Saturday 30 June 2012

REVIEW, Through the Montana Mist

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Through the Montana Mist
Series: Saddle Up and Ride, book 3
Pub:  2010, 1Rmonace
Author: Carol Lynne
Genre: contemporary GLBT erotica
Format: ebook 54 pages
Whose: Caleb & Tyson
Age Range: adult

When Tyson Moore meets Caleb Sterling, he has an uneasy feeling about Caleb and his partner, Jeff. Although he can’t prove it, Tyson believes Caleb is being abused. Without overstepping his boundaries as an employee at Justice River, Tyson offers Caleb his help. He’ll do everything in his power to make sure Caleb is safe. Falling in love with Caleb isn’t been part of the plan, but Tyson soon finds himself swept away by the scared man.

Caleb came to Justice River Ranch hoping to mend his troubled relationship with his long-time partner. Little did he know that a change of scenery would bring even more problems. Eventually, Caleb reaches out to Tyson, but though he’s attracted to Tyson, Caleb has scars that need time to heal. He begins to wonder if he’ll ever get his life back on track enough to love Tyson or if the dangers caused by Jeff with be permanent.

This was one of those books that could have gone two ways if Lynne chose it too. it could have been about rough sex, dread and abuse leading into abuse, but it wasn’t it was about one man saving another and it was done in a way that could have been so much more if the story wasn’t an Erotic tale and designed around the sex. Though saying this, is was a disappointment in that factor as well, I would have categorised this a ‘gay romance’ rather than ‘erotic’ but that’s me.

Tyson meets Caleb when he gets out of a van at a gay man’s ranch for a holiday he set up for him and his partner of 8 years, a partner who is abusive both mentally and physically which you soon find and learn within pages of the story, it’s not really until Calab is hailed up by Tyson that you really start to get how bad things are.

Tyson is pissed and falling hard for the scared Caleb tried his hardest to pull a order sized suitcase to his home for the week.
When Caleb leaves Jeff with Tysons help things start working out for Tyson only Caleb is sacred and needs to understand things for himself. It’s not until he gets back that things between them heat up, but it’s sweet, it’s more about the love growing between them, it’s a romance, not sex!

I really enjoyed it, I liked the way his thoughts were, like all people in that way that got there without really understanding why they let it get that far. it’s sad but not so much because we don’t really get that deep into the whole deep, bad and dirty side of abuse, which would have been nice mostly because its’ fascinating and it’s something that happens all the time, but then, people in that position wouldn’t be able to read the book, and that’s would suck but it’s nice, quick and easily followed.

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