Sunday 1 July 2012

REVIEW, An Assasins Touch

Get this straight, you can use a Leopard in a mission, you can send him out to kill for you. Hell, you can even fuck one. The one thing you can, never, never do is trust one. Leopards by nature are cold, emotionless and psychotic. They were made with one purpose and that was to destroy others. So whatever you do, don’t turn your back on one and you sure as hell don’t fall in love with one of the batshit, crazy loons- Carson of the Mitchell Feline Coalition.

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An Assassins Touch
Series: Lost Shifters, book 9
Pub:  2011, eXtasy books
Author: Stephani Hecht
Genre: gay romance
Format: ebook
Whose: Shane (Leopard shifter) & Trevor (Panther Shifter)
Age Range: Adult

Nobody realizes better than Shane that he has no real future. As a Leopard, he’s destined to live alone and be reviled by his fellow feline shifters. Instead of letting that hurt him, Shane just throws himself into his work as the coalition’s top assassin. A job that his breeding makes him perfect for. He tells himself that he doesn’t need anyone else-that he’s fine living a solitary life. Then one, brief encounter with a bratty, Panther shifter named, Trevor, changed everything. Now all Shane can think about is the Panther and how to get the man back in his bed. The only problem is Trevor hasn’t given Shane so much as a second glance since their one time together. A situation that frustrates and intrigues Shane even more.

Trevor has always enjoyed playing the field. With so many sexy temptations at his disposal he doesn’t see why he should have to settle for the same warm body in his bed night after night. So, while the sex with Shane had been great, Trevor is determined to put the encounter behind him. A task that’s not as easy as it would seem. Not when every night he continues to dream of the Leopard, or how whenever they’re in the same room, Trevor can’t stop himself from wanting to reach out and caress the Leopard. But, Trevor knows that there can never be anything between them so he resolves to put his desires behind him.

Then Shane needs help on one of his assignments and he turns to Trevor. The mission proves more dangerous than either one of them realizes and they soon find themselves fighting for their lives. Will they be able to learn to trust each other in time to save themselves, or will their past doubts destroy them?
I need Shane’s Fury!!!!!!!
Really people, the book ended with....SHIT!!!! I need the next one. I need to know what happens. Even though I know...I need to read it.

This story was basically half done and because of that I hated it. I hate that she wrote a 100 pages book, and had them take the guy at the end only for us to have to read another 100 page book to find out what the hell’s happening. Really, why couldn’t she have put them both together? It seems to me that it’s all about money and that annoys me.
It annoys me more because of that fact. It’s just annoying that I have to read another book when one could have done the job just fine.
And you see, because of this point it’s ruined the whole story for me...sorta.

I actually still like this book. It’s sweet and though some of the things that happens isn’t really what I thought would since what Shane was meant to be, but then putting yourself into his mind, and it’s perfect. His words were also something contradictory to his thoughts.
‘He wants this time so that he could always have the memory when Trevor left him’
‘”Your mine now, if I smell another man on you I’ll rip them apart”’ (not actual content)
That’s what really confused me about it all. Trevor on the other hand was a poor boy that made your stomach turn with sympathy.
It’s odd and yet all in all the story was good even if it pissed me off at the end. Why couldn’t see have just put them together? Why??

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