Wednesday 28 March 2012

REVIEW, Incubus Dreams

The bride was a witch who solved preternatural crimes. The groom raised the dead and slew vampires for a living. It sounded like a Halloween joke, but it wasn’t. 

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Incubus Dreams
Series: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, book 12
Pub: 2003, Headline
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Cat: paranormal fiction
Format: paperback (mid); 518 pp w/ 62 chapters
Age Range: adult                                             

When I’m not up to my elbows in sacrificial gore, I’ve got serious preternatural issues to deal with. Psychotic shape-shifters, duplicitous vampires and sexually deviant were-leopards. And that’s just my friends. I’m Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter and Federal Marshall.

My life is more complicated than ever, caught up between obligations to the living and to the undead. Now there is a vampire serial killer preying on strippers. And I’ve been called in to help the police.


Back story: Jean Claude, Anita and Richard are in a triumvirate of power, which is rolled around with anger and lust.
Richard is in a self-destructive part of his life. Mostly where Anita is concerned.
Anita is an incubus; she needs sex to keep her power steady.

This one: this one is centred mostly (and I say this in a way that means the love life of her) around Nathaniel and his need for more of Anita than she thinks she willing to give him.
This is also the book of the one that got away.
A bunch of stripper lying dead and Anita is out to help hunt that. Really there isn’t much more about that I can say.

This is one of those book that has so much and yet absolutely nothing, I’m actually decided that I’m going to just tell you, because it’s all be out by next book, the information, at least this little bit is actually critical to the series plot, or at least Anita’s.
Her, Nathanial and Damian create what she and the other boys have which complicates a lot of shit where the power and her need for sex is concerned.
Nathanial bitches a lot, but everything he says is justifiable and more so it’s, well, natural and one of the realest thing in the whole book.
Um, strippers being murdered, a wedding and a friend who is trying to reconnect when all she seems to be getting is a slap of jealousy—and this is in a meaning that she’s the one that jealous of Anita’s life, not the other way around.
Anita bitch’s like the chick I wish she’d grow out of and we meet two very powerful boys who will become very close in the books, though it’s only a brief meeting in this one while she’s chasing the bad guys.

It’s one of those books that need to be read, if you’re in anyway thinking of not reading the whole series. It’s also the book that’s connect to Skin Trade and it’s best if you get to know it all threw this book, though it’s not essence because Hamilton has made it her mission that none of these books needs to be read before you pick up any of them, it’s why everything is so overly explained in them all, because how she’s thinking, it may be your first time reading it and you need to know what they look like (my words, as far as I know, she’s never actually said those words).

It’s a book that’s full of sex and to be honest I’m more than sure it’s got the most out there sex types of the series, so if you can stomach it then go one reading, nothing is going to be this bad again (as far as I know).
Ummm....that’s it I think.
Were in too deep of the series and I’m starting to fight with myself on what I should be saying and shouldn’t. Though I do try to keep all the important facts brief and at the start so you can skip it if you wish and I try not to have all those details in this part, but it’s become really hard. So I think I’m going to stop.

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