Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Note to the Readers

I’m not sure if this is really needed, and honestly I have said it enough on my blog that it could be seen as repeating, but I have a fear and what better way to answer question that people may or may not have then taking a moment to talk about it
Moonlit Wolves series
I want to have it said that I first wrote book 1 at the end of 2011 and a series was created from that.
The idea of Jex’s dad being in a Mob was original, and then I put my people in Australia, and noticeably there, which makes what Jex’s dad is utter bullshit.
We, here, don’t have Mob’s we have Gangs but not Mob’s. I want to let the people of Australia or who know that that I understand this mistake I’ve made.
But then originally Jex and Matt weren’t really anywhere.
This series also doesn’t follow there line.
Or it does but the idea around them isn’t to get into the paranormal side of things. There werewolves because Matt is, and therefore they all became that. But, to be clear, it’s probably closer to contemporary then paranormal, a group of them just happen to change into werewolves
I am currently working on a series that’s going to go very heavy on paranormal world, or as heavy as I’m able to pull off. So if it’s something you didn’t like from my series I’ll be heading into that in the coming years.
If it’s contemporary you like, and found what little paranormal—and it gets a little heavier as the books come along. I’m also working on a contemporary standalone type series, too.
And quite a few (maybe all) of my coming soon stand alone are contemporary, so you’ll probly find a lot more of me swinging that way.
This series was also written in a time where every paranormal book I was reading seemed to be all about that world. And about the secondary characters, to a point that I sometimes wondered why there weren’t the series—or why these men where even there. or, they seemed to write a whole book focusing on the next set of main characters instead of the ones the book was about.
I was annoyed. So, this series is clearly and only, book by book about the two main characters. It’s a small window into their lives. And because I’ve gone this way, if something from another character happens through the book (it does) I’ll be writing a short story attracted to each book about that. Because I’m not writing the book about then, so why should they get page time?
This, though, will probably happen in all my series, whether contemporary or paranormal, because I really like the idea of you knowing what’s happing in that argument or that look, or that ‘bathroom’ break the secondary characters have just disappeared into, even if what’s happening has been spelt out on the page.
Book to book
(this section will be undated when I learn/realise more about what you didn’t like)  
Book One: I realise there’s probably a few things, and there always will be, though so far I have seen good star points for my book in general (3 star mark)
I realise that I have fucked up on this book. I realise my biggest mistake comes from one paragraph, but I was dumb and naive back then. I learnt my lesson, and though I will always snuggle the ‘to real’ line in what I write, especially around sex; I will never go that real again. not in this way.
I realised this when I was waiting for proofing, and I was going to see if I could fix it—take it out completely as I read it that last time. But other things got on my mind (about the book) and I completely forgot, even though I remember reading it again.
It just doesn’t bother me, I think, or I like that step of realism most people don’t.
The rest of the series is much better; they don’t dive into that area.
I really just wanted to reassure of this.
Well that’s all for now, don’t need to get ahead of myself.
I hope to see you all next month when book 2 in this series come out on the 15th of February.

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