Thursday 29 March 2012

Book Chat: Series or Trilogies in Full # 1

 Where I talk about a series or trilogy as a full rather than individually

Prod dets
Series: Twilight
Individual books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Braking Dawn
Pub between:  2005—2008 USA, Little, Brown and Company
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Genre: paranormal romance
How many I read: all
Link to review(s): click
Age Range: YA                                                 

     First book
When Isabella Swan moves to the gloomy town of Forks and meets the mysterious, alluring Edward Cullen, her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. With his porcelain skin, golden eyes, mesmerizing voice, and supernatural gifts, Edward is both irresistible and impenetrable. Up until now, he has managed to keep his true identity hidden, but Bella is determined to uncover his dark secret.
What Bella doesn’t realize is that the closer she gets to him, the more she is putting herself and those around her at risk. And it might be too late to turn back...

Individual books
You want to know, click it above, because I’ve done a review on what I thought of all the books.
Though put it simply:
book 1—okay, but she spoke as if she was an old lady (really do adults even talk like that anymore) with the mortality and personality of a 12 year old I’d never want to meet. Cross with all those friends of yours that hook up with 30 year old wife beaters and you got yourself a main character—really, I’ve often wondered what her husband must be like to have that subtle way of Edward being a overbearing abusive partner.
Book 2—sucked balls, man I was a torturous book to read, really, and even when it was starting to get a little interesting, good even, she heads off to save a person that, well, was he really worth saving in the first place.
Though I did think she did a great job at writing this book, better than anything I ever read when it came to depressant over love, really, that complete dive into ruining herself. Though it was still Bella, and really, that whole 12 year old come to mind again.
Book 3—I think made it back to the first book stranded, it didn’t really seem to be anything, other than him admitting he couldn’t be without her, even though he already done that. Oh, but wait, she grew some sort of age gap in the time, because sex was on her mind and manipulation to getting both played too much in their relationship. But still, even while she was manipulating him, she couldn’t see that he’d been doing that to her from the start? Really?!
Book 4—well....this one. Again I thought the whole depressant thing with Edward was done really well, so we kinda know that the author is well inapt with the near death suicide thoughts that never quite have a thought of knotting. The part with Jacob, and his wolves made a nice brake though I did find that once she went into his head it became clear that he was the only one in the threesome that had any adult thoughts. Though his mating with her baby? weird, and that’s before you take things out of context. Really people (and this is actually shit that I’ve read) you need to remember book 2 in order to get that, it was actually the only things out of the whole series that I found completely interesting, the wolf idea and there growing again when there females want them too.
Her changing and I mean the moments of her eyes opening and looking in the mirror were cool, but then she just became herself again. Honestly I was hoping for a little bit of bloodlust, but instead she has to be annoying and perfect in that way too.

So there’s the recap, if you want a nicer twist on the whole thing read my review, I’ve put them all together because...well, who was really going to read it.

The series plot
Love, loss and a baby, it’s like a romance wait, forgetting the graphic sex scenes and it is the elements of a romance, though all four books would have to been made one, but, it’s what it is.

To be honest, even with her over stating that each book was her rewrite of another book, and when I actually heard her say this once, she sounded like she was the first person to ever put that together, really, all the books are that overly done that you just can’t tell, or maybe it’s more that you push that shit aside.
Sorry, getting a little off topic, maybe today wasn’t the best time for me to sit down and write this out (maybe I just really need to have this bit of bitch, even though I’m still being extremely nice).
So aside for the fact that each book is actually the rewrite of another much more famous book, or is it now?
Aside from all that, I actually found that following the story line was easy, and uncomplicated, which made it more enjoyable, I think—there’s nothing worse than having to have indebt thoughts about the previous book (if not having to actually read it again) to keep up with a full series story line.

First of all it was about love that shouldn’t have happened, even though it’s pretty much always happening with vampires, it’s one of the two main reasons that vampires are made—at least that’s the picture she was putting in place, even though I don’t think she really was.
It was also about the vampire council and there need to eliminate the Cullen family.
Or was I the only one that saw that?
From book 2 to 4 that’s what it was about. Though obviously book three came with something that was more tied to book one but in the end it had the council, and well, isn’t the last book, the one that set the rest of the story and series off, wasn’t that main point what was really meant?
It’s what I got out of it all. And I could be wrong, but it’s who I saw it, you know, after you get over the love triangle part that just had to be settled in a soul mate line of shit.

I feel a little sad to say this but I actually thought she pulled off the series well, I think that everything, all the books went in the same direction that all the vital information and clues for the following books was put in well, so that we would see it without realising it was important and then when it became apparent, wella, we remembered and understood.
I think that even though Bella and Edward and hell, a few other characters annoyed the absolute crap out of me, the series. The way it was set, was well thought threw and executed.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I glad I read the series, honestly my life wouldn’t be any less fulfilled if I’d never read them. But I can’t honestly say that I hated them to a point that I wish I never read them.
Really, they were a series of books that I read completely, and they have stuck with me, they are also something that while reading, did annoy you, but it was little things over a long period of time and while I was initially reading I found that I could overlook most of them without too much difficulties. It was looking back at the bigger picture and the full ins and outs of what I was reading that I found it much more irritating.
This is not saying that Bella didn’t annoy the crap out of me the way she spoke, which badly clashed with the childish way she though. And that Edward didn’t rub me the wrong way a few time here and there (okay, a few may be a little understatement) and that Jacob’s obsession of someone who’s made it plainly obvious—even to him—that’s she’s an idiot that doesn’t like him, or will ever be with him, except maybe if Edward dies (so, yeah, for maybe being having a vampires sloppy seconds, yeah!!)

What was I saying again...?
Oh, yeah, I actually thought she did a good job (well enough) in pulling the series together, in making them all link and end with a bag that was coming from book 2 along with an ending that could still mean more was to come, as well as tying up everything that needs tying so that we would want more.

Fav book and/or part,
Honestly it’s been to long since I’ve read the series, or even many of the books that I can’t even being to think of an actually part that I liked above all others. But I know for a fact that there wasn’t a book.
Though if my arm was twisted and I’d have to make a chose, I’d probably say the first one.

Any whys
This series no long sits on my bookshelf, this is because, well, one it wouldn’t fit even if I wanted to keep it, but mostly my niece is 12 and is tweenly in love with the movies but hasn’t read the series, so I gave her mine so that she could.
This is along with some others I thought she may like, I could be wrong but there you have it...                     

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