much passion as I do now.
  um... it's a life that could be better (hell I’m 25, there's a lot to still wish for) but could be so much worse that I'm grateful that mine is like it is. 

  Okay, that’s about my life, sorta. And that’s all good, but not the only problems I have when I write. One being a learning difficulty that if it wasn’t for the fact that I can read thing normally, and that I have balance I would be considered dyslexic, as it is, only a difficulty. Hell, I’ve always been four years behind my peers, but that’s not really my problems, it’s mostly that words just... disappear from my brain. Frig I can look at a sign, know everything it says on it one minute, then look back at the thing and... nothing, couldn’t tell you what it said. It’s odd, but you learn to live with it. sorta.
  And I think that’s all ya gotta know. like really, like all authors, or at least I hope I’m not all that weird, I live in my brain, have completely different world inside there, and all those voice like to come out some way or another, which is why I write. And I always have, ever since I was... hell my parents said it was earlier than I remember but record wise—but what I still have, I have written dairies (journals, whatever the hell you want to call them) since I was twelve. And my first, in a book, was when I was twenty. And like I’m not talking about the pissy thing you get teenage girls to write in that have locks and all that shit, I have A4 size book, text book style, like what you clip into a folder, and they all have 200 pages and I went through one of those in like six months, sometimes less. I have like 26 of those books. I use to write just to be writing something cause I was bored out of my mind, sometimes it was the more... normal way, you know cause you have to get it off your chest so that you can go to sleep, or someone told ya a secret and you weren’t allowed to tell anyone. Or you had a secret that you didn’t want anyone else to now. That’s too, but a lot of the times, I would have pages and pages of me just thinking about crap and wanted to write.
  Which comes to this, yeah, I’m sorry but you will mostly have to skip if you’re getting bored, cause I can talk someone’s ear off, and that’s with my mouth opening and closing. This, however, I can write until you fall asleep, so even though, being that I am writing books, I have learnt to pull myself back a bit, but it’s still a lot of wishy washy shit that you probably don’t care all that much about, and me even less about telling you. I’ll write what I want to write and stuff you all.
  So that’s it, I think, and yet it’s not anything of me, the real me, but none of you will ever really care about that shit, so it’s all your getting (hehe)
  Anyway, I’m a little OCDish (but mostly with the books I write and the ones I read, everything else is a wash), and you’d think that would be a good thing when you’re a writer, and I guess it is in the way that I can write three books at one time and remember everything about what I have originally written and all that crap. But I’m also lazy as and that’s a bad thing. I procrastinate to a point that I know I’m doing it and still can’t stop myself—which is bad. I am trying though.

  So let’s talk my written work.

  I have already written three books, nearly four. Three of them have already gone through someone else reading them, and the fourth...well it’s not really suitable, but I’m a bitch and it really needed to come out, so I wrote the book, it’s more an 'my eyes only' thing, but still a book.
  Two of them, are from—well I’m calling it my series. They have a hundred A4 pages each, so they aren’t really all that long, and I find that they may not be all that good, but I like the series. It’s about vampires and werewolves and what happened when a werewolf had a child with a vampire, and how the hell a vampire could have children in the first place. But really the books are about the breed of children that came out of that cross breed (but hell they were both humans once, have lots of the same DNA, or I’m making them so, and so they could have had children).  
  This series that I am writing is called to me Teen-Hunt and I have the whole plot idea for it to have ten books, one being a information guide but it will be written... well very different from other I have read, more like them going to school and all that. You will learn about all the supernatural beings as well as all the characters as the book goes on, and yet it will be split enough that you can just go to a part to learn about it. Like an encyclopaedia only...  well it’s a long way coming since I still have two write all the books before that. and at the moment I am about a quarter of the way through book three, though I have the plot and all for that book, just need to write it. But others are in line before that. And I also have book four in nearly the same light, so yeah, that’s pretty good, and the people that have read those books (my Nan and mum (book one) and my cousin, say there alright. So yeah)
  These books I’m trying to make like romances, so each book is about another couple falling in love, and why that happens, the logic behind it and all that comes out in about book seven I think, I can’t remember when the fairies come in to play, and so it’s... yeah, this is getting too much into it. But it’s not the same person talking all the time. so that’s a little more interesting, since all the same characters will be in it for the whole series, and they will still have problems, but you get to view everything from different angles and I find writing that really fun.
  But at the moment, I’m waiting on my mum to have time away from her studies to be able to edit my book enough that I can move it to the next step, which will really be another lot of people reading them, people who actually like the genre that they are in. which is young adults paranormal romance, I think—hell it’s about vampires and all and love. so yeah.

