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REVIEW, The Assignment

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The Assignment
Series: the Assignment, book 1
Pub:  2006, Looseld
Author: Evangeline Anderson
Cat: erotic romance
Format: paperback (mid); 161pp w/ 18 chapters
Whose: Nicholas & Sean
Age Range: adult                                             

Detective Nicholas Valenti, tall, dark and stoic, has been best friends with his partner, Sean O’Brian for six years. The two men have seen each other through divorce, disaster and danger and saved each other’s asses more time than Valenti can count. Exactly when he started seeing his blond, intense partner in another light, Valenti isn’t really sure. He only knows that he wants O’Brian in a way that had nothing to do with friendship and everything to do with possession. It is a desire he will have to hide forever because O’Brian is undeniably straight.

Just as Valenti is coming to grips with his new, unacceptable, feelings for his partner, their police Captain puts them on a new case that could blow Valenti’s cover once and for all. he and O’Brian are going undercover at the country’s largest and more infamous gay resort to bust a notorious drug lord and stop the shipments of poison cocaine that are flooding the gay bars all over the city.

Now Valenti will have to make a choice between friendship and desire. He and O’Brian will play the roles of gay men that will push the limits of their relationship to the braking point. Will their time at the RamJack forge a new bond between them or destroy their partnership forever?

Quick questions? Are all her betta male characters tiny blond men?
Really, I’m not in any way saying that they are any less manly, then the other, but is it the point that they are small men, or is that just how she sees a perfect male/male couple to be?

Okay, so, this was the second book that I have read of hers, and it was one of those tales that actually tripped at your heart.
It’s about two best mates realising there’s something sexual in a relationship that was always tight. At least it’s understandable.
All set in the mind of Nick, Valenti, you go through his struggles with the fact that he’s figured out that he loved O’Brian, and then with what they were put together to do.
Both boys send mix messages in order not to push too far too fast, and more so putting feelings and fears out into the open.

The emotions and feelings between them as so intense you lose yourself with them, forgetting there’s actually an audience there too, but it’s not in a way that makes it like they’re just not there, it’s how caught up in the love between them that makes them, along with you, so absorbed that you just forget.
This isn’t saying that you don’t know why they are there, why this is happening, why they are there and what’s going to when they are finally free from the whole ordeal.

I really did enjoy this book, along with the story that came in the book, I’ll Be Hot For Christmas which was in O’Brian’s mind, it’s short and all about the insecurities of the other man and his unwillingness to open his mouth to a man that he should know doesn’t care.
I would also like to get my hands on the next two; I would like to know what happens threw the shorter story style of these books with these two men. The story, though lacked nothing was good enough it makes you crave more, even if it’s only a little. 

(Goodreads) "Publisher's Note: " The Assignment "and" I'll Be Hot for Christmas "are male-male love stories and contains homoerotic sex acts that may be offensive to some readers."

(29/4/12) a second read/review
I really like this book, though still I’m new at the whole m/m novels, even more so, the brotherly turn lovers type, so that might change if my reading of them does.
Anyway from the limited books I have read the reason that this one sticks out for me (and it does, big time) and gets me picking it up and reading it again. It’s that the little dude is actually the dominate in this relationship.  

It’s not fully shown when I first read it, wasn’t clear. Yeah I saw that, in your face, type personality but it wasn’t until I read it with old eyes that I really saw that O’Brian was the dominate in their relationship, though....
Yeah I might not be explaining it right but it’s got that ‘woman wearing the pants’ type relationship, if you look at the way they set up the two you’ll understand why that quote works.

This is shown more, and probably why I saw it more, in the Novella ‘I’ll Be Hot For Christmas’.
It’s in O’Brian thoughts. It’s been a year since the book and the two men (though they keep it secret) are having problems.
It’s not the secret they share, that isn’t the problem, it’s actually something less, and yet more.
It’s a sweet story, short and hot but sweet in the mix-up sort of way. Keeping them both as they truly are and yet making their relationship more in a way that gets us craving more (okay me, but you get it).
But I’ve said this before.
It’s the main book that has my mind running not the novella

[tb], [tb], Fireworks, Heart and Soul,

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