Wednesday 27 November 2013

Looking Back over Nov

Yeah, I have something I can talk about.
Here’s the thing, I actually have my monthly Memoir coming out at the end of the month so I’m not sure if this is completely needed, but I knida like the idea of a month-to-month look. It makes me see how I’m failing, and put a real list into my head at what I need to do.
So, November it is
First up, I finished 2013 blog story on That’s Different… I’ve put it all together and set it to my beta, I’m not sure what’s happening on her end, but Christmas is a bitch of a time, so there’s aloud a little leeway
So, That’s Different… chronicled vol. 1 is done. I’m already planning the start of vol 2. I had already thought of a start, but again I find that I’m pushing it. That I’m getting to far ahead in the story, so the first one to come out in 2014 will be Senses, which will have him tied to a bed as he learns what’s it’s truly like to be touched.
Also, finished off Being That For You, which isn’t what I was hoping it would be, but it is what it is, and I’m hoping you will like it.
Though, to be honest, I think if I hadn’t already the plan to make it a full book I probably would have put in a whole lot more thought, but since I am, and with that, I’ll probably change the ending completely.
But this is what the brain gave me, and it will be coming to you, probably, Christmas, or the week after, depending on if I end up writing a Chrissy story or not.
I finished the editing with Moonlit Wolves #4: Controlling my Werewolf. As well as learnt when, at least, the first four would be released (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say when that is or not, so I’m keeping quite), but I’m guessing as long as I can write them so, they will all be released in the same fashion.  
I also started #6: The Rub of my Werewolf, which is moving along quite well—I’m up to chapter 5, though it’s a little paused as I’m trying to fight with myself.
On one hand, I just want to follow the story with Dan, but he’s had three chapters all to himself so far, so it only seems fair that Gene get one, before I head back over. But Gene just doesn’t have anything to say, so I’m struggling to find it when all I want is for the conclusion of what’s happening with Dan.
I’m sure it will come down to me giving up of Gene and just write Dan’s part, because I can always go and fill it up, if I find in re-reading it, that it really does need it.
I’m disappointed with myself, but I haven’t been able to write much more on Book A. it’s pissing me off, but I think that’s because I’m trying to push too much onto this story. Like I’m making it about his condition, when I should just let that be a set in the story, and actually write what I wanted to, and that’s the romance.
It’s odd, and I’m frustrated with it, because I want to finish it, but I just can’t.
I jotted down the starts of:
Except I’m Not, which is a NA coming out novel, that revolves around teen pregnancy, because I kinda need to get out of a certain head space I have, so I can’t write Falling in Love with this Forever.
Straight with a Gay Kink, which a #1 in a new contemporary romance I’ve been wanting to write.
I also, finished off a short story, Assassins Union #2.5 Spilt Blood, which is bad of me since I haven’t even finished book 1 yet. But hey, if you guys are interested in what I have on that end, tell us, and I’ll put it up in one of my Adults corners.
So, I think that’s it, for my November. If you want, the numbers on what I just told you My Memoirs will be up on Sat.

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