  The third book is called ‘Life just sucks that way’, it’s have 61 A4 pages, so it’s more a novella than a book, but it’s the based on the first book I ever wrote, back when even I could tell how bad I was. Yeah horrid. Anyway, it’s also very like—or at least it has the same love feel to it as the first book of the series, because it’s the same book. Though this one I wrote and then changed it sorta to write the first one, but then I really wanted this book written and so... I did.
  It’s about a kid (male) that gets beaten up by his dad. Hospitalised and stuff to sometimes. And it’s all about him falling in love with the new chick. It’s fiction all the way. It’s... I don’t know, it’s about wanting life to end and then waking up to find that even though it still sucks there’s something worth getting up for. it’s a book that isn’t about fixing something, it’s more about what people go through, but crap lives and living threw it, getting yourself threw the year that are few in numbers but start to push you to what you’re going to be as an adult. There about living threw the hard times. Anyway my Nan liked this book a lot, she said—after reading it—that I had talent, and so... yeah, it’s a great thing, though you wouldn’t really know all that ‘cause you don’t know my Nan, but she’s not a woman that says something she doesn’t mean, and she’s not afraid of telling you what she wants too.
  Anyway, this book came out of my TragicTeen novella’s there are five of them in this collection of books, all with the idea behind them, just need me to get to them. But there not easy books to write, ‘cause there closer to home, no monsters and all that, they are harder to get in the head space without putting myself into a my depression.
  Oh, yeah I get them, but I’m pretty sure it’s hereditary, my dad’s sorta the same, and it’s a depression that eats at you for years letting you slow destroy your life until there isn’t anything in there worth living for. Other than a quick depression that’s more about life sucking at a particular moment and you thinking the only way to fix it is to end it. That’s a depression that can be gone as quickly as it came all you need to do is get someone to talk to, pick yourself up, dust off and start all over again. My depression (mine, I’m talking) is more like standing on the lead of a bridge. At the moment I look out over the water—yeah I’ve never really put my feet on the road behind me, but hell I’m happy enough to live, grow and love myself, but still I’m always fighting doubt so...) anyway, the further I start to get into my depression it’s like me leaning over, more and more of the water underneath can be seen and it’s when I splash that I’ll be in killing myself stage, and it’s not cause life’s hard it’s just that dying will stop my mind. Anyhow, if you follow my blogs you might actually see it and defiantly when I do. The worse is that I have to pull myself out of the depression like I go into it, which sucks, but now that I see things quicker I never have that far to pull myself back from.
  So it’s a reason that it’s hard to write about the books, maybe ‘cause I have that part of it that all the characters have, but for some reason I have something to prove, and I can’t for the life of me figure out who the hell it’s for. So it must be me. and I would really like to write these books, so that they are there, and you—if your life sucks—can have something to look forward to, ‘cause they aren’t about fixing like, but living threw it. 

  So the fourth book, yeah were not going there are we. I forgot.

  At the moment I’m in the middle of writing three books, it was only meant to be two, but the third one has actually been there for a long time and well... anyway.

  The first is a young adult book, it’s like... it’s another world and about... hell, it’s my Peter Pan, the book I loved as a kid, only the only thing that it actually has in common with it now that I’m starting to write it is that the groups are all there, sorta, and it’s in a different world. I just couldn’t seem to find it in me to be able to write like that, so it changed. It’s also about fairies—actually more so about them—that stole humans and brought then to their world to dance, well this is about groups that escaped that but still ended up living in the world. It’s more so about a girl who can control all the elements around her.
  Okay, so I’m describing this book really badly. There are two things in it that you should know that it’s about five groups of beings, fairies, humans, merpeople, sorta. Anyway each group holds an element and the girl that came holds them all. But it hasn’t been determined as to if it’s a good thing or a bad thing yet.
  So I’m up to pages 40 something A4 which is great, I’m only like a quarter of the way threw and all, anyway, I’m writing this one in the fullish present (like they say, say inside of said, and a lot of the time it’s what’s first thought—kind of like how Divergent is written—which is weird cause I don’t particularly like reading books written that way, but that whole need to prove something ticked in and walla, I wrote in that style) 

