Friday 28 June 2013

I’m on Tumblr. now!!!

Okay, so first up is that I’m on tumblr now, yeah, it’s been something that I’ve wanted to do ever since I became a little obsessed with the whole thing.
Then I read a posting by Josh Lanyon on Reviews by Jessewave and took the dive.

It’s still rough, I haven’t got money to make it fancy, and I honestly, just put it up last night, but I’ll repost everything that I like, whenever I come across it. But the look, that might take a bit to get up.


Apparently, they have sent out an email to all adult blogspot blogs saying that they have to take off the adult contents. Or maybe just the links to adults sites.
I haven’t gotten this email, ‘cause I don’t have this up as an adults site, which is why everything that has adult contents has an added warning, but I’m a little worried
Does it mean that I can’t link up to books sites when the books are erotica? Is that what they mean? Do they just mean porn sites?

But let’s face it, there most likely going to put a broad stroke to adult content.
So really, what’s the reason for the button, that little warning if you aren’t going to allow us to have adult content at all?
Saying this, I’m thinking that it’s time to change over to Wordpress or something, since that seems to be where everyone else is going. And it’s as good a place as any.
But we’ll see, maybe I’ll keep this for a while, while make the wordpress site my author blog?
Would you be interested in that? ‘Cause I feel that sooner or later I won’t be able to put up most of my postings ‘cause most of those books are labelled erotica, so will I get taken off for that?
--but it seems a good idea, maybe I’ll do that later today
update: I've just changed the name of my blog--sorry, it was sorta an accident.
so it's not,

Oh, and if you hadn’t heard, I’m on facebook as well. Here!

I’m also going to look into my extasybook page, but I’m not felling all that great about it, since I’m not even got a release date, maybe I’ll just wait for that (update here)

Well, thanks for the time

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