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Book 2 is Out Today!

AHHH it’s out TODAY!! Okay, so for the other hemisphere it’s out tomorrow, but for those of us who aren’t living where it’s cold it’s out round 6:30—7pm tonight. But by date on calendar it’s out today!

 Forever With My Werewolf by Bronwyn Heeley
(Moonlit Wolves #2)
Staring Colin and Tim

Love is never simple especially when you find out your lover is a werewolf. 

Running away from his lover after he changed into a werewolf, Tim ended up kidnapped by a group of Hunters. Now it’s up to Colin to bring him back, and make it all up to him. But will Tim be able to forgive him when Colin finally gets him back into his arms?

“Are you okay?”
The voice washed over him, slightly deeper than his own, very male, and totally fitting the man it came from. The worst thing was that he liked what the laughing undertone did to it.
“Bodily,” he muttered back, looking at the guy’s midsection. He was leaning down, his hands on his knees and the shirt nearly between his feet. The dude’s body was glittering with sweat. The hair was only on his chest. It tapered down to nothingness from the lower ribs and stomach. Just that sight of his naked chest was making him hard.
The guy laughed again, fully this time. “Yeah, well, it looked like it hurt.”
“Yeah.” Tim sighed and looked up, it was reflex, and the planes of the guy’s face made him take in a deep breath. He had a man face, though there was still some softness in the jaw line. His nose was strong and his eyes a nice nondescript blue that took him in and spat him out feeling lighter.
The man’s blond hair was cut short, but it was still long enough to have a style, messy as it was.
“I’m Colin,” the guy said, his breath a little rough still, from the laughing.
“Tim,” he replied, not able to do anything but.
Colin smiled, but he wasn’t ready for it, and even though he’d seen him with the light of laughter, it was nothing compared to a flashing smile directed at him. “You need help getting up?”
“Nar…” Tim said as he tried, but soon found he was lying. His face went red again and he had to clear his throat before confessing, “Yeah, I’m gonna need help.”
Colin laughed as he leant down and held out his hand. “Come on, then.”
Taking his hand, Tim noticed the heat. A layer of sweat made his mouth water when it should have grossed him out.
The light brush of skin was all Colin needed. Gripping Tim’s hand hard, he pulled him up onto his feet.
Pain shot through Tim’s calf and settled in his foot, so sharp and ridiculously unexpected, as if he should have remembered the fall, but the fact that Colin was touching him had taken everything else off his mind, but fuck yeah!
Tim stumbled, his nose and forehead smacking into Colin’s sweaty chest for the second before Colin held him up, shifting an arm so that he was holding Tim like a toddler, under the armpits. It was humiliating, and yet, the soft wetness of sweat on his face smoothed everything over.
“I’m gonna help ya up to the house, ‘kay?”
Tim nodded. He couldn’t help it. “Thanks.”
Colin smiled. It was like a sunrise and made him feel more like a wuss than he already was. Dick-hard Tim was glad he hadn’t changed from his clothes after school because he was, luckily, still wearing his briefs. They held a hard cock in better than all others did. It was a pain, and the twist could pull at the balls because he wasn’t the best at stuffing himself back in after pissing, but unless you looked or brushed up against him he was relatively safe from embarrassment tenting.
Before Tim knew which way was up, Colin had moved them around so that the taller man held him with one arm around his back, and his fingers grabbed his lower ribs. Tim fit nicely under the guy’s arm, as if sculpted to fit there, and only there.
The smell of Colin was intoxicating. It wrapped around him, strong, a little more pungent from heavy sweating, but Tim liked the scent. He wasn’t sure if it was that pussy part of his brain that seemed love sick for this guy he just meet, or that the sweat hadn’t turned rotten yet and that was why it was nice. Still, it made Tim think of sex. And that wasn’t helping his ability to walk.
“You all right?” Colin asked.
“Yeah. Why?” Why indeed? Fucking idiot, Tim!
“You whimpered a little,” Colin told him, making Tim blush again.
He hadn’t meant to make a sound, but rubbing up against the guy had shut off his brain so his dick could have some time to think. It was never a good idea when that happened. Every guy on the planet knew that, showing how stupid the gender was where he kept on letting it take control.
“Sorry,” he mumbled as a response, which got their progression to the front door, but then stopped with Colin looking down at him, wondering, and thinking. Understanding came with a slight smile and then they were moving again, though all Tim wanted was for the ground to open up and suck him under. He was such a dork.