  The second one is an adults novel, that’s paranormal romance, it’s going to start as a trilogy but will work its way into an infinity of books—though that’s more about people wanting to read them than anything else. so it’s a harder book to write, or maybe it was just harder to find the rhythm of the book and the idea that came around for them, ‘cause to write a trilogy you need to have the idea for the trilogy, as well as for each individual book, and so that’s done for me I can actually write them, ‘cause all that’s really left so the characters and, for me, they come when I put them on paper I can’t make them up before hand, only have ruff ideas, they don’t seem to like some of the things I want to give them. And there back story is always a surprise to me. which is fun.
  Anyway, that book I have only gotten about 15 A4 pages into it, and I am finding it harder than any of my other books to write. Seriously I was watching a Q&A with Sherrilyn Kenyon and someone asked her about advice if you wanted to write a romance novel and she told them to not to—though there was a slight joke to her words, it was still true, she said that it was difficult and I thought only in getting them published or something at the time. But know, it’s actually difficult to write them. Maybe ‘cause I’m not... well romantic, seriously, my idea of going out to a restaurant is Macca’s and I would actually be annoyed if someone tried to take me to something other than that. Really, why spend all that money. But it’s also the sex in it, the consent need for the other, the questions, the understanding, and then if you stupid enough to want to put a paranormal twist to it all, there’s that that has to make sense, the back stories the story of the time, the... the... all and everything, it’s actually really hard, and I have so much respect for all those out there that can do it, even more for the ones that do it well.
  But I have the idea, on top of the idea, on top of the trilogy plot, and the characters are happy, their stories are happy, and so all there is to things is to write it. Which is actually easier than a lot, like the whole needing to fill the book, ‘cause I’m writing it in third party, so more than one character can have it’s say. Also in most of these types of books, they have liked three of four people talking so that fills it. but my goal at this point is to write the first two main characters story, see how many pages that’s got in it before I put others in there as well. though from the start there is one character that might get a voice, though it will be a little tricky since if they do, I won’t want you to really know who it is until the third book, since if it’s in one of them, I’m going to put it in both, though the character isn’t evil, just... well, really if you read the first one, and actually remember—pay attention, if you will, than you would know who this unidentified character is.
  So that series, is from my Warriors Brethren series, it’s in my Otherworld collection, all the same place, people, and well... world. I have the idea for two series, one (this one) another that has five books planned for it and a trilogy.
  Yeah no matter what I seem to have more ideas than I do time, and so I have ideas for like 30 something books, and they are all full plotted, or enough to have a good chapter or two already written in them. And are on the list to be written. And they are app something to do with paranormal shit, some are young adults some adults, and some are in the middle, a link between teens and adulthood. Kinda like the book your read when you’re a little too old for young adults but not old enough yet for adults. 

  Anyway who cares?

  The third book that I’m writing in about monsters in the world, so... yeah, like a lot of others, it’s a adults book, and it’s about bounty hunters, or monster bounty hunters hunting down monster. So it’s about blood, sex and creatures that should never have been. I am like 40 pages into this one, it’s written in first party, and we are still only at the beginning. But it’s a book that will only go places if.... well who knows, it’s not very original, but then again a lot of my books ideas aren’t.
  So that’s a start to knowing me and what’s to come, I’m going to keep this blog as... well, anyway, I’m going to write about the books I’m writing, not giving crap away but still. I’m going to tell you about the steps in them, the... well you’ll see. but I am going to try and get something of mine published, even if it takes years and you guys will be there (if you are or not) threw it all. it’s going to happen, and maybe with my help—even if I go know where—you might find what you need to write a book, and what not to do, what to do and all that.
  But I have six months before I will be going to my first summer course on writing books, and I also—next year—have to start thinking about my life, and unfortunately I don’t think I can sit around and hope that this will be enough, so I need to finish as many books as I can this year—at leat get them to a point that there nearly written, that fixing them up is the next step before someone else reads them. since that’s easier than writing the hole book first time round, even if you have to re-write half the book, it’s still a hell of a lot easier than first write. 

  So enjoy your life, and this day. Till next time, I’ll be writing. 

  Oh, and one more thing. I normally always am reading a book while I write especially when I’m not really sure what I’m writing, or I’ve not got the part of the book flowing out of my head faster than my fingers can type. Which is really saying that when I post something I will most likely reading a book as well—some to help get me in  the mood to write, some ‘cause...hell I just like reading. I’m the type of person that can read a book to death and then keep on reading—hell I’ve already had to replace a book ‘cause I read it to a point that it all fell apart on me. And so the books that are there will be ones I’ve real before. But I thought you should know, ‘cause it’s what I will tell you at the beginning of each blog, maybe. It will be in there somewhere.
  So over the last couple of days—maybe this hole week, I’m been reading a book of this particular series. Anyway, today’s book: Bullet by Laurell K. Hamilton. It’s the nineteenth book in her Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, series. A series that I love by the way, so great, it’s an adults novel, and a little hard core, maybe, at least it shouldn’t be your first adults novel to pick up, start off a little lighter. But it’s a great series.

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