Sunday, 13 July 2014

Read This Week #100

The deal with all those books I’ve read this week

Sacking the Quarterback (Campus Cravings) by Carol Lynne
Sunshine’s Savior, Remi’s Pup, Stormy Eyes, Oliver’s Heart, Keata’s Promise (Brac Pack) by Lynne Hagan
What Can Be by Mary Calmes
BETA reads
[Working Title] by April Ott
Making His Lost by Devon Rhodes
Snake Charmer (Cattle Valley) by Carol Lynne
Sand and Water by Shae Connor
All Kinds of Tied Down by Mary Calmes
Hell & High Water (THIRDS) by Charlie Cochet
Goodreads: Love’s Landscape
Man of the Match by Lane Swift, Busted by Sofia Grey
It Takes Two by Alexa Milne, Playing With Two-Edged Swords by Roger Grace
The Layover by Megan Erickson, If At First You Don’t Succeed by KC Faelan
Except the Unexpected by Low Sylure, Fighting Dirty by Olley White
An Old-Fashioned Love Song by Michelle K Grant, the Laws pf Physics by Claire Davis
The Anchor Tattoo and the Pistachio Dream, Coming Out of the Strom by Laura Matthews
Extreme Homecoming by Jennah Scott, Only You by Shayla Mist
Un/Common Ground by Arielle Pierce, Measuring the Rain by Jae Moran
Falling for You by Matthias Williamson, Sorry is the Magic Word by MA Jackson
From the Ashes by Leah Miranda, I Spy Pecan Pie by Anna Brimingham
Torn by Angela Maye, The Assassin of Laurethium by Clodia Metelli
He Didn’t Have to Be by Tracey Michael, That Day in Spring by BJ Sheppard
The Case of the Insufferable Slave by Gillian St Kevern, Faire Play by Chris Cox
A Chance to Fight by Lila Leigh Hunter,His Heart Belongs to Daddy by Harry K Malone
More Than He Can See by Nicole Forcine, Honestly and Artifice by SH Allan
For Want of a Nail by MA Ford, Pink Lace and Stolen Hearts by JC Wallace
The Bigger They Are by Kim Alan, Don’t Name the Puppy by RD Hero
Until Next Time by Xara X Xanakas, Bound by Amelia Bishop
Punch-DrunkLove by Nico Jaye, Spell Bound by Pelaam
Trunk’d by Tam Ames, Wet Dreams and Adult Revelations by Tara Spears
Knight Owl by C Dallas Floyd, The Novice Dom by Clancy Nacht
Too Pretty by Ren Stjerne, After The Ride by Sion O’Tierney
Until Death Do Us Part by Janel White, See You Smile by Dawn Sister
**Shattered Glass (shattered glass) by Dani Alexander
If you would like my thoughts on any of the above, tell me and I’ll tell you.
* What I bought this week and read
**was a free buy’givaway

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