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REVIEW, Snapshots and Bylines

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Snapshots and Bylines
Series: Friends to Lovers, book 3
Pub:  2022, eXtasy books
Author: Stephani Hecht
Genre: erotic (GLBT)
Format: ebook 88 pages
Whose: Marc & Sammy
Age Range: adults

Best friends in high school, Marc and Sammy each harboured a secret attraction for the each other, but neither dared act on their feelings for fear of ruining their friendship. Finally gave into their desires and had a passionate encounter. Well... as passionate as one can get when one of them had a dog bite, the other an allergic reaction to strawberries and both had a bad case of poison ivy. But just as they get together, Marc and Sammy were torn apart when life and family obligations interfere.

It’s been ten years and Sammy never got over losing Marc. Even though he has a successful career as a social worker at the local GLBT youth center, Sammy had always felt as if a piece of himself is missing. Then one day when he least expects it, Marc shows up at the center, wanting to film a documentary. Sammy is shocked and hurt hat Marc has stayed away so long only to turn up when he needs something.

What Sammy doesn’t know is Marc had a good reason for staying away. One that could not only destroy their lives, but the love they once had for each other and any choice of a future together.

It’s short and sweet. Which is really all there is to say about the book. about two boys who have wanted one another but when they are nearly out of time the courage pulls at them both and they have one night to remember, which includes all that horrible crap that always seems to come around when you want everything to be perfect, and it’s actually one of the big things that makes me like this book so much.
It’s just....real. You know.

It’s a novella (I think), if you hadn’t gotten that and the play for ‘before’ was the big part of the story, that line they crossed and the emotions they showed each other. The way they both were as people and as what the other saw as well as what they saw of themselves. And I really like that.

The ‘ten years later’ part was just about the fact that Sammy is pissed and Marc is scared of being hated when he knows he is. This part was quick with them being pushed into a closet to work things threw, and because of the type of tale this weaves we know how that works.
And I’m serious about what I said, this part is one chapter.  

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