Saturday, 16 July 2011

Quick Words, if that's possible from me;)

Hay there everyone how are you all today?
  Me? Like always I’m being lazy and writing on this rather than on the books that I’m working one, which has been added to since last we spoke.
  Anyway, it’s 6˚C and dark outside. Even though it’s only been a short time since I last put anything on this, but I decided since there’s something I wanted to talk about I would do it know, because I’m not sure how my internet will be going threw the week (changing services), and yeah, I want to get this to you, so I may as well now rather than wait until mid next week. Not that it’s all that interesting but hay; there isn’t much I talk about that is.  
  I’m still reading Fever, seems I like the book better than I thought. though really, I haven’t had anything new in awhile and it’s the one that’s stuck (oh, yeah, and if I haven’t mentioned it yet, I read books to death, like literally sometimes—I had to get a new copy of Lover Mine)
And now to the books, you see I thought that I might be nice and write a short story to put on this, my thoughts were that I would make it a regular thing, short stories of nothing, or ones that go with the books that I’m writing one. and so I tried, and it turns out the story I had in mind doesn’t want to be a short story and so now I’m writing a novella, and I think that’s too long a story to put on this, I really just want short stories, a couple of pages and that’s it, but a novella has to—or at least I won’t it to have something like 50-60 A4 pages. That’s too long.
  But still I’m going to try my best—no actually, stuff me; I’m going to write you all a story to read, once a month, it just might not start this month, lol. I might do it, like, the first week of the month or something. So that gives me a week and the rest of this one and then I’ll pick a day to put it in. it also means that I can sensor my stories, the one I was going to write was actually a—is a prequel to the adults novel I’m writing and so it would have had context not suitable for young people, but now I can... actually you can just see when I do it, it’s not something I’m going to guarantee, story’s are story’s and I write what it gives me, for better or worse.

So as you can guess I haven’t really done all that much on my books. My YA novel is still hitting it around 50pp but I’m hoping to do a hole part of that tomorrow and Monday, we’ll see how things on the other book go, but I’m up to a new part and it’s in my mind and all that so it needs to be put on paper. And that will end up being like another 20-30pp ‘cause that’s the point and it needs to have that many. That book is more worked out than the rest, I have worked that book out to parts and how many pages have to go in it, what information needs put there to and... you don’t really care about all that crap. Anywho, it’s all about writing it with me on that book, and I find that a little boring so it’s all about making myself do it. And also because of the style that I’m writing it, yeah, it’s complex.
  Tonight and for the last couple of days, I’ve been writing Body of Darkness, which is the name for book one (or two) in my series, I was doing sorta well, though I’m only up to like page 22 or something, and I’m writing the prequel along with it, that one’s only got like 10 pages, but I actually only started that one tonight and it only had like one to begin me off with, so I’m doing very well, I think.

So that’s it, I guess, can’t really think of anything else I wanted to talk about. But that. so look forward for when that happens, it will most likely be the next thing I put on here, ‘cause I’m making myself be good, I only have two weeks to finish at least one of my books, though it doesn’t look all that promising I’ll have to get my act together and write.
  Have a good one. keep up the good times and I’ll stay true to mine!

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