Monday 2 June 2014

I’ll Keep this Simple

I honestly have nothing to say, which helps in making things simple but it also means that I could pissy about and talk and talk until I fill up a effing book.
Simply, I have to finish Moonlit Wolves #7 this week, there’s not exceptions, this book 25K of it have to be out of the way before I even think about starting promo on the Moonlit Wolves #6. Mostly I need it done by the end of the week because I have 2 more book that I want done by the end of June.
I want this story arc done by the end of the month; I need to move on to something different.
And that’s it, really, it’s all I plan to do this month – okay, not true, I’m also going to be finishing November #1, which should be done by Tuesday. Then I just have to find a ebook program that isn’t attached to a company (might have to spend a couple hundred for a program) and then work out about a cover
Getting nervous and excited about this book, but I don’t need to think about any of that for at least another couple of weeks, if not it can be pushed into July.

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