Sunday, 17 July 2011

an unfactly fact

Apparently Sherrilyn Kenyon was right when she answered the question: ‘what advice would you give someone who wants to write a romance novel?’ she said, ‘don’t”. Yeah she laughed and told them some real advice, but that one word stuck in my mind—but apparently I didn’t listen.
  And she was so right. It’s a lot harder to write a romance novel than anyone gives credit for. I’m trying to and I believe I will get there, I think....(always) that I have a good story line, great characters, and I can write a page or two of steamy se, but it’s so hard to know what’s needed in it. Should it only be a thought? Should this be said out loud? When is it okay for them to be mussy?—but that’s more a characters move than anything else. But it’s a difficult job, especially if you put it in context with writing—let’s say a YA novel (since I’m trying to write both) I can write up to four pages in a YA book in the same time I write one in a adults romance. Hell, I have a book that I have been working on since the beginning, I’ve already wrote about 50pp if not more and that’s only the beginning, and the only reason I haven’t finished it is because I needed something for it that it just didn’t have and while I was thinking other stories came and had to be on paper.
  But that’s beside the point, and why did I even feel the need to explain myself—hell I suck. Anyway the point is that it’s an adults book, there’s a sex scene there, done, as easy as that, hell the whole book is just that easy, but I... again, don’t need to explain.
  It’s the whole romance novel thing that makes it hard, the having to put in love, sex, passion, want, need and a question that dives you mad until you forgot it’s even there. then you have to (at least paranormal ones) the story line, which has to be interesting, intriguing, get’s you sitting on the edge of your seat until the end, and that’s if you’re making it a onetime story, making a trilogy out of one story line makes you than have to figure out where things need saying, it what book, at what time, in what realm. And the magic—shit, the magic.
  But that’s what I’m struggling with, or at least the crap that I have to keep in mind the whole time.
  Not that any of this shit is really what I’m writing about. My point, if I really have one, is that you should really admire anyone out there that writes romance novels of any type—though I think more the real ones since they don’t get to play with monsters, and so you have to stick with reality. Not that I can say for sure I have never really read one, not my cup of tea, I like monsters with my sex. But maybe I should, call it research or some shit. But I unless someone has any they wouldn’t mind me borrowing, than it’s never going to happen.
  Anyway, that’s all folks. Keep dreaming and the rest will follow.

Oh, and yeah, since it’s something I’ve done since the first post, I should do it know. It’s overcast outside my window, and though it seems bright out there, the house needs lights on so you can really see anything. The temp out there is 8˚C and you can really tell. Inside I’m snugly warm, the kids are wrestling, and I’m sure one will cry hurt in a... yep, there it goes.
  Only four more days to go, day five there back at school. Yeah!! And yeah, that’s all, I think, back to making myself write a book, though I haven’t decided which one, but it’s swing more towards ‘Body of Darkness’ my adults novel I’m doing know. And things are—at the moment—running smoothly, if a little slow for what I wish, but then that’s why I wrote this.

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