Wednesday 1 January 2014

Yearly Recap & Resolutions

So, 2013 wasn’t all that interesting for me… yeah I lie
I got published.
Yeah, it wasn’t with a cover and paper, but a contract and four book edited and read to go for the next year.
I am so looking forward to 2014 that I’m making myself sick.
Really, people, starting out as an author is scary as shit, and from things I’ve heard it doesn’t get all that much better, but I think if it did, then you need to think about what’s going on around you.
I’m looking forward to entering the world.
I’m looking forward to see what everyone thinks of me and my writing, and I hope that I don’t fuck it all up by insulting people without noticing I’m doing it (really people I’m horrid at most everything that’s being friendly and making friends. Though I do make them, it’s just normally a rocky start. That I so hope doesn’t happen this way, because it’s hard to fix things when the person can’t get away from me. Ha, I’m not joking either)
So, 2014 is when I become bona-fide with my name graphitised a book cover.
I’m so fucking excited that I can’t stop swearing and dancing and stopping every few minutes to get my need to vomited under control.
I’m better than that, I don’t vomit because of nerves (*eyes shift away*)
 Anyway, I’m pretty sure that the first book published by eXtasybooks comes out on January 15, but I’m not a hundred percent sure, I guess I’ll find out when we get a little closer. I’m not sure; I’ve never done this before, so….
But more importantly, I have send off my short story to Harmony Ink for their ‘first time’ anthology, and I’m not sure if the story will actually fit, or work, or is what they are looking for, but I got my ‘receipt’ email from them, and I’ll find out early March.
But mostly, I’ve decided that if the short story isn’t what they are looking for, I’m actually going to write out a novella for this book, give me my first Coming Out story. because I really like the YA nature as well as the back story and I think it would make a good novella if I write it from when they first meet and end it, well, the exact same way.
But well wait and see.
So I’m babbling, sorry, but I’m nervous about today, which I’ll get to later
So, my resolutions this year are to keep things simple.
I know it’s not really one, but my mum is going to start Chemo in the start of Feb, if not earlier, which is the first step to all this and it’s not going to be a stress free real life, so I’m not going to add, unnecessarily to my working life.
There’s not point me having a mental breakdown the first year into being an author. There’s no point stressing myself out. And there’s less of one when my mind in delicate as it is.
Huh, maybe this will help me get my mental health onto Medicare…
Things to ponder.
So, this avo, I’m going to go down to my sisters and we are going to publish a short story of mine.
Everything is ready, I’ll put up the cover when I get my hands on it, so you can all have a look, but it’s an American company and I really want to start my publishing year as 2014. I know it’s weird, but publishing it today, being the first to me, and having it register that way, wonted happen, no matter how much I wish it, so I’ll publish it bout 7:30pm and that will make it New Year’s day for everyone (I’m pretty sure)
Anyway, there you have it.
Sorry ‘bout the babble.
Enjoy your night if you haven’t already, and those who have, I hope it was spectacular.

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