Monday 31 March 2014

Light at the End of the Tunnel

So, It’s been a big start to the beginning of the year, and though I would get some things off my chest, and maybe you might want the update, if not, I really just needed to talk.  
My Mum is moving onto radiation. She was meant to have another set of chemo but the one before that affected her too much. Gave her a heart attack, though the organs fine, she ended up in hospital for a few days, and then a few days later she was in again for nearly a week as she caught something that floored her, and could have quite easily killed her as she was running on no immune system.  
So her chemo doctors are quite happy for her to only have 75% of that treatment since she’s going to have radiation and then hormones.
So we are heading into radiation with her, and another step closer to it all being over.
I know that there’s still 5 years she has to go on hormones for, but to me once the radiation is finished she’s will start to heal and become more of herself again.
She’ll regain the immune she lost and she’ll be stronger, because I believe quite soon my Nan is going to die and that’s going to suck, and she’ll need to be stronger so my dad doesn’t have to worry so much about her as well as dealing with his own mother.
He’s stretched enough as it is; I’m not sure how much more he can take. And I know he’ll deal with it, but there just comes a point in a person’s life when they need a minute, and it’s not looking like we’re going to get one.
But we’ll see, my Nan is a strong woman and she might come through this flu and stay alive for another couple of years, but I’m not putting too much hope on that, she looks too close to her end, and it’s only her stubbornness that’s keeping her going.
Well, that and she’s got a set of lung like you wouldn’t believe (and I’m grateful for as I inherited them which meant not being in an induced coma when both my lungs collapsed). We believe she has the first stages of lung cancer, mostly from smoking her whole life, and she isn’t even on oxygen yet.
But things aren’t going well in our family, and I’m hoping these last few years was our broken mirror and we’ll pull through and become stronger but who knows what life wants us to learn.
One more thing: This also marks the end of my first 3 months as a published author and though we will have to wait, like 20 days, until I can actually talk numbers and money of a newbie I have defiantly started to log it all down so that will be interesting.
I’m actually looking forward to this, because I wanna know, and it’s like, well, shocking that I have only been doing this for three months, if feels like it’s only been a week.  

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