Saturday 7 April 2012

In Motion 2.5

 Starting Paragraph
Her body shelf in on itself she felt like something was bubbling around her, and yet her whole focus was on what she wanted and the male under her finger, the man that could give her what she needed. It didn’t matter where they were. It didn’t matter what consent was given.
Body of Darkness, book 1, page 24

Words to begin with: (I have none)
Sat: word count: 925
Mon: (Cursed Happiness; 414 words) {just started a draft for this book—more important for me then you, but still news. It means that I have finally started the book!!}
Just a thought that I might not have told you guys about this series, if I have, sorry, but this is me; I tend to have this horrid ability to repeat myself. Its easer dealt with when writing because of the fact that I can just, you know, get rid of the crap that’s repeated. Though it also doesn’t seem to happen as often as I would think when I writing, maybe because the characters are me, they don’t have my personality (some might, really, how can I tell unless someone tells me it’s not me, really)
Not the point. my point is about the layout of this series, because at the moment I have the though process for 6 couples threw full length novels and two—no three novella. And at the moment I have it mostly male/female couples, because that’s what you want right? But then I also have the workings for a male/male couple and a male/male/female couple where the males are the main feature. Yeah, it doesn’t happen as much as you would think, even when people are writing novels it’s about two guys who are together and in love and then they both fall for the female and do what they can for the female to join them.
I get that, it’s probably the way that I should be writing this one, mostly because it’s what will sell, but I can’t do it—yeah, in time I’m sure there will come a couple like that, mostly because I’ve decided that ever 4 to 6th book is going to have some sort of homosexual coupling, even if it’s more classified as bi.
Does that mean, though, that I’m now out of the main stream romance with this? Should I know be focusing on making this something different that what I’m hoping the series will turn into? Because I’m sure there are elements that I’m thinking of putting in this one that might not work with the direction that the series seems to flow in?
Or should I just tell myself to forget what I’m thinking and just write it, then see how it turns out?
This is probably the way to go, but if I have someone in my mind and the way this book is sitting is different it will fuck up my chances of publishing, maybe, because when I go to see if I can get published I’ll have to send my book to a company, to the person(s) that will actually publish this type of work.
And yeah, I know it won’t be like I’ll be sending this book to a YA publishing firm, but still, romance and erotica is something different and if I’m swinging, or more so I should be swinging more towards erotica than I will push it that way and try and publish it that way, but if I keep it lighter and push it more towards romances, will it sell?
Though even as I say this I know that mine is the latter and so none of this matters. At least not for this series. So maybe it’s something that I should get thinking about when I go to write the next one.
Hum....whatda you think?

Ahh, I so want to read Lover Reborn, but I can’t, I have too much crap I need to do tonight, and I know that if I start it I won’t be able to put it down, not for a long time anyway.

Tue: wrote 290 words in Literally Speaking—it’s book 2 in my Monsters Inc. series.
Yeah, it’s what I do, I suppose, but I’m also finding myself trying to do anything but write my book, you know the one that I’m meant to be writing. I think this mostly comes from the fact that it’s nearly Easter holidays and that the four books that I’ve been waiting for for the last three weeks need to come in the next two days or I won’t be seeing them until mid next week, and that will suck hairy assed balls because I’ve been waiting almost too long already.

And just after that I wrote 405 words in this story!!!!

Wed: I want my books!!! Why haven’t they come yet??! It’s a pain in the butt, this waiting. Why can’t the mailman come and bring them to me?!
Oh, I’ve also decided that I’m going to read that big fat book on Friday mostly because my defacto is off that day which means he’ll have control of the computer, maybe, if I can get early enough then he won’t, but I won’t, ‘cause it’s not like it matters all that much to me. And the fact of what I was first saying—I’m going to be reading Lover Reborn that day, because everyone will be home and I won’t have to do everything for my kids.
So I’m in a mixed of emotions at the moment. Both happy and excited for Friday and wishing that my books would come when they probably won’t before the Easter long-weekend. Which will mean that I won’t get anything till late next week, if not then and book place are fucking with me.

I’m trying to write, right now, but I’m finding it hard. I’ve just finished writing 193 words but it’s taken me a good half hour to write them. It shouldn’t take that long to write so few words...

I truly can’t begin to tell you how much my writing has gotten better since I started.
Its odd how bad I was, and how crap I was at spelling, and really, you probably think I’m bad at it know, which I am, but it’s nothing to what I was like.
I’m unable to finish writing anything at the moment, at least not this, not what I’m meant to be writing, and I thought...well, it ended up having me re-read some of the older crap that I have written, the stuff that I still wish to finish (to be honest, what I’m reading now, will be finished). Anyway, it’s from one of my first attempts at writing, and still to this day, I love to story line that I have going, the plot of the little series and the way it’s all going to go down. The characters I have set and the ones to come, even that it’s for a much younger audience.
Really, I want to write this series, I just haven’t come back around to it yet, and the best thing is that it’s a six book series, that’s only going to have like 100 pages per book, and two books making one.
But this isn’t the point, though what it was I’m finding hard to remember....oh, that’s right, my crapness.
Anyway, I have written a bit in two of the stories, the first two, which, yes, makes sense, I’ve also got the other characters that will be having their story told. What they can do and who they fall in love with—and yes they all fall in love, it’s a point, it’s a crap one but it’s something I want to do and its where I want it to sit. It’s also going to be much more about the chicks and them choosing and why, what how. It’s also set in an older time frame, so things are different there, right??
Really this miniseries that I have set up is complete in the outer world, the characters and what’s to happen threw the whole book, how it’s set, it’s just got to be written

Thur: not much today, just a thought from last night that I added to today with a bit of an insight as to where it’s going to sit.
I’m too excited about tomorrow and the fact that I get to read the brick, and pissed because my books didn’t came, but they will next week, or I’m going to have to bitch, loudly.
I also did a bit of shopping and bought a book or two. Still...
I just finished writing 669 words.

I actually wrote out a page and a half of the book 7. This is a good thing. It’s a set out for the book, I know this isn’t that important, but it’s something I do, mostly when I’m writing it, but no computer and itchy fingers had me picking up a pen and this was the story came to mind.
It’s what I always do. You need to have a way to flow, a paper trail so to speak. And today I did that, intensely too. The story will flow—hopefully—write out my fingers. It’s a cool storyline but the male character is soft and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do as soft as I wanted. Then there’s the fact that she’s going to be a strong woman with a thing for man on top, this is going to be about dominance and pain. Which might not translate as well as I’m hoping it’s going to.

You want to know more about it than tell me and I’ll put them up!!!
or if you want more bits and piece from my books, you know, any of them, the scenes I work off, or anything else, tell us and I'll work it in. 

Weekly Cap: (I have none, sorry)

Ending Paragraph
She was scared of that, and hated every minute of it. Unless, of course he was touching her.
Body of Darkness, book 1, page 27

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