Sunday, 17 July 2011

Nothing Special

So it’s been a while since I have put in a post and well... I thought maybe it was time for something more.
  Anyway, how are you all doing?
  Me? Cold. Really, we ran out of wood, couldn’t get any from anyone and so the house froze out, and even though we have it, now, all the crap is wet, and do you know how hard it is to light wet wood, and then the house itself has to heat up. Anyway, you don’t care at all, do you? It’s like 7˚ (see cold) and it’s overcast, wet, raining, just crappy, really. But hey, apparently there’s a heat wave rolling round the world, fingers cross we get it, since we haven’t had a decent summer in years.
  But on the up note, like really up note, I’m going to go see Harry Potter part two. So excited. It’s the last one, and I’m going to see it. Supper siked. Really bouncing on the walls and all that, can’t sleep, that’s how excited I am.
  So, I haven’t really done all that much in my books. A page or two on my YA book, so nothing really, and I’m pissed at myself for it. Really I’m up to the part that I’ve been wishing to get to.  And every time I put my fingers on the keys, I only get a line or two, and that’s nothing, I need to write it.
  I have re-stared book, and that’s added a new character who fit into it so nicely that I can’t believe he wasn’t there before, and as given me the love in book three. So I re-wrote about four pages in that, as well as a lot of pasting, and cutting, and fixing. So it’s not gone any further but its better and the flow, the characters it’s much better. Much more realistic—at least to me, since I know the characters and enough of their history to start it all up, and the way it ass before... yeah, it just wasn’t working.
  The novella for this has another page or two of text. And today, since I have been up really, I have been writing the last part of book 3 in my teen-hunt series, I had a great view of it, like a waking dream of how it ended and so I did, and am still doing that. Hopefully by tonight I’ll have the whole end half done, and then it’s all about getting from where I finished in the start and where I’ve ended it, and hoping it’s got all the pages I want it to have.
  Oh and I’m working on my short story, it was meant to be done in one day but I’m arguing with myself whether I want the monthly short stories I’m writing to be a series of them, all in the same light, the same people, or if I just want to write and see what happens. And it’s harder than you think to write a short story when you’re so use to trying to write long ones.
  Anyway, I have actually been writing, and waiting for both Sept to come (lots of book I want coming out then) and tomorrow for Harry Potter.
  Till next time, I’ll be on this end, you’ll be on yours.
  Oh, and thanks Jeff for becoming a member of me. really appreciate it. you have no idea but it means a lot, so thanks, thanks, thanks

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