Wednesday, 30 April 2014

End of Another Month

The thing is I apparently suck big time and can’t do anything.
Yeah, that’s what’s been repeating itself inside my head as the month went by, and i haven’t even written 2k, or at least not even 2k of words I get to keep.
Moonlit Wolves: The Rub of My Werewolf, is quite simply killing me. I worse thing is I’m going to get this all out, it’s going to be short and it’s most likely going to suck. And I’m sorry for that.
So, all else I did this week was write out a skit for Desperate, which will most likely end up being scrapped. This is going to be a BDSM series, which will end up not actually being about that at all.
Ok, not true. Book 1: Desperate, this will probably turn out to be book 3, since it’s a harsher storyline and I’m not going to be making that mistake again. this book is actually scaring me a little because, well, one of the Mc’s Ben, if I remember correctly, well, he would probably be on the line of a sadist, and being in the situation he ends up in, with his personality it would end up turning him into a killer, and I believe Thomo would be his first.
So, I have to scale Ben back, so he kinda turns into a sadist while in the whore house, but like I said I want these to have some form—my form—of romance in it, so he can’t kill he’s lover.
Like yeah, it’s romantic in a sick kind of way as he’d because of Thomo that he doesn’t stop, that connection makes him need to find the high, or whatnot.
Anyway, I’m battling with Thomo at the moment of if he’s just a pain slut, needing the bondage to get off but not the submissive, or if he’s a submissive that would do anything the dom wants no matter how much they hurt him.
He’s not really all that happy about his own kinks so there’s moment where he turns around and say its just the pain and bondage he needs.
Anyway, this seems that it might be the book I write next because it needs to be written and I quite like it even if I don’t really want, or know, that much about that lifestyle.
I finished, Gotta Start Somewhere, and submitted it, but it won’t be until mid-May that I’ll find out what’s happening that way, but like I’ve said before I find it hard to believe they would knock it back.
It’s about a big hairy boy and he doesn’t get tied up and fucked into the mattress, actually the sex scene is a lot more about the main’s hair being loved on. theirs is a bit of a ‘gross’ point to it but I feel that it’s something that had to happened in order for the MC to feel loved.
In total count, I’ve finished a 6k short story, put a little bit more on Book 6, and thought up a 3 book series that I’s like to turn into 6. these books are probably going to stay short because I feel thing will get to tangled if I make them too long, though I will be trying more for 30k rather than the 18k I’ve been able to push out at the moment.
As well as one short story, which is going to be my first short at horror-romance, which will be interesting and hope will work in how I actually write, but I know it will defiantly only work if you read it to the end.

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  1. I have faith in you that you can do what you set your mind to even if I stand behind you cracking that whip **INSERT WHIP NOISES***