Sunday, 13 July 2014

I created a Google Doc form

In a few months I will be publishing Love Without Knowing It and I want to celebrate this release, as well as bring awareness to a great cause Movember.

Movember is an organisation that is trying to bring awareness about male health because too many men are still dying from prostate cancer, and a simple fact that they don’t go and get themselves check out.

Men don’t get sick, until they do, and that’s okay, they’re allowed and that’s what I want to being awareness to, the fact that men can and do get sick, and we need to makes sure they understand that it okay and that they should go get checked out, regularly.

Anyway, I want to run a blog hop, and for a first set, I decided to create this form in the hopes that people will come and participate – you can get the book early, too. I’m hoping by September

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