Saturday 29 June 2013

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #26

Starting paragraph
The scrap from the blade edge scrapped across Bead’s sac, his balls trembled to stay still under that hand, afraid of what could happen if he moved. There was no safety on what they were doing. Nothing but the steady hand of Harley.
Something wicked cross his back, part 3

What I’ve done
·         Still writing MW#5

·         & AU#1

·         Wrote a AC story

·         Started SWChB, p3

·         Wrote a little more in asexual SA

·         First round of editing MW#1

·         Got a new idea!
The Short List (of shit I have to do)
·         Being that for You #2                                      done (NEED THE RE-READ)

·         finish #1 Assassins Union                                working on it  

·         finish # 5, Moonlit Wolves series                   working on it  

·         Something Wicked Cross his Back, part 3      started

·         Being that for You #3                                     

[Research] What I Learnt
·         Looked up Child abuse, with infants, I used my sisters mind, she’s in early childhood. And the ‘net for it in teenagers and adults. This info will be used, fluidity threw my assassin union series.

·         Mostly this is what we all know it to be after watching so many crime shows. It’s mostly acting out, bad dreams or wetting the bed, rapped mood swings in direction to people. Abuse in drugs, alcohol, running away, um… okay, so I many skimmed it, but I don’t need to funny know it now, 

Thoughts for Thoughts
351w hunting a traitor (assassins union #1)
·         I don’t think it works. Yeah, it’s what Tike is, it’s a point to his past, but I think what I’ve writing as gone a little too far into it. That he should see what’s happening to him isn’t what’s right, but he doesn’t know that, Quintus is going to teach him that. But he’s still got to hold the feelings. It’s like a kid whose being sexually abused, only Tike is older, he’s just never known anything different. Never known that it was wrong, like other characters that will come into the series.
669 words
·         So I replaced it, ‘cause of those little reason I said before, and I happy for it. However, now I’m stuck with what the little signs of sexual abuse are. But I faced me sister and asked, so I’ll be back when that get answered.

4,933w Bring that for You #2
·         I’m getting off point, to an extreme, fuck. But it’s like I have to write it. and I’m not sure why, this is a romance, not a way for me to spill my hatred for homophob’s

·         I kinda just want to cry as I write this. I hope it translates well.

·         I really hope this doesn’t come across to girly? It’s feeling a little that way to me, but then I’m not huge on emotions, a spilling them for the public to see. But then, something I have to always remind myself, I’m not them, and furthermore, there’s no public where they are. Just them.

·         Written nearly 5 thousand words and still haven’t gotten to a sex scene and I don’t really want to put on in. that’s pretty bad, isn’t it?

·         —fuckit, I’m not putting a sex scene in this one. I like it better without one, and really… yeah, I’m just not.

·         (by the by, I’ve decided, ‘cause of this one, and the fact that next one means… well, you know, and if not, you can wait and see. Anyway, I’ve decided that I’m going to write in sex scene from their lives in between the times of the two, to third book. They aren’t going to be big, just sex scenes, since there most defiantly won’t be one in the next. But I’ll start from the beginning, there first sex together and work my way through. They’ll be thrown in sporadically threw Story Corner, so pay attention.
2,184w a Werewolf’s Howl (moonlit wolves #5)
·         I’m not happy with what I have for chap 3. I’m thinking it all needs to go and get re-written, but it’s a lot of words to lose. Shit. (losing 616 words)

[Chap 3: 2,398w]

·         Lost 206 words added 137 words, though I don’t think it’s all that good.

175word Something wicked Cross his Back, part 3
·         Just the what it’s about, this one, really ‘bout sex.
1,671w What True Love Is
·         This is my asexual one (that’s probably going to turn into panromantic)
Loved by a Werewolf
·         First round of editing with Tex. (sent 26/6)

·         I need to vent. It’s like I’m in school again and I’m getting a little defence, apparently you can’t work that shit out of your system unless you face said problem.

·         I know it’s good, what happening is good, but it’s frustrating, the language barrier when it comes from aus to usa. It’s frustrating, ‘cause when I look at it, it’s fine, it works, but he can’t see it. And I have to try and change something that makes scenes, so I’m not sure how to change it. It’s frustrating, but I get it, it needs to be readable to everyone, so what I’ve written doesn’t work.

·         Frustrating. But it’s fine, I didn’t do nearly as bad as I thought I would, so that’s good, right?

New Idea, for a novella—or blog story
·         I’m thinking more blog story, that way it can be worked out differently than me having to do it full story wise.

·         Um… anyway, the idea came of a story that has two endings, so the idea sprang to mind as I was doing something (I think it was when I was organising my YA shelf) with Jackie Nacht and I like and don’t like, the fact that her stories have two endings.

·         Only I was thinking more along the lines of two different path to love. One with hate and one with love.

·         It’s coming around a lot of things, I haven’t completely started it, but mostly it was going to start and the end and end at the start, or something like that. But I’m not sure if that will work.

·         I guess I could write the first one, the story of them in love, have that one be written normally, than have the one of hate go backwards. Really it’s only the thought on a thought that has me yammering right now.
Starts here in on Mondays. Two weeks of my wonderful kids, yeah, I can’t wait (queue sarcasm). It’s raining here, and that doesn’t look like it’s gonna clear anytime soon, so another yeah!
So, I’ll see ya on the other side.
Thanks for the time

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