Saturday 18 August 2012

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #4

Starting paragraph
“Yes yar did! This is because of her! Because of the curse, you bloody ejet. This is the type of shit that comes first, whenever they cross paths, but at least when that happens we know there’s coming, we’re prepared.”
  “It’s not like we can’t keep her safe there are five of us and her power.”
Body of Darkness, WB #1, page 19
Words to begin with:  you know what’s been bugging me? While I’ve read a shit load of sex sense and they are all largely related to male sex...yeah, you understand, right?
Anyway they’ll have shower sex and a lot of the time they will use, soap or shower gel...hell one time they even used conditioner to ease the way (yeah, I mean as lube), well...don’t most of those type of produces have a warning, like....Caution: external use only, blar, blar, blar, if irritation presets see a doctor.?
Or am I wrong? I don’t know, I’d have to get up to find out but I so can’t be bothered walking to me bathroom, maybe I’ll check next shower and get back to you...

Tue: got a $25 gift certificate for Turning Pages (my local book store) today, yeah!!! I only have to wait for there to be something to use it on.
Wed: 757 words in Body of Darkness (Warriors Brethren, #1)

Best line ever....
“While Cliff was running fuzzy”
(From, Werewolf at the Zoo, by Charlie Richards, b1, Wolves of Stone Ridge)

Thur: 384 words in Body of Darkness (Warriors Brethren, #1) & 1,174 words in Beauty of Summer (Warrior Brethren, #0.5)

Fri: another excuse in the bag, but this one’s a good one, for me, anyway. I’m having a little trouble writing this last day. Though it’s not like I didn’t do real well yesterday, but I might suck balls over the next couple because I’ve given up Coke—the brand name drink, just so your all on the same page as me, I’m not a drug user, and if you want to learn more on that you can ask and I’ll tell, since I’ll pretty much answer all question since, well, it’s the type of person I am.
And look at that sidetracking, anywho I’ve decided, since I’ve noticed how badly I’ve been sleeping and it’s getting to me, that I need to not drink two litter of the shit a day.
So cold turkey I went (the worst this about all this is that ever since I say a Current Affair show about a woman addicted to Diet Coke I have always seen my Coke as a addiction. Like yeah I laugh as hell as I think, say, or act upon it, but it’s so cool that they made it a thing by having nothing more important to talk about then that. Hilarious. I have an even worse on with Vegemite, I even get full out cravings for that if I don’t have any in my fridge, but that’s a story for another time.)
Back to this. anyway, I think that it only takes two days for caffeine to get out of your system, and even if I’m wrong, because I think I’m right my mind will give me that many days and then the headaches will stop—yeah, I understand it’s weird, but I can stop doing anything I want, it’s just something I seem quite good at, but it doesn’t mean that I can convince myself a flat out lie when I have information saying other. Really, I’m not that weird.
So today I had no Coke, and to be honest it wasn’t all that hard because I really want to stop drink this much Coke and it’s not like I’ve decided to give up everything I won’t even mind having the occasional one, but my face is shit and my sleep worse I need to do something to helped this, hence no Coke.
Saying this it’s not the first time I’ve been like this. The longest time had me off Coke for nearly 6 months and still I went back to a min of 2 litters a day.
Hell, quitting smoking was less trouble then stopping the drinking. Even the heavy drugs I was taking when I got fluid in my lung cavity and had it all scrapped out, wasn’t this hard. and that time I had actual pain to have to bypass in order to stop (really, I’ll give you want the Pain Doc told me when I asked him how long I was going to have to take the pain killers the first time I went in there. He told me that most patients are on them for 5 to 6 years before they truly think about taking them off the drugs. I went back the next fortnight with a bra on (which considering was a great step to take, I can still feel the pain sometimes when it’s cold or the bra is to tight around my side—hell, I’ve only just been able to truly touch the underside of my breast in the last 6 months.
Anyway, so normally patients are on the for years before they even have an ability to get off them. I was clean 6 months after I got out of hospital, mostly because I really didn’t like what the drugs did to my head, but again, weird, right??)
Not the point, and yet it is, still I just can’t reason with myself why it’s so hard for me not to drink soft drink—not the drink Coke. So I’m quitting.
I’m also not going to afraid of heights, elevators, and bridges (I think that’s all I’m afraid off) but I’m not really going to be active in those pursuits just tell myself I’m not and to get the fuck over it.

So anyway, that’s going to be why I’m a little slow over the next couple of days as my body gets back to something not buzzing on caffeine.

Sat: 274 words in Body of Darkness (Warriors Brethren, #1) & 131 words in Beauty of Summer (Warrior Brethren, #0.5)
            ~it would have been more but it seems I’m too into the series that I’m reading at the moment and there’s only 2 left that I need to read, so....
They only have 137 pages each; you guess which way I swing?!

Sun: I drank a can of coke today, so 375ml
Mon: I drank a bottle of Vanilla Coke today (it’s my fav and me and the girl went out, so I’m saying it’s okay) that’s 600ml.
I also bought to many books, though most of them were short stories and didn’t cost much, still...I got them and I found a whole heap more that I want to get, so I’m spending the avo working out all that crap—you know, uncluttering my desk, and mind, so I have nothing less to procrastinate with. It’s my system, do what’s distracting you straight away and then it can’t anymore.
And to be honest I’ll probably buy some more books along the way, but they will be actual books.
I’m buying too many and really need to stop until I’ve read the ones I have already got. But this is actually the last bit of money, next pay I’m getting some paperbacks, so therefore the money will be heading that way, not electronically. That too and I’m going into a shop to get some because I really want the ones from this month. Though I’m not getting Time Untime by Sherrilyn Kenyon because it’s come out in a large cover and I’m not buying that series in that size, it’s not worth it—or at least I’m not spending $30 on a book.

Wed: 972 words in Body of Darkness (Warriors Brethren, #1)

Weekly Re-cap: man I’m so shit, and I’m in a bit of a funk which basically means that my mind is telling me that I suck and I shouldn’t be doing this....
Which is kinda true, how can I be a writer if I can’t even write a good amount of book on a regular pace. Really I should be at 1 thousand words a day, not a week. Shit, but I’m lazy and I have to get over this fact.
Words count for the week
BD: 2,387 words
BS: 1,305 words
= 3,692 words

Ending Paragraph
“The curse was originally on then so we figure that we didn’t get a full dose. Or because it’s not allowed to curse a set of beings as well as their offspring the powers that be—the fates, maybe—changed ours so that we had a get out card.” Jo told her.
   “Weird,” she mumbled.
Body of Darkness, WB #1, page 24

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