Saturday 14 December 2013

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #36

Starting paragraph
     “Good,” Seth said, his head bobbing along with Jason’s. He leans forward; he’s elbows on his knees, his back arching slightly. His head cocks to the side, so he can look over his shoulder at the other guy.
     Their eyes lock. They share a laugh that’s a little awkward.
Something Said

What I’ve done
·         finished MY KEVIN
·         started Something Said
The Short List (of shit I have to do)
·         #1, Assassins Union : Hunting a Traitor                      working on, slowly     
·         #6, Moonlit Wolves : the Rub of my Werewolf         
·         Falling in Love with this Forever                                 plotting / start
·         That’s Different… : Questioning an Answer
The MUST List
·         Something Said
·         Book A
Thoughts for Thoughts
000w the Rub of my Werewolf (moonlit wolves #6)
·         I’ve decided, done, and cut, the first chapter from this story. the contents will still come into the story, but with a better approach
·         I got this back from my beta. There is three parts that I had to completely look into and change a little, but it’s looking good. I just have to have a complete re-read of it, and see what I want to change in final editing, and all that. then see if my mum and an outside friend will read it and see what they think, before handing it back to my beta so she can see if it works, and then, well, making a cover, and seeing where I’d like to put it as self-pub.
·         Very excited. I’m really hoping for a 2013 release for this one, but I’d be happy for an early 2014, as long as it’s before MW#1 gets published
1,591 words
·         I re-wrote the first chapter on this.
·         I’m not sure if it’s any good, I’ll have to re-read it in a few hours and see what I think, as well as send it back to my beta and see which she likes better.
·         Okay, so there all fixed up, and I’ve sent both off to my beta, well find out (hopefully) tonight what she things
·         I have been looking into covers for this one. it looks like it’s gonna cost me $30 to get the pic I want, but we’ll see what happens.
867w Something Said
·         A test for myself. I’m going to see if I can get a 4k story out with the end being there kiss.
1,267w this time round
Thanks for the time

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