Saturday 30 June 2012

MANGA REVIEW, One Piece, vol 63

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One Piece series, Vol 63 
Pub: SHUEISHA Inc, Tokyo
Author & Art: Eiichiro Oda
Cat: pirates
Format: graphic novel, paperback; chapters 615 to 626
Age Range: YA

As a child, monkey D. Luffy dreamed of becoming King of the Pirates. But his life changed when he accidentally gained the power to stretch like the cost of never being able to swim again! Years later, Luffy sets off in search of the “One Piece,” said to be the greatest treasure in the world....

Luffy and the princess of Fish-Man Island escape the castle and head to the mysterious Forest of the Sea. Meanwhile, the kingdom is under attack by dark forces. What is the source of the hatred between humans and the merfolk?!

    Story.... Having finished their two years of training, the Straw Hats crew reunites on the Sabaody Archipelago. They set sail more determined than ever to reach The New World!

The Straw Hats finally reach Fish-Man Island, said to be 30,000 thousand feet below the sea. But with the New Fish-Man Pirates attacking, it seems like they may be in for a rough time! While they search the island, Neptune appears and invites them to Ryugu Palace to thank them for rescuing a shark. Inside the palace, Luffy meets the mermaid princess, Shirahoshi. But because of Vander Decken, Shirahoshi is unable to leave her room. In order to help grant her wish to leave the palace, Luffy takes her outsaid for the first time in years.....

What this one starts off where the last left....humans getting up and trying to get the castle doors open, thanks to Zolo they all died only to have the goes open anyway.
Meanwhile, Luffy takes the princess on the way meeting up with Sanji and Chopper, where they all end up meeting Jimbei at the Forest of the Sea, along with Franky and a surprise to those of us who have read the series from the beginning.
This then takes us onto a chuck into the past—15 years ago when Fisher Tiger ran the sea and the whys of a lot of things that I just can’t get into without braking spoiler alert and telling you what’s what.

Really, I’m making you all have to read it.
Because I love the series, though like the last one this book was a little full and the next will have the same set because of the fact that there was so much information in it. There was also the facts that it was very jumpy having the fact that there was two peoples story lines that worked its way through the whole show.
Interesting and it made you nod your head in from things that came from the past. Really, the way everything entwines threw the series is brilliant and it’s one of the reason that the series still works after so many books.

Really, this book ended as a surprise for me, because it’s a series that my sister gets and borrow of her, we had a talk about the fact that it was coming out next week (yeah, it was meant to be coming out in July, see a little of the surprise) and she normally doesn’t get it delivered until the next week ‘cause the thing gets realised late week. So when I got a message from her telling me that she not only got the book but that she read it and that I could get it, I was that excited that I couldn’t understand what she was telling me and still, after I read the whole thing, I’m jittery for more, jittery to read it again.
And I’m telling you, while at my sisters I got a few back dated books, because I don’t want to start reading the series until after this part in the series is over but I got from book 59 to this one which I will read to death and still be wanting more. That’s how great it is.
So worth the money, the time and the energy. It’s is worth everything to fall in love with the Straw Hats!!!

   When we continues....Fish-Man Island is rocked by the death of their beloved queen, but who was behind the assassination? And back in the present time, Hody Jones announces himself as the new king, replacing the captured Neptune. Luffy heads in to save the people of Fish-Man Island, but a surprising person will stand in his way!
On sale September 2012!

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