Friday, 8 July 2011

Inner Peace

Hay there all... how was your days today?
Mine? Cold, but at least the sun was out and the wind has stopped, seriously, worst couple of days with the wind kicking up, and tearing down everything that it felt like, power went out of an hour or two the other day, but that wasn’t as bad as further up the mountains, and being that it’s been like 0 degrees during the day here, and drops chronically when it’s dark, no power would have sucked for all that had it. me and my house were alright though it was still cold (even with the fire on) and the telly decided it wasn’t going to give great reception so we were stuck on analogue which only gave us the main four channels, that sucked. But like I said, at least we still had power.
But so not the reason I’m writing today.

Anywho... it’s school holidays, two weeks of my son not going to preschool (though next week there isn’t even family daycares, so I’ve got them all day every day! yeah, can’t wait! She says sarcastically). But today it was just me and my son, so like all times when it’s just us, we went to the movies (much easier to pay for the two tickets than only one).
  So we went and saw Kung Fu Panda 2, which wasn’t all that bad, and I must say the only movie that I like Jack Black in (can’t stand him otherwise).
  And so it was like all other movies, kids or otherwise—there’s a bad guy, he has a crappy past, then wants to take over the world, and like always the good concur over evil. yadda yadda, it’s more about the lines and the characters than to actual plot that you go and see these movies for. Really like why you read books, and all that. It’s really all the same crap just said differently. And like if you were a fan of the first one, than the second one wouldn’t be all that bad to read. More like the next step.
  Which, funny enough, is why I’m writing this
  So the Panda’s storyline—you know, other than win—was to find his inner peace, you know the thing that lets you become one with the world. But is that really true? Is inner peace something that helps us connect to the world? I know that it’s defiantly about finding out who you are and being good with that. Loving who you are and all that crap, but then what? how do you know that you have inner peace, and is it something that comes from struggles, from hardships? But I don’t really think so, ‘cause why do you have to go through something like that in order to find yourself, to be happy with yourself.
   Is it when you can think about who you are and wish nothing about you needs changing? If that was the case, than I’m there, it’s not that I don’t have down times, but there isn’t anything on by body that I would truly change. Yeah there are times when I think... ‘I wish my boobs where were they were before,’ but I don’t practically want to change them, it’s not like a good bra can’t lift them up.
  Is it about you mind? About the person you are? The personality you have? ‘cause I’ll say again, I like who I am, my mind, I like the fact that I will say anything on my mind, to anyone around me. I like my bitch. Hell, I like the fact that I hold grudges, that I hate with passion. that I laugh at anything, ‘cause laughing at something not even a two year old would find funny is who I am, it’s something I’ve always been. Like really, I like the fact that I wear my emotions on my sleeves, but my history, the things that are truly me never really come out.
  I like who I am. I like that fact that I’m a Gemini when no one else around me likes them, and I fight anyone that says something bad about how we change moods too quickly. Hell, doesn’t every woman. But I understand what they are truly saying, I just like conflict and misunderstanding people lets you have small amounts of it. Also being passionate about a point you know is wrong, and the other wants you to know it with a passion as high as yours, fun!.
  So have I found my inner peace, I’m happy living, though I haven’t truly found out what I am in the world. I’m okay with what I have, and I’m moving to get what I want.
  Like I don’t really believe that I have it, not in any way, there are way too much about me that isn’t perfect, and then again, maybe for me it is.
  But I like who I am, even if others around thinks it’s not a great way to live, that I shouldn’t... yeah, there are lots of things about me that others would change. Like I care, really, why can’t they just like me for me? I am not Mother Teresa not will I ever be, hell I don’t want to be. Why would anyone? Perfections in the eyes of those around us that want a world that has never been and never will be perfect. Selfishness, greed, jealousy are what they are, and if everyone was the same, what kind of world would we live in?
  A boring one, that’s what it would be. There would be nothing but a day to day of the same thing with the same people at the same time, and place, we would be less than animals in a sense of going on with our business. But how it is now, there are interesting things around us; you aren’t sure what’s going to happen with anyone you know. There’s worry yeah, and tragedy but there’s also adventure and passion.
  And there’s always something new.

One last thing. I also got two new books today, though it’s not that... nah, when I read them I’ll do a review, like I will with all the books that I mention in any blog that I write. I’m always reading something different, and yet it’s still the same. And at least that way, you guys can have something new to read. You can know what I like, the books, and all that and I’m sure eventually you will have all of them in this for you to see (just search reviews and there they’ll be).
  Anyway so one book is from a series I have been slowly reading it’s No Rest for the Wicked by Kresley Cole, it’s from her Immortal After Dark series, and an Adults novel—hell they both are. The second in Fever by Christine Feehan, it’s a novella and her first book in one. So I’ll most likely read them in the next week or so and have them for you soon.

Thanks for your time; it actually means a lot to me. Until next time, keep living and dreaming.

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