Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Typical Day

Hay there readers... how are you this bright and sunny day? Or at least it’s sunny here, only you know what’s going where you live.
  This sit down has started at 1pmish, and like I said, outside its sunny, a slight breeze is shifting the branches around, but my backyard is sheltered enough that the leaves (or the ones I can see) aren’t actually getting any attention. It’s 2˚C outside, but I’m snugly warm inside with the fire and the sun as it starts to sink, yeah, winter is great that way.
  More importantly I have the young adult’s book stilling on one of my screens, it’s scrolled down to the last bit, the bit that I am going to read so that I can get back in the swing of the writing style I am writting in, also get me back into the characters mind set. It’s information on the other screen waiting for me to use, or add, depending on the way it is.
  In my sight but out of the way is Fever by Christine Feehan, my reward for getting past the next part in my book, but that part may take me the day or two, depending on how much I can get myself into the writing. Fresh in my mind is Volume Three of the Night world by L. J. Smith, not many people like her books, too young or something, but I love them, like everything about them, the style there written in, the love that comes so suddenly and the chaseness that she pulls off where a lot of others can’t.

And so I get started... ... ... ... it’s a little like that. mostly ‘cause I know too much about this book, how it’s going to go, where it’s going, what I want in each part, and so it’s not that interesting for me, more just having to write it, and so the procrastinating begins like always. But I have to suck it up. Have to sit here and write, like really, if I want to be an author I have to be able to finish the books in the time that I set for myself, I have to finish them. And I have given myself to the end of the month to get this one to a point where others can read it. And being that I have like 100 more pages to write, and then two pre-reads, both fixing, one a lot more than the other. So three weeks. I must get moving.
  I put on music maybe that will help, normally does. I'm listening to one of my playlists: the Jezabels, Tegan & Sara, Washington, Little Red and the John Butler Trio. It’s better than listening to Monster Garage that my partner has just put on Mate (yeah, the computers is in the dining room, which is off the lounge  room, but at least this way I can type as well as watch the kids.)
  I write, word after word, sentece after sentance. whose said what, what's been said...
2pm. Yet another distraction—children, they want to play, want you to get them food, want, want, want. 
2:25pm. Lip balm
2:30pm—an hour into writing and I’m already having to tell myself that I can’t pick up the book and read it. See I’m pathetic when it comes to all this crap, and it’s not... well I’m actually into the book, writing like there isn’t a problem. It’s more that it’s to plan out for my liking. I'm a 'write it like you read it', kind of person, fix what needs fixing to get it to make sense when I’m finished my first write.
  By the by this will only happy this once. I’m just letting you see a semi normal day in the life of my writing so you can sort understand in later parts about what I’m talking about with... everything.
2:40pm. Change a child’s bum (yeah my girl hasn’t been toilet trained yet, for some reason she’s scared of the toilet. But that’s changing next week, she’s gotta learn and it’s the week to do it, there both on holidays.) Only took a min or two, and now I’m back to writing.
  Found another distraction. This one doing... yeah. 2:50pm to (there was a slight complication but still took up 5-10 mins) 3:43pm, back at the writing the book.
It’s 4:16pm and this time I’m off to get the kids bathed and then dinner, or at least work out all the above. It’s not something that great but still needs to be done and I’m the one that is going to do it.

So as it is I have written three A4 pages, which you may not seem as much, but when you’re writing a book that’s actually a bit, I think (hell, no it’s still crap, but it’s not the end of my day of writing, just the end of this blog and my showing you a little bit of insight. Air Force One in on tonight, it starts at like 8:30pm I think and I will write until that is finished ‘cause I like the movie, in a if it’s on telly kinda way.

Until next time; write, dream and just enjoy life.

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