And probably ruined everything, any chance he had with Colin, because of the crush he’d no doubt shouted to Colin that he had.
Entering the house was like walking into a different atmosphere. The air was on high, causing goose bumps to run up Tim’s skin. He needed to turn it down. There wasn’t that much open space in the hall to the front door and the darkness made Tim wanted to snuggle further into Colin’s side. He didn’t. It was hard, though.
“Where’s ya’r kitchen?” Colin asked, seemingly out of the blue to Tim’s blood-drained mind. “For ice.”
“Oh, ah…don’t worry ‘bout it. I’ll go.”
Colin laughed a little as they maneuvered their way to the lounge, “Nope, you sit your pretty arse down and I’ll grab the ice. I just wanted directions so I don’t have to look behind every door.”
It was just a saying, Tim scolded himself before his mouth supplied Colin with the answer by saying, “End of the hall.”
“Great. Be right back.”
Tim leant back into the cushioning, lifting his foot gingerly onto the coffee table. It throbbed like a bitch, and he was afraid to take his shoe off. His chest felt light, though. Colin had called him pretty, and no matter how much his mind tried to bash him with the obvious, it really was just a saying. However, his body wasn’t having any of it.
“Here you go,” Colin said, startling Tim.
He hadn’t realised he’d closed his eyes.
“I walked past the thermostat and turned it down. I hope that’s okay, but it’s cold enough to snow in here.”
“That’s fine,” Tim mumbled as he shifted himself up so that he could get to his foot.
“Here, let me. Ankle injuries are a bitch. Let’s put the ice on it. We don’t want it to swell, now, do we?”
“I guess not,” Tim replied, a little hesitant. The man seemed to be babbling. Was he nervous? Or was this him? Either was fine—Tim couldn’t stand silence. He wasn’t really sure why, but he always had to have noise around him, whether it was the TV or music on in the background. Silence made him uncomfortable and anxious.
His calf ended up on Colin’s thigh as Colin’s hands went to work unlacing Tim’s shoes and then slowly pulling off his sock. It was sweet and tender up until Colin’s fingers scraped at his flesh and heated up his blood, making Tim bite the inside of his lip to stop moaning out loud at the sensation.
He wished the touching and the unclothing was because Colin wanted to see Tim naked, and not an injury. He wished Colin were here for nakedness and seduction instead of fixing up his embarrassment.
“You okay?” Colin asked as his fingers ran over his ankle nub.
“Yes,” Tim moaned, his body betraying him even more as it sank into the cushions behind him. His hips shifted, clearly giving away everything Tim wanted to hide, but he couldn’t help it. The pain of that touch took his breath away. The fingers on his skin took over his mind. He was nothing but want and need, confused in his body but ecstatic about what he wanted.
Another moan left his mouth, this time slapping him in the face with icy hands as he realised what Colin was doing.
“Shit!” Sitting up faster than he should have, Tim tried to take his foot away from Colin’s grip, causing pain to spike up into his knee when Colin held on tight, refusing to let it go.
After a bunch of deep breathing while he felt ice smother his ankle, Tim looked up into Colin’s face—he found it impossible to stop himself, as if he knew his time was up. That he couldn’t put it off anymore.
What he saw hitched his breath, dried his throat and made his cock swell to the max, with a heavy throb beating at the fast pace of his heart. Tim had to grit his teeth and hold his body still so that he wouldn’t cream himself.
Then, Colin blinked away the fire of lust from his eyes and smiled like he hadn’t given Tim tonight’s wet dream.
“Keep this on for the rest of the avo, and stay off the ankle as much as possible. I gotta scoot, or I’ll be late to practice. You’re okay here by yourself, right?”
Yeah. What else could Tim say to that? “‘Course,” he huffed. It was fine. It wasn’t like he was a toddler or anything. But even as he scoffed, he knew the reason he said that was because he really didn’t want to seem weaker to Colin than he already did.
“Okay, right. Um…” Colin swallowed hard and nodded a little more than was necessary. Arms swinging, his feet rolled, as if he was trying to find a way to get going without offending him.
Tim smiled, “Go.” He nearly laughed. “This is home. I’m fine. So, get.”
Colin nodded again, but his shoulders relaxed slightly. “Fine, right. Okay, um…see ya around, Tim.”
And he walked out leaving Tim’s heart beating double time, and his cock wanting some attention.
It was as if Colin had caressed Tim’s naked flesh just by the way he said his name.
Tim’s hand made quick work.

Hope you go and buy the book; I look forward to what you all have to say

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