Saturday 7 April 2012

Waiting For #3

because I said I would
these are the books that I want to get my hand on
I'm blaming where I live for the fact that I haven't been able to get a hold of them yet

the ones that I want in a different size, mid, 'casue of all that OCDing I have over covers, and them matching (that too, and paperbacks hit the bank hard, hardcovers are hell on the purse)
City of Lost Souls, book 5, Cassandra Clare
Redemption, book 20, Sherrilyn Kenyon (coming real soon)

the ones to come are just not here and I'm not interested enough to internet shop
(or maybe it's more for the fact that I'm happy to wait, and there's other things that are better to buy that way, these ones will come)
The Demoness of Walking Dreams, book 2, Stephanie Chong
Covet & Rapture, book 2 & 3, Melissa Darnell
Taken at Dusk, Awaken at Dawn, Whisper at Moonrise, book 2--4, C. C. Hunter
Seduced by Blood, book 4, Laurie London

the next set are the ones that aren't out till 2013 onward

Inferno, book 4, Sherrilyn Kenyon
Blaze Dark, book 3, Mareianne de Pierres
Strange Fate, book 10, L. J. Smith (2014)
Angel Forever, book 3, L. A. Weatherly

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