Monday 27 January 2014

Bad Reviews

I’m not quite sure—okay, I’m not really to a point that I can actually talk about this because as far as I see it I haven’t really gotten one.
But as reviews I’ve gotten this is the first one that has a bit of a nasty feel to it.
I spoke about this of FB, at least I mentioned it, and got some nice, ‘don’t feel too badly about it’ replies, which, though I my thoughts had turned, the chat really concreted what I was feeling into my heart.
Loved by a Werewolf
So far, for my first book, and I’m calling it that because as it is book from publishers catch your eye better, and for another this one is the only one that you had to actually buy, so therefore, I feel gets a better view, because as a free book you aren’t expecting as much. Or it isn’t as disappointing when you read it and not finish it. It’s not a disappointment when things are neat and set because you haven’t paid for it.
So, I understand that this book wasn’t going to get great buys, and having the fact that it was 11 on the Best Selling chat at the website is absolutely awesome. Though I guess it will come to the fact if the same amount of people buy the first one buy the second.
Let’s not stress bout that, I have weeks before I need to think about it.
What was I talking about
Oh, right. I have had a pretty good reaction from the book, though it’s come with only 2 reviews one good, 4 stars and one bad with 2 stars—I’ve recently learnt that people will give you a star just for finishing it, so that’s why I got that may.
I’m not really sure I understand the whole point of it, wouldn’t you give a book 0 stars if you didn’t finish it, and tell them why?! But hey, it’s not my area for a reason.
So, this person hated my book, and I’m not sure if she finished it because she wanted to be able to talk or what, but she was not impressed. Hated every single thing about it, which makes me believe that it was read for the bitch than anything else.
Why else read it if you hate it?
My first reaction to this was defensive. It’s my fault, or at least the one that I’m trying—and have succeeded, in the most part—to ride myself of, but it’s also something that’s been part of my personality since I was, well, I’m going to say 12. What I’m saying is it’s a little hard when things like this blindside me.
It took me to reads to breath threw the first reaction. It’s what I have to do whenever I feel that part of me want to ripe someone apart. Or, you know, more reasonably write something to the person.
But I’ve read the blogs. I’ve listened the advice and it’s one I’m hoping to always keep close to heart. “Don’t contradict a reviewer, don’t engage, that’s what they’re looking for.” So I took my breath and read it again, and what do you know.
Everything was true. And that made it easy for me to stomach. Yeah, she hated it, but all those points where there and maybe because of my writing she was able to bite threw the crap she hated. Maybe for the fact that she wanted to write a review that she did, but even as you think that way, there was no outright hate. There were points made a little harshly at what she didn’t like, which unfortunately was….everything.
The part I think confused me the most was the last line, which was about her never reading anything from the series again. Which is where I’m taking that my writing wasn’t it, but the book. Though I’ve been told I should write YA, or middle grade, so it might make little difference, as it might be my tone that turned it young, not the age of the characters.
Oh, well, you’ve not made it until you have a hater, and I don’t yet, just a person pissed that I didn’t write every little detail into the blub so she didn’t have to waste her money.
Anyway, I’ve gotten a couple of 2 stars (2 out of the 10 who marked it, the rest are 3 stars) but obviously not as strong a hate that they needed to say anything about it, and like I said above well see what it was they hated about the book when the next one come out.
Maybe my writing is fine. Maybe it’s the content, and it’s not the most vanilla of couples to start a series off, but it’s who were first.
Anywho, I’m going to think positive and hope that’s the worse I’m going to get. I know it won’t be, since people love to hate, it’s easy, there behind a keyboard. They don’t know the people they are ripping apart personally.
But my first taste of it wasn’t kinda pathetic and I’m great full for the people who made me feel better, it helped make those thoughts reality.

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