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REVIEW, Jake Westerby: Deep Undercover by Derek Adams

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Jake Westerby: Deep Undercover
Series: --
Pub:  Feb 2011 by Exstasy Books
Author: Derek Adams
Genre: erotica
Format: ebook; 239p w/ 11 chapters
Whose: Jake & Paul
Age Range: adults

A mutilated corpse, a powerful family intent on stonewalling the police instead of mourning the loss of their son, a sex-for-hire scheme that began as a lark and then turns deadly--all combine to plunge Detective Jake Westerby into a shadowy world of lust and drugs on the leafy campus of Cascade University. Jake's sexual prowess has caused him grief in his personal life, but makes it easy for him to infiltrate an organization that provides male escorts and drugs to wealthy men willing to pay a premium for discretion. When his identity is exposed by a treacherous cop, Jake is slated to be the killer's next victim. Only fellow detective Paul Mazurek can rescue Jake--and only then if he can pull off an audacious impersonation. Can Paul save the man he loves so that their passion for one another can ignite and come into the open?

Holly fuck, can you say sex! seriously 95 pages in at this the only point of the whole story—seriously, I’m surprised there’ve managed to get a murder in there at this point, the men are doing nothing but flopping there cocks out and getting laid. And then, let’s put that sexed up officer undercover at a collage, ‘cause barely legal’s are known for floppy dicks.
Sorry, but man, getting fucked is top priority, though the murder and plot line is about the sex industry so you know it was going to be rough, but, man...

Alright, before we get onto things, this guy, the author, had one nice view of, what I’m gathering, were overly muscled men. Just saying, the amount of times we read about veins thing and veins that, it’s quite impressive. Well, if you’re into that.

At the end of the day, these qualities about the book are what I found interesting, everything else was just dress, and boring granny undies dressing.
Though I will say it was hot. All those men pulling at their cocks, others cocks, and sticking their cocks in tight dark places, though the whole diseased thing apparently didn’t matter to any of them (not that I’m judging, just saying, AIDS is a killer).

I’m sure, though that you want to know something about the book.
So, a kid gets killed. A cover-up is made, and then a cop gets outed and another has to go in and rescue him.
That’s it in a nutshell. A hairless, veiny, nutshell.

And it’s fun, hot sticky fun while it last and if that’s your thing than this story will help get your rocks off.

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