Saturday, 28 December 2013

Last Month and the Year to Come

Here’s the thing. This month I have only done two things:
·         Wrote Something Said; which is a YA book I’m hoping to get into the Harmony Ink Anthology. I’m not sure if I will, since I’m not sure if it’s what they’re looking for, but if not, I’ll submit it to them, or another company for publishing.
·         I also finished editing My Kevin; which has the elements of the cover, I just need to buy a copy of the pic, but I’ve told them what I wanted and it’s gonna get done, Christmas is just a shitty time.
Onto 2014
I have decided, since I came into this seriously when Stephani Hecht was having her nervous breakdowns, and Josh Lanyon had a year off ‘cause of his own problems, and so thinking of the year that I’m finally going into publishing, I’ve decided to take a slow pace with my work rather than, well, work myself to death.
So, that leaves these must finishes:
·         Books 6 to 12 on my Moonlit Wolves series: I am half way through #6: Rub of my Werewolf; it’s not a complex book, more an information one along with love. Then I’ll move onto the rest.
·         The good thing about this series, or the books I’m up to, is that I have plotted the whole thing, so it’s really just about writing them. And there short. But I love reading them and I’ve decided that this is how I’m going to do any series books, it’s honestly helped with remembering which direction it’s heading, and who needs mentioning and why
The rest of my year is up for grabs, I guess. I’ve got it in my head that I’d like the first set to be done by June, but in the end book 12 doesn’t have to be submitted until November at the latest so that it sits in schedule.
What I’d like to finish/get done:
·         Book A; I’m nearly at the end of this book, but so much is messing with me concerning it, so I may flush it out more, make it longer and maybe try my hand at light mystery along with deeper into PDS. I’m thinking of maybe submitting this to Carina Press or Ellora’s Cave (I haven’t decided, I guess it will depend on how the book turns out)
·         But first I really need to name this bitch
·         Loving Without Knowing It; this is a contemporary romance I would like to write for Movember. It’s about prostate cancer, and I’d like this to be an ongoing thing for me, highlighting a point with Male health. I will either self-pub this or go with a publisher that’s happy to publish this book in a particular time. it will depend on which way I go, on how much money (all or profits) threw the month of November
·         I’d also like to write a lesbian story for October for breast cancer, since it’s also a good cause and I’m in a good position to write this book as my mum has recently been diagnose with it, and will have to go through chemo. This one will be like the one above.
·         No Boggy, It’s Just a Kiss; is a short story for a blog post on my birthday, it’s nothing special, just 1 or 2k worth of words to celebrate the day I creep ever closer to the big 30! (that’s how it’s meant to be right? I’m not sure, age really doesn’t bother me all that much. But I do love-ve my birthday!)
The books that are waiting… and waiting:
·         Assassins Union; I have recently posted a ‘adults corner’ of a part out of the short story attached to this series, and I’d love to actually write them and get them reading for submitting at Total-e-bound (it’s where it’ll go first) I have the first one plotted out and the rough idea of 8 others in this series. It’s gonna be different then the Moonlit Wolves series, more blood and guts, kinda thing, and, well, I guess, messed up heroes. Which is probably why I’m struggling to write it, I keep badmouthing my attempts.
·         Falling in Love with This Forever; which is a contemporary about a boy and the results of him having an affair with his teacher. I feel passionate about this one, but I have done the research that’s needed, next I just have to really plot it, and hope it works. This was is set to be my longest novel (yeah, a novel size) book I will get published at least this year. I want it to be 5 years of his life.
·         There’s also a contemporary series that I haven’t named yet. It’s just a quick little series about men in love. I have the idea of five books.
Anyway that’s the plan and yeah, there’s a bit, but the first time I did this list I actually wanted to write all those things in one year. This time, well, I’ll letting myself off the hook, if I don’t do anything other than the Moonlit Wolves series, than I’m okay with that.
I’d also like to add
·         My blog stories: this year I’d like to write more on That’s Different… but I’ll see how I go when I re-read this one, and what I plan to do with it. plus, I want to publish that
·         Being That For You; needs to be re-read, fixed up, and I’d like to add a few more cute, quant and difficult times in there relationship over the years there’ve been together. Including the first ‘at home’ throwaway as well as their first baby in the house.
·         And I’d like to start a new blog series The Last Year of my Life; I’d like to post once a month, but my goal is having it done once a fortnight. I want this one done as a kinda diary type entries, though it won’t be that actually. I’m hoping having this little project will help when I’m writing my series to keep me focused, as I’ll have something to procrastinate with.
·         I’d also like to write a Christmas Short story, so if an anthology comes along I can submit for that (I honestly love the idea of anthologies) and/or a little something, I’m not sure what, for the Christmas month.
And that’s it. Few *whips forehead* that got long. Now let’s sit back and watch how I do nothing but the bear min all year

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