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REVIEW, Dual Abduction

They both wanted her. The question was, could they share her?

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Dual Abduction
Series: Alien Abduction, book 3
Pub: 2012,
Author: Eve Langlais
Genre: Erotica (aliens)
Format: ebook 151 pages
Whose: Louisa, Brax & Xarn
Age Range: Adult

Abducted by alien slavers, along with her group of teenage misfits, Louisa doesn’t think her week can get any stranger until two big purple warriors arrive to the rescue—and then fight over who gets to keep her. Not interested in a winner, she clobbers them, but when they regain consciousness, they’re even more determined to claim her.
Best friends, Brax and Xarn, share everything; loot, jobs, trouble, until they come across a luscious human that stirs their possessive side. Their battle over who gets to keep her ends in a tie due to matching concussions, but what’s a bruise or two when it comes to winning her as a mate. When she keeps denying them both, they put aside their rivalry to team up and claim the one they want.
Watch out universe, because if you thought purple warriors Brax and Xarn were a menace to the galaxy before, then hang on tight, because hopelessly in love, they’re more deadly—and hilarious--than ever.

Okay so I’d like to state that I really don’t like Alien shit. I don’t like watching about them, I don’t like reading about them, I don’t even know why I got this book, but I did and because of that and the fact that it wasn’t really that long (and I just couldn’t seem to want to pick up my challenge read) I read the book and....
This is the problem I have and the reasons you need to know the above.

The world was cool, I suppose and it did make me think about the details and thoughts that have to go into the whole world thing when you think about Aliens. You need to create a lot because there really isn’t anything you can fall back on. You can’t make them human or have anything that really is human and yet you have to have it hold up to the human world. Which I suppose is why they put humans into the mix, because that’s how you get to show the differences, because humans would see that different or they would make things resemble the human world, right? unlike aliens which just wouldn’t.
It’s also a place where anything can happen and everything can be the way you want it to be.
But to me the whole mating thing and the way...well, why did they fuck like humans? It just doesn’t make sense to me, I guess, its like fucking is done the same way everywhere, that you can’t make sex hot if you can’t fall back on the ins and outs of it all?
Sorry, but I do think this is my problem when it comes to aliens (that too and I can accept vampires are undead and shifter, but not aliens? It’s odd, I know) the whole rule of them makes me think too much and it’s not something that I want to do.
I want to be lost and I’m sure if you liked this genre than you would sink in and find it everything you wanted because despite the fact that I don’t like the area I really enjoyed the book.

I like Louisa with her attitude and softer side, along with confusion but it annoyed me that she was only a ‘one woman girl’ when clearly she wasn’t. But I can’t fault her lying to herself. She was great to, being a 6 foot woman with the weight to add to it. Because tall woman are either sticks or plump, it’s the way things go. I also loved that she belied in gravity, shit that made my day and made me want to read more of Langlais work because I’m a fan of gravity.

The boys made me laugh, really, hilarious in the way they beat their hands on their chest as they tried to make her chose. It was even better when they gave in. and realised they were meant to be with her, together. they were great guys and the way the hated to love the ‘demon sporn’ was even better, along with the way they all meet.

Though I’m finding it more and more frustrating when romances are lumped under erotica. This was not an erotica; it was a flat out romance! Hell, I’ve read romance that had more sex and sexual indoendo then this book.
Really, people, just saying it’s one does not make it so.

But enough about me bitching and moaning, if alien’s gets your rocks off, than this is a tale for you, really, Langlais is a brilliant writer that had you laughing at things that aren’t particularly funny, as well as live in the world she crates and makes you want to laugh, hug and just hit the characters in the head for one thing of another and at the end of the day isn’t that what you want when reading a book?

Accidental Abduction, International Abduction, Dual Abduction,

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