Friday 20 September 2013

so... yeah!

over here in Australia it's school holidays. which means two wonderful weeks of both my children in my house 24/7. Worse, the Defacto is starting a new job and will be taking the car every day until he gets himself a new car. so unless I want to get up and take him to work for 7am then I'm losing the car for the holidays.
I really hope it rains.
so, on this note, I going to say that this is not going to be the best time for me. it could really go one of two ways.
1) I'll write a full novel book threw the two weeks, or a couple of novella. as I pull out my hair and scream abuse at my children because they wont stop bitching at me for not giving them a exact time that they will get to play the PS3 or any of the other electronical items they have in the house to play, while telling my they don't
2) I wont be able to write shit, and still want to kill them for the same reason or another
side note: I'm an author, obviously I would never actually put my children in harms way, I'll just have a very graphic short story series, of a serial killer mother whose first act would be the bloody slaughter of her naughty children who just doesn't understand that mum's yelling for a reason and that's 'cause your being a bitch and really need to stop now before she locks you outside and conveniently losses her hearing.
nah, I love my kids and can't wait for them to be trapped inside for two weeks. especially since there both to young to have friends they could go and spend the day with without me actually having to do much but dump them at a train station/shops.
man I can't wait for that day to come *sigh*
so... let's all of us have some fun

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